Tea Towels with Appliqué

tea towels with tree appliqué #designerssweetspot.com
I know it’s early for Christmas projects, but I find that I am suckered in my the beautiful images all over Pintrest. The stores are full of holiday merchandise, and this is my favorite season to shop. I love being in the stores before the crowds and Christmas carols are blaring.
tea towels with appliqué #designerssweetspot

I have had these little Tea Towels in mind for a while, I am inspired by simple Holiday patterns and fabrics. These towels are a one hour project, fast, inexpensive and easy to accomplish.


The towels are sold as “blanks” in the craft store in a set of three. They are pre made and ready for you to add the finishing touches to. I pre washed my towels before sewing them. You could use them as they are, but what fun is that?

I drew out my tree design with a pen and ruler on scratch paper. I cut out the design, then made a second and third tree design 1/2″ smaller on all sides for variety.



The trees were cut from pre washed holiday fabric in different patterns. I used three fabrics and cut several of each size tree.

After the trees were cut I cut pieces of Wonder Under adhesive the same size. Then I ironed them onto the back of the trees. Be sure to use a press cloth so you don’t get any adhesive on your iron.

I payed the trees out on the towels in different designs until I found one I liked. Then I peeled the backing off and ironed them to the towels.


After the trees were ironed in place, I top stitched around the edges of the fabric with a blanket stitch. You could also use a zig zag stitch. The iron on adhesive keeps everything in place so that it doesn’t move during sewing.

tea towels with tree appliqué #designerssweetspot


These are a quick, easy gift idea with a nice personal touch. Great idea for hostess gifts, or just to decorate your own home. It is very satisfying to accomplish an entire project in an hour, makes me want to sew some more!




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