Agate Inspired Easter Eggs

eggs on spoons

These Agate Inspired Easter Eggs were an accidental creation. I was completely out of Easter Egg ideas for this year. I thought about spray paint (toxic). I thought about Unicorn Spit (water soluble but still toxic). I thought about fancy stripes and chalk paint (who wants to work that hard?). I even thought about not making eggs at all. What fun would that be?


None of these above preliminary ideas sounded unique enough or even worthy of blogging about. I feel that I struggle with lame Easter posts, I am not much of an egg artisan. However, I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to be part of Hometalk’s DIY My Spring Blog Hop! Hometalk is one of my favorite sites EVER and you won’t want to miss all these fabulous spring ideas!

colored eggs in a carton

We began by hard boiling some eggs. We made a batch of homemade egg dye with food color, water and vinegar. We started to play with them. MAGIC HAPPENED.

The eggs became beautiful.

Want to know the secret?

eggs in silver Easter basket


4 eggs

8 cups hot water

6 tsp. vinegar

2 drops food color in each color: blue, green, red and yellow

white egg on a spoon



Cook eggs by placing them in a pot of cold water, we used about 6 cups. Water should completely cover the eggs. Bring to a rolling boil for 10 minutes. Drain hot water, fill pot with cold tap water. Let eggs rest for 15 minutes until they feel cooled, then drain.

Boil 2 cups water until hot. In a separate medium size bowl combine 6 tsp. vinegar and 2 drops of each food color red, yellow, blue and green.  It will look greenish and gross. Don’t worry, you are on the right track!

Add the boiling water to the dye. Stir until combined. Place eggs in the greenish water for 2-3 minutes until they are greenish brown in color. Remove and let dry briefly.

dripping food color

Pick up a nearly dry egg in one hand and a bottle of food color in the other. The egg should still be a bit wet in order for this effect to work. Drizzle straight food color unto the top of the egg.

dripping food color on egg

As the dye colors the egg and rolls down the side, add another squirt or two. YES, THIS IS MESSY. You will get dye on your fingers, hands and counter top. This is fun! Enjoy making a mess with your kids!

blue food color on the egg

blue green egg when wet

Set the egg down to dry, we used a cardboard egg carton to hold the eggs while they were drying. If you want more layers of color repeat the process with more food color. You can also add more depth of color to previously dyed eggs with this method. Some of the eggs we created using white eggs to start, a couple of them we used eggs that had been already colored using the traditional food color method (for example the pink egg became the deep red color after adding more layers of color to it).

eggs on spoons2

I love how they turned out. They remind me of my grandfathers agate rock collection. His rocks were full of rich earth tones. Grandpa would have approved! Hence the name, Agate Inspired Easter Eggs. Sometimes, some of the best things happen merely by accident! Want to see more egg ideas? Here are my posts from last year and the year before.

Happy Creating! Be sure to visit some of the other bloggers posts in this awesome lineup!


Five Step Terrarium

Terrarium by

I am dreaming of the garden. I am itching to plant and create anything green. I decided to settle on an easy 5 Step Terrarium. Yesterday I braved the blizzard we were having to run to the garden center and pickup the supplies.

3 little plants for the terrarium

I happened to have 3 mini plants on hand for this project, but I could have also bought them at the garden store. Fairy gardens are hot items these days and our garden shop had loads of miniature plants to choose from. I actually don’t know what variety these are, I am sure I could Google it if I wanted to, NOT.

Truffle bowl side view by

While at the garden center I priced out purchasing a fancy smanchy terrarium bowl. They where in the neighborhood of $40.00, which I thought was outrageous for what is essentially a plain glass container.

I opted to use the Truffle bowl my husband inherited from his Aunt. Since I have never made a truffle desert in my life, this is probably the best use for it. We love how it turned out.

Here’s the Easy 5 Step Terrarium process:

  1. Collect supplies: You will need a truffle bowl, 3 small plants in different colors, height and leaf texture. This makes for an interesting display. I chose a purple leaf, a bright green mossy type plant, and a taller darker green plant. You will also need potting soil, activated charcoal and spaghnum moss. A few rocks decorate the top, but are optional.
  2. Fill the truffle bowl with 1 1/2″ activated charcoal. This helps with drainage and keeps the plants from getting root rot.
  3. Add potting soil until the bowl is 3/4 full.
  4. Plant your little plants in the potting soil, breaking up the roots when you take them out of the container with your fingers. Press soil gently around the plants, add more to cover the roots if needed.
  5. Cover the soil with the moss, working around the stem of each plant. Add a few decorative rocks if desired.

Water gently when soil becomes dry to the touch. You can leave your bowl for display on your coffee table or near a sunny window.

Don’t have a garden center near you? Amazon has everything you need, here are my affiliate links below for this project:

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor

This is a sponsored post that I was compensated to write. Any opinions given are completely my own. See the disclosure page for a complete list of policies. This post was sponsored by Gordmans.

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor Mason Jar Drink Dispenser|Designers Sweet Spot|

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor

I have been thinking of ways to update our urban kitchen with more of a farmhouse look. The kitchen was renovated when we bought the house, but It still doesn’t quite have that farmhouse feel. I headed to Gordmans last week to see what I could find. I know they carry a line of farmhouse style home goods, and I was excited to see what was new for spring.

My mother was thrilled, she couldn’t wait to tag along with me to Gordmans and check out the latest finds. She was especially interested in the “country chic” decor I was seeking.

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor Mason Jar Drink Dispenser|Designers Sweet Spot|

I was not disappointed in Gordmans selections. Neither was Mom.

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor Mason Jar Drink Dispenser|Designers Sweet Spot|

Top Farmhouse Kitchen Items

•The first thing I spotted was this Mason Jar style drink dispenser. What’s a farmhouse without a Mason Jar? This large jar was especially adorable with it’s chickenwire pattern and embossed chicken on the front. I have decided I will keep it full of healthy filtered drinking water all year long on my kitchen island.

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor Mason Jar Candle|Designers Sweet Spot|

• Kitchen Table candle was my next love. The yellow color is great for spring, and this Mason jar style was perfect for my kitchen. It smells like Lemon and Basil, lighting a candle after a meal is a great way to cover up those leftover kitchen odors after dinner.

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor Mason Jar Drink Dispenser|Designers Sweet Spot|

•This black wire egg basket was right up my alley. My mother was astonished at how inexpensive it was, antique baskets like this are very desirable. She reminded me that if I didn’t bring this one home, it would be very foolish indeed. Nothing like a Mama’s wisdom to set you straight. I filled my egg basket with lemons and limes, but I can’t wait to fill it with eggs for the upcoming holiday.

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor|Designers Sweet Spot|

•My other finds included this beautiful glass vessel for my air plant. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor|Designers Sweet Spot|

•Mom loved this cute little vintage tin, full of my tea bags and sits on my counter top. Sorry, but this one seems to be sold out on the Gordmans website.

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor|Designers Sweet Spot|

•This little chicken sign is so adorable! So fun!

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor|Designers Sweet Spot|

•The baking corner has a new farmhouse style Utensil holder as well. It goes great with the vintage style ironstone bowls.

Kitchen Farmhouse Love

Mom and I had a great time shopping for country chic accessories. I know I am going to use them daily. It doesn’t take much to get the farmhouse look without spending a lot of money.


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10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bathroom, Budge Friendly

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper style bathroom, budget friendly! Bring out your inner Joanna Gaines and get the farmhouse look everyone wants for their bathroom! This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Bath|Designers Sweet Spot|


Everyone loves Chip and Joanna Gaines. Not a day goes by when I don’t see an article about them or a room that they have designed. They are a hot, hot topic on social media!

I find myself glued to the tv regularly watching their reruns on HGTV.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Bath|Designers Sweet Spot|

Hometalk’s hashtag this week is #Fixer Upper Style. Each week Hometalk has a different trending topic on their website and social media. We bloggers love to keep track of the trending hashtags and post relevant material for maximum readership. Fixer Upper made the hot topic list, and this week we are posting about how to bring out your “Inner Joanna Gaines”.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|
Bathroom Before

The Bathroom Before

The guest bath in our new house is rather simple. It is a windowless room, with a standard cast iron tub and plastic tub surround. The previous owners updated the sink and vanity with a new pedestal sink and also up dated the toilet. Modern porcelain tile was added to the floor, but they left the dated wall tile. Other than that, there is really nothing special about this bathroom. It is rather lacking in character and design.

The recessed medicine cabinet was removed and the bath was staged with a vintage mirror. I know this because the medicine cabinet is sitting in our basement, and there is a giant hole behind the mirror where it used to be. I am not sure I love the old mirror, it’s rather hard to see yourself in that worn off mercury glass, but it is within the character of our old urban farm house and we will keep it for now.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|


So, how do you get a Fixer Upper Style Bathroom? It is easier than you think! There are a few simple steps to a beautiful trendy Joanna Gaines bath! Here are my top tips and tricks!

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bathroom

1)Use the bathroom you have. Not everyone can afford to gut their entire bath. Most people just use what they have got. This isn’t that bad, as you can see we haven’t made any structural changes to this average bathroom. Remove all your current decor and clutter from your bath to make room for some vintage style.

2)Paint your bath a beautiful powder blue. Fortunately for us, this room was freshly painted and we didn’t have to do this step. There are lots of beautiful pale blue shades out there, it is Joanna Gaines’ signature color. Almost all of her renovations have a shade of powder blue in them, it’s a wonderful choice for any bathroom.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|

3) Find one or two vintage wooden pieces to use for bathroom storage. This honeycomb crate came from a local antique mall. It was scrubbed and varnished and hung on the wall as is. There are holes in the screen, a crooked wire and many worn imperfections in the wood. The dark brown color contrasts nicely with the light blue walls and gives a rather sterile bathroom a bit of timeless character. You can find similar crates here on my Amazon Affiliate page.

4) Add a galvanized container with faux greenery. This little galvanized bucket came from the craft store for about $1.00. Joanna often uses containers like this to stage her rooms. The faux greenery adds color and texture to the display.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|

5)Add some faux cotton branches. These branches can be purchased here through my affiliate link. Joanna frequently uses branches like this for texture interest. Mine are sitting in a green mason jar along side the tissue box.

6) Add a sign or a wooden box with vintage graphics. The vintage box in this photo was originally used to hold hardware for horse shoe repair. You can find similar items on my Amazon affiliate page. It’s so interesting to read the label that you entirely forget about the ugly square tile behind it. Also, the deep brown color adds contrast and make the yellowed tile look warm and pretty.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|

7)Fresh, contrasting towels make the room inviting.  I love these towels because they are a deeper shade of grey/blue that works great with the wall color. They also don’t show stains which is a plus if you have kids in the house. The towel bar here is not that big, so I used small and medium towels, the bath towel made it look crowded. The illusion of space in the bathroom is achieved with minimal clutter.

8)Look for some natural elements to add to the room. Joanna often uses vintage prints of birds or flowers in her rooms. We didn’t have any so I opted for a some curly willow sticks and a few butterflies to make the room have that farm house feel. I also used a sea shell for a soap dish. Repurpose flowers, branches, rocks or shells from the beach. These items can be changed with the seasons, I may add some thing more wintery next year.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|

9) Opt for darker cabinet hardware. We don’t have any cabinets in this bath, but if we did I would use black or dark bronze handles. Our door knob is just the right color for this room, and ties in with the vintage look. I would love to replace the sink faucet, toilet handle and tub faucets that are currently chrome with new fixtures in the dark bronze color to add contrast and have a more modern farmhouse feel.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|

10)Add a stool for seating in a contrasting color. This little foot stool is a dark chocolate brown which balances out the room visually with the other wooden decor. A couple of blue towels add color and the loofa sponge adds texture and contrasts with the towels.

More Bathroom Tips and Tricks

•The white waffle weave shower curtain ads more light color and covers up the otherwise ugly shower and tub. My wooden handled makeup brushes are displayed in a brown vintage flower frog for more visual interest.

•Use rugs or bathmats in subtle neutral colors. Why detract from those gorgeous walls?

•If you have ugly old tile in your bathroom, you can paint it a neutral color. This is a great option for staying on budget. Check your local home improvement store for paint products that are made for painting tile.

•Keep prints to a minimum. Large scale prints are very busy and visually unbalanced. If you must use a print, use a small one with a botanical theme.

What do you think? It’s pretty simple when you break it all down. I love how it turned out, this room feels so chic and modern now!

I would love to see how your bathrooms turn out! Can’t wait to see how you got your own #Fixer Upper Style! For more ideas, follow the #fixerupperstyle hashtag on social media and Hometalk!

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Thrifted Dining Room

I have been sick for over a week. I have had many set backs this week, including website problems, social media problems and a nasty cold. I haven’t accomplished nearly what I had intended. I don’t do well when I can’t keep the schedule I have set for myself.

I am excited about our new dining room. As I sit sipping my tea at the table, I look around the room and think that this was so worth the wait.

We have wanted a new dining set for a long time, but it just wasn’t in the budget. I happened to find this table and chairs at our local Habitat ReStore several months ago. I loved it immediately. We purchased the set for $200.00 and put it into storage until we made our big move into our new home.

The table is made of fruit wood, has 2 additional leaves and is over 10 feet long when it’s all put together. It came with 6 chairs, although I thought there were 8 when I saw it in the store. Somehow 2 chairs didn’t make it home with us. Oh, well. We have never had a complete set of matching chairs and we are grateful for them anyway.

The chairs are overall in good condition, although some of the cushions need replacing. I will work on them at some point, but for now I have lots of more pressing projects. I love the button details on the back of the chairs.

Our sweet kitty has taken to hiding on the chairs under the table and swatting at us with her paw when we walk by for attention. She cracks me up!

The best thing about having a big table is having room for big centerpieces. My mother put together this display of citrus fruits, candles, forsythia and pussy willows.

Something about this room has me dreaming of Tuscany. Perhaps it’s the rustic chandelier or the vintage built in cabinet. Somethings are just timeless.

I can’t wait to entertain!