Make A Stunning Shibori Print Shoulder Bag

Shibori prints are all the rage right now, this easy to make shoulder bag will be the envy of all your friends!

Make a Stunning Shibori Print Shoulder Bag|Designers Sweet Spot|

Shibori Print Should Bag

This Shibori fabric jumped out at me in a fabric store recently. We were on vacation in Colorado and I was spending my free time looking for project inspiration. This beautiful cotton comes from Moda Fabrics, and I must say I am addicted to it! Shibori is a traditional Indian method of folding fabric and dying with indigo dyes. It is stunning in it’s simplicity!

I knew I wanted to make something unique with this fabric, and I finally settled on this adorable shoulder bag. I plan to keep my knitting in it to take to knitting engagements or bring it along in the car in hopes that I may have a bit of free time to knit between appointments. You could just as easily use this draw string bag for a purse, for your gym clothes or to take the beach. I did not add pockets to my version, but you could if you desire.

Make a Stunning Shibori Print Shoulder Bag|Designers Sweet Spot|

Shibori Shoulder Bag Features

The bag features a quilted body, drawstring top, adjustable cotton cording closure, and colorful two tone design. The shoulder straps can be adjusted for any size by sewing additional strips of fabric together.

I have a confession to make, I haven’t actually sewed it yet. I have a sketch, my fabric and a plan. I am sewing the entire project today on FB Live! You won’t want to miss it, 2pm Central time you can watch on my FB page here.

This unique design is not difficult to make and is rather deceiving in it’s simplicity. The link below contains the complete supply list and sewing directions. The pattern (contains affiliate links) is absolutely free for you to download for your personal use.


My blogger friend Emily over at Life Sew Savory is in the middle of a major move right now, and she asked me to share this live sewing tutorial on her Facebook page. This Facebook live guest post video will explain the entire sewing process from start to finish much better than I could in writing! Be sure to check out Emily’s page and her weekly sewing show for more inspiration!

Make a Stunning Shibori Print Shoulder Bag|Designers Sweet Spot|

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How to Craft Seriously Cute Denim Quilted Coasters


How to Craft Seriously Cute Denim Quilted Coasters

Old jeans are always in my fabric scrap box. Here’s a quick project using up cycled jeans! This post is sponsored by Nancy’s Notions. Any opinions given are completely my own. For a complete list of disclosure rules, see the disclosures page.

Craft Some Seriously Cute Coasters

I love small crafty projects. I try to keep a stash of them going for the moments when I just don’t have that much energy to create or when I am frustrated with my progress on a larger project. It always feels good to accomplish something small, I always feel satisfied with completing a small project even if it’s only a little bitty thing.

For example, I had fun making these simple coasters. We have needed coasters in our living room for quite some time, our kids are always leaving glasses of water on the table that sweat and mark the wooden surface. The struggle is REAL! I prefer fabric coasters because they soak up the moisture and are unbreakable.

I took a sewing workshop at a blog seminar earlier this year and this is what we made. I loved them! They are so simple to make, and what a great idea to use recycled jeans! The circle template comes from a quilt pattern by Nancy’s Notions. You don’t necessarily have to make an entire quilt, this project is great for a beginner sewer or when you are short on time. It’s easier than you think, here’s the rundown:

How to Craft Seriously Cute Denim Quilted Coasters|Designers Sweet Spot|

Seriously Cute Coaster Supplies:

•various scraps of denim fabric, light and dark colors about 1/4 yard of each light and dark denim

•Denim Circle Rag Quilt Plastic template from Nancy’s Notions

•5″ batik print quilt squares in shades of aqua or green

•Heavy weight fusible interfacing, about 1/4 yard for 5-6 coasters

•Fabric glue

•Navy or black thread

•Sewing Machine

Seriously Easy Directions:

  1. Cut the interfacing in to 5″ squares. You should have one piece of interfacing for each quilt square.
  2. Cut around circle template on the denim with a quilters rotary cutter or a pair of sharp scissors.  You will need to have one denim circle for each quilt square.
  3. Fuse the interfacing on to the back of the quilt squares.
  4. Position the quilt square in the center of each denim circle, wrong sides together. Add a drop of fabric glue to keep the two in place. Pin edges of circle on to top of batik fabric square. 
  5. Stitch 1/4″ away from raw edge of denim through all thicknesses of fabric, stopping and starting each line of stitching at corners. Press when through.

You can wash the coasters after you have made them to get that unravelled look on the edge of the denim. For now, I have not washed mine, but I am sure I will eventually. Easy Peasy! Don’t forget to Pin this project!

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Summer Fruit Sangria

This light summer cocktail is just the thing to go with those spicy dishes or a cheese platter. Make a batch for your next family gathering! This post contains affiliate links. Any opinions given are completely my own. 

Summer Fruit Sangria|Designers Sweet Spot|

Peach Sangria with berries|Designers Sweet Spot|
Photo Credit:Copyright: bhofack2 / 123RF Stock Photo

Summer Fruit Sangria

This light summer cocktail is just the thing for summer entertaining. It’s easy to make with fresh summer seasonal summer fruit. I like to find my fruit at the farmer’s market and make a batch when company comes over. You can use just about any combination of fruit and wine. I have found that reading the tasting notes on the wine bottle gives me suggestions for fruits that pair well with the wine.

Peach Sangria|Designers Sweet Spot|
Photo Credit:Copyright: bhofack2 / 123RF Stock Photo

Sangria Wines

We have been having regular wine tastings with friends. I highly recommend having a tasting and inviting a bunch of friends to join you. It’s a very relaxing environment and people really enjoy trying out new wines that they have never had before. I will post more on this soon! But for now, sangria is a great way to start your summer entertaining!

I get my wine from Direct Cellars wine club (affiliate link). It’s a wonderful program, we get four bottles per month from premium vineyards shipped to our front door. Each monthly shipment includes two red and two white wines. I am looking forward to trying some more sangria recipes with the monthly wines that we get. You can choose reds, whites or a combination when you join the club.

If you love wine and are interested in the monthly wine club, or would like to be a wine distributor and make commissions, see the affiliate link below:

You can read more about how the Wine Club program works and how we get our wine for FREE here.

Sangria Tips

When you make sangria, be sure to leave the skins on the fruit. Not only does it add extra color and fiber to this delicious treat, but the fruit pairs well with the wine and the combination brings out the flavors of each. I personally believe the skins keep the fruit from browning, but this is more of a theory than fact.  I love this particular recipe with either peaches or nectarines. The raspberries can be frozen ahead of time to chill the wine further with out adding extra ice and watering down the wine if you choose. Either way, it’s delightful!

Summer Fruit Sangria

Summer Fruit Sangria


  • 1 cup peach nectar juice
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 bottle white Zinfandel Wine
  • 1/4 fresh lemon or lime juice
  • 1 peach thinly sliced
  • 1/2 pint fresh raspberries
  • Mint leaves for garnish.
  • 16-20 ice cubes


  1. Combine juice and sugar in small pan. Cook until dissolved over medium heat. Pour into 2 quart container with lid (a large mason jar works well for this). Add wine, lime juice and ice. Garnish with mint leaves.

I am linking up to the Ultimate Recipe Challenge today. This month’s challenge is Beverages!  Be sure to click on the links and see some more great recipe ideas! Also you can follow along with our Pinterest Beverages group board. Don’t forget to pin the graphic below!

Summer Peach Sangria|Designers Sweet Spot|

Summer Fruit Sangria|Designers Sweet Spot|


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How to Spray Paint Your Walls in Record Time

If you are a busy person, here’s the fastest way to get your painting done in record time! This post is sponsored by Home Right. Any opinions are completely my own. For a complete list of disclosure rules, see the disclosures page.

Spray Paint Your Walls in Record Time|Designers Sweet Spot|

How to Spray Paint Your Walls in Record Time

Painting is a time consuming job. I have been anxious to paint our attic stair way for quite some time. Mainly, because it’s dark and creepy up there. Our home was built in 1915. The attic is one of those places you just don’t want to spend much time. It is cold and drafty in the winter, and hot and stuff in the summer. It is full of 100 years of dust and bat guano. But, it has the potential to be an amazing art studio, this is my dream work space!

How to Spray Paint Walls in Record Time|Designers Sweet Spot|

This amazing space is the main reason why I chose to begin working on painting it. It is a HUGE project. There is a ton of potential here!

How to Paint in Record Time

The stairway to the attic space has old green plaster walls with plenty of cracks and holes, and beautiful original wooden stairs.

The rest of the attic space is completely unfinished, hopefully we will be able to finish it in the near future. For now, painting the stairway will bring me one step closer to my dream art studio!

Home Right was kind enough to supply me with this awesome sprayer, and I can honestly say I would have never tackled this job without it. It’s too big, too overwhelming for your average painting job.

How to Spray Paint Walls in Record Time|Designers Sweet Spot|

How to Steps:

  1. Fill Holes and Cracks: The first step in this project was to fill all the holes with Spackle medium. I prefer to use Spackle than joint compound for filling holes. It’s much easier to work with, and dries faster. Spackle can be applied with a small putty knife to cracks and holes, smoothed out and then left to dry. After an hour or so of drying time, any rough spots can be sanded with a bit of fine sand paper and your ready to paint. Easy, peasy!

2.  Gather Materials: This is where the fun starts! I decided to use the Finish Max Extra paint sprayer for this project for a number of reasons. Time was a big factor, but there are so many small crevices and holes in the wood that I knew painting with a brush would be very difficult. I the Finish Max Extra sprayer was perfect for this task!

There are a number of new features on this sprayer, it comes with a cover for the paint reservoir, so you can store your left over paint for the next paint job. Love that! Also, this sprayer comes with several color coded spraying tips for different types of paint jobs. I used the red tip with the yellow adapter for the widest range of coverage.

Because this is an unfinished space, I did not need to worry about taping around wood work or messing with drop clothes. Nothing up there in the attic to protect from paint splatter, except the giant dust bunnies.

Paint your walls in record time!|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com3. Prepare the paint: The paint I was using was pretty thick, since it was a primer and paint in one. I watered it down to work better in the sprayer. I used 1/3 water to 2/3 paint, the paint reservoir has handy marks on it so it’s easy to measure out. Be sure to combine your paint and water carefully for the best coverage.

4. Start painting: Then there was nothing left to do but start painting! Home Right recommends testing the spray nozzle with water before actually painting to adjust the nozzel for accurate coverage. I have used their sprayer products before, and I wasn’t concerned with coverage being too large, so I jumped right in and started to paint. Can you believe it only took me 45 minutes to paint the entire stairway? Wow! It was super fast! I used an entire gallon of paint in the process because I had to go over a few areas more than once, but the coverage was even and beautiful over all. The old green paint was darker than I thought, because it looks so much better now!

5. Clean the Sprayer: If you leave the paint sprayer with the paint in it too long, the paint will dry and clog the sprayer nozzle. I had to clear it out once or twice as I worked for the best sprayer action. I had a bucket of clean water next to me that I dropped the sprayer parts in to and rinsed them as I worked if they got clogged. Then, right after I was finished with them I put them back in the bucket and gave them a final scrubbing in the Kitchen sink. They were easy to clean in this way and and are ready for the next job!

Paint your attic stairs in less than one hour!|Designers Sweet Spot|

I can’t believe the difference the paint makes! The hall seems so light and bright! I am anxious to do more with the Finish Max sprayer, it was so fast and easy! By the way, clean up was a breeze. Having a bucket of water on hand to soak the parts in is definitely a time saver!

Paint Your Walls in Record Time|Designers Sweet Spot|Designers Sweet Spot|

The next part of the attic will be a doozy, but I am sure I can do it now with the Home Right Finish Max paint sprayer!

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How to Paint your walls in record time!Designers Sweet Spot|

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Make a Fun Ice Cream Sundae Pin Cushion Craft

This Ice Cream Pin Cushion project is fun and easy to make. Make one for yourself or to give to a friend! 

Make a Fun Ice Cream Pin Cushion craft|Designers Sweet spot|

You can make this Ice Cream Pin Cushion craft, in a heart beat! It will keep you thinking cool! There is nothing better than ice cream on a hot day. We have had plenty of those hot days around here lately. Hot, hot, hot! I was inspired to create this adorable Ice Cream Pin Cushion to remind me of cool things during a hot summer day!

This project is easy to make with just a few household items. Make  a couple for gifts as long as you are at it! I started with just one, but I struggle to make just one of anything. It’s one of my compulsive behaviors, I can’t help myself.

Make a Fun Ice Cream Pin Cushion craft|Designers Sweet spot|

I had to make a chocolate version too. I love chocolate sundaes don’t you? The chocolate pin cushion uses brown wool yarn and a dark colored sock instead of the white sock and clothesline in the white sundae. You’ll love how easy they are to make!

Ice Cream Pin Cushion Supplies Needed:

•white tube sock or brown sock for the chocolate sundae

•dry rice or beans for filling the sock, about 1 1/2 cups

•Clothesline or brown wool yarn

•Fabric glue or craft glue

•Red wool for felted “cherry” and felting needle, or a purchased small red pompom

•Multi-Colored stick pins or pins with flowered decorative ends

•Glass ice cream sundae dish (I got mine at the thrift store)


Pin Cushion Directions:

  1. Fill sock with rice or beans. Tie shut with string or yarn. Trim off excess fabric, leaving 1″ tail.
  2. Glue sock into the sundae dish, making a rounded top and hiding the tail underneath.
  3. Glue clothesline on top of the sock in a circular pattern covering the entire surface of the sock. Trim and secure end with more glue at the top.
  4. Make the red cherry by felting red wool with a felting needle into a ball. Alternatively, use a store bought red pompom for the cherry.
  5. Add stick pins around the “sundae” to look like sprinkles.
  6. Make another one, because you know you are having so much fun!

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Make a Fun Ice Cream Pin Cushion craft|Designers Sweet spot|

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