31 Days of Sewing

    It’s finally October. I say that because I have been anticipating cool days, leaves changing color and taking on a new 31 Day Blogging Series. I have done a several of these series in the past, inspired by the Nester linkup. Last year there were more than 1200 bloggers participating! Wow! The 31 […]

7 Easy Beginner Sewing Projects

  It’s nearly the end of the week and I haven’t accomplished much of anything on my to do list. I have had a million distractions here. I am also working on some bigger projects, but can’t reveal those just yet. So, I decided to put together a few posts that you may have missed. […]

Sewing with Lace: Part 2

    31 Days of Sewing: Day 11 This is the third day of working on this simple lace blouse, Vogue pattern #V8927. There is something about trying to finish a project on a deadline. I remember being up all night sewing when I had a design project due while in college. There were always […]

Sewing with Lace

31 Days of Sewing: Day 10 This sewing project has taken me more than 3 days. So much for my 31 day sewing goal. I think I need to rename this series 31 posts of sewing. Every time I think I am getting ahead, something comes up and I end up being behind again. My […]

Sewing with Peach Skin

Sewing with peach skin is something that many people shy away from.  Peach skin is unique because it has a slightly brushed texture to it that gives it a time worn appearance. Kind of like your favorite faded blue jeans. It just looks like something you have had in your closet forever. 31 Days of […]