Gifts Wrapped in Glass: Day 7

You will have to forgive me for being a day behind in this series. This week is birthday week at our house, and we have a lot of things going on.
Who’s birthday is it you ask?
It’s my birthday actually.

Birthday’s are not just a one day event around here. We sort of extend things all week. People come to visit, we dine, we shop, we get hair cuts, those sort of things.
When we have birthday’s we splurge on things that we would never be able to justify at other times of the year. Like buying skeins of the most beautiful teal wool yarn you have ever seen in your life.

And buying knitting needles which you have no idea how to use, until today.
Today, when your friends came to the door toting french style chocolate filled pastries and exotic coffees and teas you knew you were in for a treat. Then you sit for hours eating and chatting, and decide to run out to the yarn store just to see if they have anything that you simply must have.
You do this even though, you know you have never knitted a thing in your life. Well, maybe one thing. A pot holder in the third grade just doesn’t count.
You shopped and you toted home your beautiful yarn and bamboo needles (don’t they just sound ORGANIC???) and your friend taught you to knit for your birthday.
Seriously. I knitted 4 inches all by myself! It’s a day to remember!
Then, after the party was over you sat and admired your yarn. Suddenly, it occurred to you that it was a GIFT and that perhaps you should include it in your post on GIFTS WRAPPED IN GLASS.
I pulled out some wooden tags that had been painted with chalk paint and tied one onto the jar with some heavy thread. Then I remembered I had a cool flower arranging frog for a Mason jar lid and I thought it would make a perfect addition to a knitting jar. It serves the purpose of keeping the yarn in the jar and keeping the strands from becoming tangled while knitting.
I am notorious for tangling yarn. It’s a proven fact. I realize not all balls of yarn are small enough to fit in the narrow mouth of the jar, but it serves my purpose. The frog also makes a practical place to stash my knitting needles. I feel so organized.
Knit one, pearl two.
Knit one, pearl two.
A Mason Jar full of beautiful yarn can be a beautiful gift.