Dollar Store = LOVE

I have been sick for several days now. Being sick can do a number on your state of mind. For example, I had to go to the store and get some supplies while I was sick, and the first thing that entered my mind was flowers. Roses, actually.
You see, I was feeling sorry for myself, and when I feel sorry for myself I do dumb things. Like buy chocolate. Or flowers. Or both.
I really wanted flowers, but they are so expensive. Even at Walmart they go for $9.99 a dozen and I just couldn’t justify that so I could “feel better”. So I got a bag of chocolate truffles instead. It didn’t help. 
The good news is I only ate 4 of them, the bad news is that I still wanted flowers.
So I went to Aldi’s and got 6 big roses for $3.99. That I can justify. I thanked my husband for so kindly bringing me flowers when I was sick.
Then I went to the Dollar Store. I can justify that too. It’s only a dollar, after all. I fell in love with this little heart shaped candy dish. I also discovered that they sell floral foam and Spanish moss. I love Spanish moss.
The moss was a dollar, the candy dish a dollar, the foam a dollar, who could possibly be grumpy with that?

I used a piece of paper as a template to cut the foam to fit inside the candy dish.
Suddenly I began to feel better.
I added water to the dish and tested the foam by pushing down on it to make sure the water would not over flow.
The I pulled apart the Spanish moss and began to shape it around the edge of the dish. I pinned it in place with my extra bobby pins. Floral pins would work too, I just didn’t have any.
Then I did the unthinkable. I be-headed those beautiful flowers. My heart began to sing.
My husband was mortified.
Then I poked holes way down into that foam so that the ends of the flowers would reach the water at the bottom of the candy dish. I filled the entire dish with the cut flowers.
And today, when I sat down at the breakfast table, all sniffly and grumpy and feeling sorry for myself, I saw the LOVE there on the table. 
I instantly felt better.
sick = grumpy
chocolate = less grumpy
flowers and chocolate = even less grumpy
Dollar Store bargains = feeling even better
Dollar Store = LOVE
Visit your Dollar Store and spread the LOVE!

Designer Mom