31 Days of Pintrest DIY: Day 16 Christmas Wine Bottles

I liked these simple wine bottle decorations for Christmas on Pintrest. What a clever was to use ordinary paint, glue and glitter.

I gathered up some extra bottles that have been laying around my kitchen, white craft paint, Tacky Glue, and white glitter.

I soaked the bottles to remove the labels.

I painted the bottles with the craft paint. Yes, this is a Bling bottle. Yes, I painted over it, crystals and all. Yes, life will go on, get over it.

The paint covered suprisingly well.

For the second coat, I mixed 1/2 paint with 1/2 Tacky Glue. Yes, it’s sticky. Then I dusted it with the glitter while it was still wet. I do not have pictures of that since I cannot glitter and take pictures at the same time.

Ta Dah! Your done. I love easy projects! I added a few ornaments, and my favorite curly willow sticks to the display.

Now that’s Bling, baby!
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