31 Days of Pintrest DIY: Day 16 Christmas Wine Bottles

I liked these simple wine bottle decorations for Christmas on Pintrest. What a clever was to use ordinary paint, glue and glitter.

I gathered up some extra bottles that have been laying around my kitchen, white craft paint, Tacky Glue, and white glitter.

I soaked the bottles to remove the labels.

I painted the bottles with the craft paint. Yes, this is a Bling bottle. Yes, I painted over it, crystals and all. Yes, life will go on, get over it.

The paint covered suprisingly well.

For the second coat, I mixed 1/2 paint with 1/2 Tacky Glue. Yes, it’s sticky. Then I dusted it with the glitter while it was still wet. I do not have pictures of that since I cannot glitter and take pictures at the same time.

Ta Dah! Your done. I love easy projects! I added a few ornaments, and my favorite curly willow sticks to the display.

Now that’s Bling, baby!
Designer Mom

DIY Flower Pens

I have had this little pot of flowers on my desk for a long time. It’s one of my favorite things. My youngest son made it for me some years ago. You see I was having a problem with my pens walking away all the time, later to be found in massive heaps under my children’s beds or beneath the cushions on the couch. But, since I received my pot of pens, I have never lost a pen.

You or your children can easily make these, and you too will never again loose your pens. All you need is a few plastic flowers with stems removed, floral tape, your favorite pens, a small clay pot, and some dried beans.

Line up the base of the plastic flower with the end of the pen, tape with the floral tape. Be sure to cover the entire pen so it looks like a stem to the flower.

Add the beans to the clay pot, and stick the open end of the ball point pen into the beans, they will hold the pen in place so nicely! We used dried pinto beans because that was what we had on hand, but you could also use dried black beans which really look like soil.

We made some of these for my Grandmother at age 101. She loved them, she couldn’t get used to the fact that they were pens. Who knows, after a while everyone may just for get that they are pens and you can just enjoy the flowers.

Designer Mom