Sewing a Fleece Robe

Sewing this fuzzy robe doesn’t take long. I used the same easy Vogue pattern V8888, but I cut it a size larger to compensate for the heavier fabric.

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31 Days of Sewing: Day 5

Robes are loose fitting, so there aren’t really any fit problems. If you use regular fleece you won’t even have to finish the seams.

This furry print sheds like crazy so I had to finish the seam allowances as I went along.

I do recommend a different sewing process for this robe, contrary to the pattern directions.

I like to speed things up a bit whenever possible.

It should take less than an hour to make this garment, assuming you have it all cut out and ready to go.

You will be cozy by the fire in your new robe in record time, I promise.

Here’s my quick assembly method:

How to Sew a Fleece RobeSew the shoulder seams together. Finish raw edges.

Don’t worry about clipping threads.  You can do that later.

Don’t worry about pressing your seams, this thick furry fabric doesn’t show pressed seams anyway.

How to Sew a Fleece Robe

Hem the sleeves using a 1/4″ narrow hem, switch in place.

Turn the sleeve hem over again, and stitch 1″ away from folded edge.

Assemble the sleeve and the robe body, just match the notch ( I use notches instead of circles) at the top of the sleeve to the shoulder seam, match the back sleeve notch, ignore all the other markings, easing the fabric into the armhole as needed to match fabric edges under the arm.

Stitch the sleeve in place. Finish raw edges.

Sew the underarm seam from sleeve cuff all the way down the side seam of the robe (I did not add the side seam pockets, they are too cumbersome for this heavy fabric. I used a patch pocket on the robe front instead).

Finish side seam edges.

Sew collar pieces together at center back. Join collar top and bottom.

Install under collar to robe neckline, stitch in place.

Clean finish edge of top collar to robe neck, and facing by stitching a 1/4″ fold of fabric the length of the collar.

Fold facing over collar. Topstitch collar and facing to garment, leaving a clean finished edge at back neck, and down the entire edge of the robe facing.

Sew robe hem with 1/4″ narrow hem, then turn again and sew 1″ from the folded edge (same process as the sleeve hem).

Using a scrap of fabric, sew a narrow channel for belt loops and back neck loop. Turn right side out, cut into pieces 3″ long, and topstitch in place with one loop at each of the side seams and a loop at center back neck to hang the robe.

Sew belt right sides together, turn and topstitch 1/4″ from edge.

You did it!

Put your new robe on and cozy up to the fire with your tea. You deserve a break!

Come back tomorrow for more sewing tips on blouses!

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How to Sew a Fleece Robe

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