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There was an interesting thing posted on Facebook this week. The most popular post on Hometalk last year was some simple Budget Fall Centerpieces. They had a whopping 1.5 million views. Wow, that’s a lot of page views! They were simple and beautiful, I can see why everyone liked them.

They weren’t my page views however. If they were, you would have heard me screaming all the way in Texas.

Daisies topside

I am slow to decorate for fall, I like minimal decorations that are easy to put away when it’s time to being out the splashier holiday decor. I also am not a huge fan of orange, but it’s growing on me.

One of my friends asked me to help out with some fall decorations for a dinner party. I had fun putting these together.

Modern Masters paint

I started with some quart size mason jars, you can never have too many of them. They make great vases.

I painted the jars gold with this paint from Modern Masters. This color sample was given to me at a blog conference earlier this year. I love how bright this gold color is! I gave each jar 2 coats of paint. Modern Masters is known for their high quality metallic paints. This gold is so rich looking!


The flowers all came from the Dollar Tree. These are faux Gerbera Daisies, leaves, and burlap patterned leaves along with some faux Millet and interesting grasses.

I cut the stems apart to fit into the jars without popping out. There are dried beans in the bottom of the jars that I use to keep the flowers in place, I use them for candles too.

Jar and bow

A bit of twine and bi-colored bakers twine finish the jars. I am not one for huge bows, I like simplicity.

Perfect for a simple dinner party.

Colorful and inexpensive, these 6 jars cost less than $20.00 to make.

What could be simpler than that?

Who knows, it may even be worth a million page views!

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