How to Make a Rustic Hand Painted Sign

Hand Painted Signs add so much charm to your farmhouse decor! This sign is easy to make even if you have never painted anything before! This post is sponsored by Deco Art and Micheal’s Crafts. Any opinions given are completely my own. For a complete list of disclosure rules, please see the disclosures page.

How to Paint a Rustic Sign, Step by Step|Designers Sweet Spot|

How to Make a Hand Painted Rustic Sign, Step by Step

Rustic Hand Painted Sign

Rustic signs are all over the place, I have seen so many beautiful ideas on Pinterest lately! However, I am not one to go with the flow. I prefer more color, so many of the signs that I have seen are monochromatic. Color makes all the difference to me!

How to Paint a Rustic Sign, Step by Step|Designers Sweet Spot|

I chose to work with yellows and greens to coordinate with my colors on my front porch. This sign will take me into some fall decor, and I am so happy with how it turned out!

How to Paint a Rustic Sign, Step by Step|Designers Sweet Spot|

Supplies Needed:

•Pre-finished Pallet sign from Micheal’s Craft Store

•Americana Deco Premium Acrylic Paints (also available at Micheal’s)  in the following colors:

Americana Premium Acrylics — Burnt Sienna — DTA09
Americana Premium Acrylics — Cadmium Yellow Hue — DTA44
Americana Premium Acrylics — Carbon Black — DTA37 
Americana Premium Acrylics — Viridian Green Hue — DTA25 
Americana Premium Acrylics — Yellow Oxide — DTA15 
•Paint Brushes in the following sizes:
#2 script liner brush    
#20 flat brush
3/4″ Scruffy Brush    
#14 flat brush 
•Mason jar with water for rinsing brushes
•Artist pallet or paper plate for mixing paints
•Paper toweling, paper plate or artist pallet for mixing paint
•Artists all purpose media notebook for practice painting
•Optional: artist’s easel

Painting Directions:

How to Paint a Rustic Sign, Step by Step|Designers Sweet Spot|•Load the 3/4″ scruffy brush with Burnt Sienna and Black paint.  Use a dollop the size of a quarter on the pallet of each paint. Place the two paints with 1-2″ between paints on the pallet. Dip the corner of the brush in the brown, the other corner into the black paint. Stroke the brush back in forth on the pallet working the paint into the brush. Continue adding more paint and stroking until the bristles of the brush are almost full of paint to the top of the bristles.How to Paint a Rustic Sign, Step by Step|Designers Sweet Spot|•Paint a circle by dabbing the brush with the paint on the sign, placing the circle in the center of the sign. Keep the light brown color to the outside of the sign, being careful not to mix the colors as you work the circle shape. Reload brush as needed. Paint another circle inside the first blending the colors slightly together and refining the shape of the circle. Set brush aside when finished, let dry slightly.How to Paint a Rustic Sign, Step by Step|Designers Sweet Spot|•Load the #20 Flat Brush with the Yellow Oxide and Cadmium Yellow Hue as described above. Be sure to keep the colors separate as you load the brush.

How to Paint a Rustic Sign, Step by Step|Designers Sweet Spot|•Paint the petals of the flower by placing the brush at the edge of the circle, pressing down and stroking out. Turn the brush slightly at the end of the stroke to get the pointed tips of the petals. Keep colors going the same direction, darker yellow on the top of the petal, lighter color to the bottom as you stroke around the flower. Overlap each petal slightly as you work. Reload your brush as needed.

How to Paint a Rustic Sign, Step by Step|Designers Sweet Spot|•Reload the brush again with the yellows. Paint a smaller flower to the lower right of the first, leaving the center empty.How to Paint a Rustic Sign, Step by Step|Designers Sweet Spot|•Paint a second layer of petals on top of the first. Place the ends of the petals between the first row of flower petals to fill out the design. Do the same second layer of petals on the small flower as well.How to Paint a Rustic Sign, Step by Step|Designers Sweet Spot|•Use the #14 flat brush with Cadmium yellow and Viridian Green Hue, for the same technique above on the greenery. Stroke the green leaves on the back of the flower, working from the center area out. Twist your brush as you work to make the points of the leaves as you did the petals before.

•Using the #2 Script liner brush loaded with Yellow and Green, stroke the stem for each flower.

  1. How to Paint a Rustic Sign, Step by Step|Designers Sweet Spot|•Next Load the #14 flat brush with Cadmium Yellow and Viridian Green Hue as described above. Stroke the large leaves. Reload and make smaller leaves if desired. Change to the #20 flat brush and make leaves larger in the same colors. Let dry completely.
  2. How to Paint a Rustic Sign, Step by Step|Designers Sweet Spot|
•Plan your letting for the sign. I practiced painting on paper before beginning on the pallet. Mark where you want your lettering to go on the sign with a pencil. Tip: It’s easiest to mark the center of the sign with a pencil, then place the center letter of the word over the mark. Fill in the other letters to the right and left of the C. Add a few squiggles to take up the rest of the space. Load the #2 Script liner brush and paint the letters with black paint.
How to Paint a Rustic Sign, Step by Step|Designers Sweet Spot|
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How to Paint a Rustic Sign, Step by Step|Designers Sweet Spot|
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How to Spray Paint Your Walls in Record Time

If you are a busy person, here’s the fastest way to get your painting done in record time! This post is sponsored by Home Right. Any opinions are completely my own. For a complete list of disclosure rules, see the disclosures page.

Spray Paint Your Walls in Record Time|Designers Sweet Spot|

How to Spray Paint Your Walls in Record Time

Painting is a time consuming job. I have been anxious to paint our attic stair way for quite some time. Mainly, because it’s dark and creepy up there. Our home was built in 1915. The attic is one of those places you just don’t want to spend much time. It is cold and drafty in the winter, and hot and stuff in the summer. It is full of 100 years of dust and bat guano. But, it has the potential to be an amazing art studio, this is my dream work space!

How to Spray Paint Walls in Record Time|Designers Sweet Spot|

This amazing space is the main reason why I chose to begin working on painting it. It is a HUGE project. There is a ton of potential here!

How to Paint in Record Time

The stairway to the attic space has old green plaster walls with plenty of cracks and holes, and beautiful original wooden stairs.

The rest of the attic space is completely unfinished, hopefully we will be able to finish it in the near future. For now, painting the stairway will bring me one step closer to my dream art studio!

Home Right was kind enough to supply me with this awesome sprayer, and I can honestly say I would have never tackled this job without it. It’s too big, too overwhelming for your average painting job.

How to Spray Paint Walls in Record Time|Designers Sweet Spot|

How to Steps:

  1. Fill Holes and Cracks: The first step in this project was to fill all the holes with Spackle medium. I prefer to use Spackle than joint compound for filling holes. It’s much easier to work with, and dries faster. Spackle can be applied with a small putty knife to cracks and holes, smoothed out and then left to dry. After an hour or so of drying time, any rough spots can be sanded with a bit of fine sand paper and your ready to paint. Easy, peasy!

2.  Gather Materials: This is where the fun starts! I decided to use the Finish Max Extra paint sprayer for this project for a number of reasons. Time was a big factor, but there are so many small crevices and holes in the wood that I knew painting with a brush would be very difficult. I the Finish Max Extra sprayer was perfect for this task!

There are a number of new features on this sprayer, it comes with a cover for the paint reservoir, so you can store your left over paint for the next paint job. Love that! Also, this sprayer comes with several color coded spraying tips for different types of paint jobs. I used the red tip with the yellow adapter for the widest range of coverage.

Because this is an unfinished space, I did not need to worry about taping around wood work or messing with drop clothes. Nothing up there in the attic to protect from paint splatter, except the giant dust bunnies.

Paint your walls in record time!|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com3. Prepare the paint: The paint I was using was pretty thick, since it was a primer and paint in one. I watered it down to work better in the sprayer. I used 1/3 water to 2/3 paint, the paint reservoir has handy marks on it so it’s easy to measure out. Be sure to combine your paint and water carefully for the best coverage.

4. Start painting: Then there was nothing left to do but start painting! Home Right recommends testing the spray nozzle with water before actually painting to adjust the nozzel for accurate coverage. I have used their sprayer products before, and I wasn’t concerned with coverage being too large, so I jumped right in and started to paint. Can you believe it only took me 45 minutes to paint the entire stairway? Wow! It was super fast! I used an entire gallon of paint in the process because I had to go over a few areas more than once, but the coverage was even and beautiful over all. The old green paint was darker than I thought, because it looks so much better now!

5. Clean the Sprayer: If you leave the paint sprayer with the paint in it too long, the paint will dry and clog the sprayer nozzle. I had to clear it out once or twice as I worked for the best sprayer action. I had a bucket of clean water next to me that I dropped the sprayer parts in to and rinsed them as I worked if they got clogged. Then, right after I was finished with them I put them back in the bucket and gave them a final scrubbing in the Kitchen sink. They were easy to clean in this way and and are ready for the next job!

Paint your attic stairs in less than one hour!|Designers Sweet Spot|

I can’t believe the difference the paint makes! The hall seems so light and bright! I am anxious to do more with the Finish Max sprayer, it was so fast and easy! By the way, clean up was a breeze. Having a bucket of water on hand to soak the parts in is definitely a time saver!

Paint Your Walls in Record Time|Designers Sweet Spot|Designers Sweet Spot|

The next part of the attic will be a doozy, but I am sure I can do it now with the Home Right Finish Max paint sprayer!

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How to Paint your walls in record time!Designers Sweet Spot|

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Ten Meaningful Wedding Gift Ideas Under $40

Wedding season is here! Here are some great affordable wedding gift ideas that won’t break the bank. This post is sponsored by Dayspring. I was compensated to write this post, any opinions given are completely my own.

Ten Meaningful Wedding Gift Ideas


Wedding Season is here!

Wedding season is here! There are a number of people we know who are getting married this year. It seems like the season sneaks up on my each year and I am never quite prepared for gift giving. It’s hard to think back to being a new bride, things have changed since we got married nearly 27 years ago!

Ten Affordable Wedding Gift Ideas

Things seem simpler now with the internet. It’s so easy to order a pretty gift and have it delivered to the recipients door.  I recently discovered a new website for meaningful gifts, Dayspring. They have the most beautiful inspirational items, all at great prices! There are gifts for Weddings, Mother’s Day, Graduations and so many other important family events, you will have a hard time choosing which ones to order first.

Ten Affordable Wedding Gifts for under $40

The first thing I picked out was this darling wooden sign. I loved it’s compact size, perfect for putting on a shelf or in a cubby with a wedding photo. The sign retails for just $12.99. Adorable!

You can order one here.

The cards were my next find. Rarely do I make it into a store to shop for a pretty card. Just too much to do and not enough time for little things like that. I prefer to buy my cards in large quantities, it is cheaper and then I always have spare cards on hand.

Ten Meaningful Wedding Gift Ideas|Designers Sweet Spot|

Dayspring has boxes of cards with several classic wedding designs. So hard to choose which one is the best!

Ten Meaningful Wedding Gift Ideas|Designers Sweet Spot|

The cards can be given with a gift, or with money. What a lovely wedding day token! You could even frame one of these cards as a gift! The box of 12 cards costs just $6.99.

Order your wedding cards here.

Ten Affordable Wedding Gift Ideas

My favorite item, was this lovely tray. It just spoke to me. This bible verse is referenced at just about EVERY wedding. What a lovely memento of their special day to have this verse on a tray! The tray would be wonderful for serving drinks or entertaining, on a coffee table, or sitting on a shelf. Neutral colors are great for any type of decor! This tray is just $36.99 on Dayspring.

Get your wedding tray here.

Here are some more popular gift ideas that won’t break the bank!

Wedding Gifts Under $40.00

1. Wooden “love” sign, as described above from Dayspring.

2. Wedding card with cash enclosed. Many couples use cash for downpayment on apartments or for their honeymoon. Cash is always appreciated!

3. Hotel Gift Cards: Great idea for giving a night or weekend away to the happy couple. Perhaps they could even use it on their honeymoon for an extended stay!

4. Crystal Bowls: Probably not as popular as they once were, but glass bowls are lovely for any occasion. We still use those that we got for our wedding so many years ago. They are great for serving salad, pudding, fruit, vegetables and more. I even keep my receipts in a crystal bowl until I file them.

5. Silverware: Most people don’t give real silver anymore because of the price. However, you can find vintage sets quite reasonably. Pickup a set from your local thrift store, pawn shop or antique mall. Polish and it will look like new! It’s not hard to find additional pieces online if you need a larger set.

6. Picnic basket: We love the picnic basket we received as a wedding gift. During the summer we make frequent trips to the park or beach with it in tow. The basket is complete with stainless silverware, non-breakable plates, plastic wine glasses, cork screw, table cloth and napkins, small cutting board and cheese knife. Include a bottle of your favorite wine for a memorable gift!

7. Personalized Frame: Every couple wants to frame photos from their special day. I love these Mr. and Mrs. frames from Dayspring.

8. Keepsake Linens: Good quality linens cost a fortune. A set of quality 100 % cotton or bamboo sheets is a lovely gift any couple will adore. Look for deep pocket sheets that have a thread count of at least 500 for the softest hand. Not sure what size to get? Get the King Size, even if they have a queen bed it will be a generous fit. Pillow case sets start for as little as $20.00, often you can find complete sets at discount stores.

9. Bar Ware: A basic set of glass goblets can be used for wine, cocktails or water glasses. Opt for a set for a set of 6 for entertaining. Bonus if two of the glasses are engraved Mr. and Mrs!

10. Family Treasures: This is the perfect opportunity for passing on those family heirlooms that you don’t use anymore. Think silver, crystal, small appliances, wool rugs vintage quilts or furniture items. Most couples will have to make large purchases during their first years together, this can save them money. Also, an heirloom piece makes a new house feel more welcome like home.

Ten Meaningful Wedding Gift Ideas

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Spring Table Setting: Inexpensive and Easy Decor

It’s officially spring! Time to change the decor to lighter colors and fun seasonal decorations.

Spring Table Setting: Easy and inexpensive!|Designers Sweet Spot|

Spring Table Setting

Spring color is addictive. I have been searching for lighter colors and couldn’t wait to put all of my spring items together on this table setting. We eat at our dining table for every meal so it works best to use decorations that can easily be moved to make way for dishes and extra place settings when needed.

These spring green linens came from the clearance rack at Pier 1 Imports. We already had the placemats, and I love how they look together.  I always prefer to use cloth napkins when ever possible, they are easy to wash and reuse.

The colorful napkin rings are also Pier 1. I spent about .50 cents on them. BARGAIN!

The Pier 1 store had the most adorable displays with bunnies and greenery. Just beautiful! I brought home one little bunny and used faux forsythia and bayberry balls that we already had to decorate my table without spending a lot of money.

Orchids are a great idea for your spring table.|Designers Sweet Spot|

Real or Faux?

The butterflies on the greenery balls are from the Dollar store. I buy loads of them each spring, I just love how colorful they are. They look so real! They look great in planters too!

It wouldn’t be any fun if there wasn’t some Easter candy on the table, malted candy eggs are scattered down the table and the candy dishes are full of jelly beans. I will have you know that my teenage boys were waiting in the wings for me to finish photographing so they could eat the candy. Some things never change!

Green Dishes on Spring Table|Designers Sweet Spot|

The orchids on the table are real mini plants that have been sitting in my window sill all winter. They are so lovely! I discovered they Orchids bloom longer when kept underneath the glass cloches. The glass keeps the plants moist and they don’t seem to mind being a bit crowded under the curved glass top. We use cork discs under all our plants to protect the table surfaces underneath. Every time we go to Ikea I buy a bunch of these discs. They also make great hot pads for hot dishes at meal time.

To give our blue patterned dishes a new look, they were layered with some green plates from the thrift store in a darker shade of green. Shades of a color look great when used all together, and even the plates covered with ivy designs seem to look right.

The Centerpiece

Spring centerpiece with grapevine wreath.|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.comThe center piece is super easy to make. It is a 5 minute project. More on that tomorrow!

Spring Table Setting: Easy and inexpensive!|Designers Sweet Spot|

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Butterfly Cloche with forced flowering branches.|Designers sweet Spot|

Butterfly Cloche

Spring Planter Arrangement is easy to make for your tabletop.|Designers Sweet Spot|

Spring Planter Arrangement

Spring porch display with flowers.|Designers Sweet Spot|

Spring Porch Decor 


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How to Stencil Furniture Like a Boss

Stenciling furniture can be an easy and fun way to give it a new look without spending much money. Here’s how to stencil your furniture like a BOSS.


Stencil your own furniture and save money!|Designers Sweet Spot|


This post is sponsored by Deco Art. I was compensated in some way for writing this post. Any opinions given are completely my own. For a complete list of rules, see the disclosure page.   Stencil Like a Boss

Let’s face it, most furniture is boring. Most of the time we invest so much money in it, it’s not something we want to buy if it’s super trendy. We choose to purchase as many used pieces as we can, then fill in with items from the store so we don’t feel guilty of making it our own.

The benefits of this recycling mindset, is that I am not afraid to change the look of things when they get boring. Take this dresser for example. It’s been in our garage for a while, just screaming for some decor help.

Recently I was browsing the Deco Art website and came across this adorable bird stencil. Love it!

Love this bird stencil from Deco Art.|Designers Sweet Spot|

Right away I knew it was what this old dresser needed. The dresser was already white, so I didn’t repaint it except to touch up a few spots of the old white chalky paint here and there. For this stencil project I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Primative.

Distressing is easy with a few special tools. |Designers Sweet Spot|


The top and corners were sanded to reveal the wood tones beneath the paint. This little Ryobi Sander is the bomb for distressing! Don’t be too neat about it, you want it to look worn off and uneven. I used coarse sand paper for the top, and fine for the edges of the drawers and knobs. Don’t forget to wipe the dust off with a soft cloth before starting with the stencil.

Draw or stencil the design on the drawers before painting.|Designers Sweet Spot|

Stenciling Furniture

The great thing about purchasing the stencil, is that a lot of the art work is already done for you. Plan out where you want the birds and branches to fall on the drawers, draw them in lightly with a pencil. Flip the stencil over to get right and left images for an interesting design. Make sure each drawer has some birds, branches and leaves. It looks more interesting with the branches “growing” up the drawer fronts.

How to Stencil Your Furniture like a Boss|Designers Sweet Spot|

Start painting with the stencil in place, you may have to remove it to paint areas underneath by hand.  It is easier to work on a flat surface, pull the drawers out and stencil or hand paint each design with a fine brush on the drawer fronts.

Stencil Like a Boss, easy bird stencil project.|Designers Sweet Spot|

Stenciling Boss Tips and Tricks

• Use colors that are close in value for a subtle design

•Flip the stencil over for mirror (right and left) images (you may have to do some hand painting)

•Let the branches “grow” from the bottom to the top of the drawers

•Seal the piece with clear furniture wax to protect your hard work

•Purchase stencils that you can re-use on different pieces to save money


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Stencil your own furniture and save money!|Designers Sweet Spot|

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Urban Loft