How to Make Budget Curtains for Any Room

Budget curtains can be hard to find if you pay retail price. Here are my best tips for making them yourself in just a few simple steps. This post contains affiliate links from which I will make a small commission should you decide to purchase. Thank you for supporting my blog in this way.

Painted Woodwork (GASP!)|Designers Sweet Spot|

Here we are back again for week 3 of the One Room Challenge! This week our dining room renovation includes Window Treatments! Here’s what we have covered so far:

Week 1: Design Plan

Week 2: Paint

Week 3: Ceiling Medallion

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Competing in the One Room Challenge|Designers Sweet Spot|
Dining room before the One Room Challenge

 Curtains That Only Look Expensive

New curtains have been on my to do list for this room for a while. I dread a large project like this because it’s expensive and time consuming. However, this one turned out to be less expensive than I anticipated.

Here’s my story: Since I had my fabric picked out since week one, it was going to be easy to go and buy it at the store. Problem was they were sold out when I got there. Not good!

The Fabric Deal

After browsing the clearance rack of decor fabrics, I came up with two options. One was a lovely teal priced at $4.00 a yard. What a great deal! Option two was a lovely Waverly fabric floral print priced at $13.00 per yard. Not so cheap, but I really liked it.

I took both bolts to the counter and asked the clerk why one was so much more than the other. Turns out the Waverly floral was incorrectly priced. It should have been marked 80% OFF!!! Calmly, I explained that I wanted to buy the entire bolt, before she could come to her senses and charge me more.

How to Make Budget Curtains|Designers Sweet Spot|

Yes, I bought 7 yards of this fantastic Waverly cotton decor print fabric for $2.60 per yard. I have a total investment of about $12.00 with these curtains! It doesn’t get any better than that!

How to make budget curtains|Designers Sweet Spot|

Overall, the print is a wee bit darker than I had planned. However for $12.00 I will make it work. I am in love with this print!

You will see in this photo that I also have white sheer curtains. They were my first purchase for this house and I decided to keep them as is. I used small suspension rods to hang those curtains inside each window well. You can get yours from my affiliate link here.

Buy White suspension rods

White Sheer Curtain Panels

How to Make Budget Curtains|Designers Sweet Spot|

My method for making your own designer fabric curtains:

How to Make Curtains:

  1. Purchase Waverly floral decor fabric 54″ wide (affiliate link). Measure your window length, then add 9″ to get the correct yardage. DOUBLE the amount to have enough fabric for two curtain panels.
  2. Cut fabric to desired length (window length plus 9″).
  3. Make a hem for the side seams with a 1/2″ seam allowance, repeat again to clean finish raw edge.
  4. Finish the top edge by folding under 1/4″ on raw edge, stitch. Fold over again 5″ and stitch.
  5. Hem bottom edge by folding under 1/4″ on raw edge, stitch in place. Fold over again 5″, PIN in place. Hang up to window and adjust length as needed. You should have a slight break in the fabric at the bottom where the curtain pools on the ground under the window.
  6. Sew bottom edge, press.
  7. Hang on large wooden curtain rings.  I prefer curtain rings that clip to the fabric, they are fast and easy. These are the ones I use (affiliate). Hang and enjoy!

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Here’s the next part of the renovation schedule:

Week 4: Table Improvements

Week 5: Wall and Lighting Decor

Week 6: Accessories and Final Reveal

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Adorable Kids Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

Kids love a special bag to capture all their loot from the big Halloween event. This simple bag is charming and not a bit scary to make.

Kids Halloween Trick or Treat Bag|Designers Sweet Spot|
Trick or treat loot bag with my favorite squeaky rat.

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

Remember going door to door as a kid? Each year we had a different bag, sometimes it was as simple as a homemade fabric bag. This adorable bag is easy to make with two different fabric scraps and a bit of leftover quilt binding.

The bag has plenty of space for treats, plus it is easy to pull closed to keep all that good stuff from spilling out!

The top of the bag is full of glow in the dark eyes, how fun for the littles to play with in the darkness! I used less than a 1/4 yard of fabric of each print for this project. These fabrics came from JoAnn’s. You can order them through my affiliate link here:

Order the Cats Eye print

Order the Fat Cat Print

Order the Black Quilt Binding

The secret to the bag, is that it has a plastic bottom that allows the bag to retain it’s shape. The plastic is nothing more than the bottom of a gallon milk jug.

Bag Directions

  1. Cut out main fabric, two pieces, 11 ” wide by 15″ long.
  2. Stitch side seams with right sides together.
  3. Stitch 45 degree corners at lower edge of side seams. Turn right side out and press.
  4. Cut Cat’s Eye fabric to size (4 1/2″ wide x 11″ long), use pinking shears to trim lower raw edge.
  5. Sew right side of contrasting Cat’s eye fabric to the wrong side of bag fabric with 1/2″ seam. Turn right side out.
  6. Top stitch 1 1/2″ away from edge seam.
  7. Top stitch again 1″ away from first row of stitching to create drawstring casing.
  8. Insert quilt binding. Use two pieces cut to 24″ each,  sew ends together with zig zag stitch.
  9. Cut milk jug bottom to a height of 4″. Insert into fabric bag. Enjoy!

Looking for more help with this project? I will be doing a Live Facebook demonstration of this project tomorrow! Sign up for my Facebook notification here.

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Sew Yourself a Stunning Japanese Knot Bag

This Japanese Knot Bag is all the rage right now, make one in less than an hour and wear it out for the evening or take it shopping tomorrow!  

Sew Yourself a Stunning Japanese Knot Bag|Designers Sweet Spot|
Japanese Knot Bag

Simple Japanese Knot Bag

The Japanese have a way with beautiful design. This fabric handbag is no exception! It is simple and sleek in construction. It would be beautiful in any array of colors or fabrics. Wear it to the grocery store, take it to school, bring it to the theater or even the symphony. You will have compliments every where you go, I promise!

Sew a Stunning Japanese Knot Bag|Designers Sweet Spot|
Carry just about anything in this lovely handmade bag.

I have joined a number of sewing groups on Facebook. Since I have been sewing for so long it’s easy for me to put projects together without really thinking a lot about it. Being in a group of people who are learning to sew has been good for me. It’s helped me see things in a different light. Most people like simple projects and want simple patterns and simple directions to go with them.

This bag is no exception. Simple and beautiful.

Sew a Stunning Japanese Knot Bag|Designers Sweet Spot| Sew a Stunning Japanese Knot Bag|Designers Sweet Spot|

The floral fabric in this project is 100 percent cotton. It is none other than the Hoffman Challenge Print of the year. If you aren’t familiar with the Hoffman Challenge, it’s a sewing and design contest put on each year by Hoffman Fabrics of California. I have always dreamed of submitting a design for this challenge in quilting, apparel design or home decor creations. I missed the deadline yet again this year, but I still purchased the fabric as you can see.

Maybe next year I will actually get my project completed before the deadline! Anyway, this stunning digital print, titled “Blooms” was a no brainer for this simple bag design. The beautiful cotton fabric shows through in this bag’s simple construction.

Supplies Needed

My pattern for this project is available to purchase for $6.00 in my new pattern shop, Chambray Blues Sewing Patterns. I will have more details on the new site VERY soon, but you will be able to order it through my link below (affiliate).

Buy the pattern (immediate download pdf)

1/2 yard Hoffman “Blooms” print fabric  (order here)

1/2 Yard of Black cotton lining fabric (order here)

1 package black bias binding (order here)

Thread, needle, scissors


Follow pattern directions for construction.

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Make a Stunning Japanese Knot Bag|Designers Sweet Spot|
Japanese Knot Bag


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How to Make a Braided Fall Wreath, Easy to Sew

This easy to sew fall wreath is a great way to use up your fabric scraps. This would  also make a great beginner sewing project. This post contains affiliate links. By making a purchase I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. For a complete list of rules, see the disclosures page.

Fall Braided Wreath|Designers Sweet Spot|

The first time I made a wreath like this was in the Girl Scouts in 5th grade. It’s crazy how some things stick with you over the years. At the time, I was new to sewing and this was my very first sewing project. I’ve been hooked on sewing ever since.

The wreath is made from 3 “sleeves” of cotton batik quilting fabric in beautiful fall colors. It would be easy to make different colored wreaths for different seasons, but I must say I love these rich warm colors. The sleeves are braided together and attached to a grapevine wreath with some twine for a rustic farmhouse feel.

This little door is in our entry way. It leads to no where but a closet. This is a small storage area under our stairs that we use for off season items like Christmas decorations and winter shoes and boots. I love the little quirky parts of an old house like this!

Here’s what you will need to make your own wreath:

Fall Wreath Supplies Needed:

1/4 yard cuts of three fall colored batik fabrics (yellow, brown, green)

•Sewing machine and thread

•sewing needle

polyester fiberfill stuffing

•plastic 12″ ruler

•large safety pins

•Scissors or rotary cutter and mat

12″ grapevine wreath


•faux eucalyptus branches

•gold ribbon

Fall Farmhouse Wreath |Designers Sweet Spot|

Fall Wreath Directions:

  1. Cut 5″ wide strip from each one of the fabrics the length of the goods (in this case it was 44″ wide).
  2. Fold the strips right sides together, in a lengthwise direction. Sew across the short end and down the long edge with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
  3. Repeat for each colored strip.
  4. Turn the fabric sleeves, right side out. Press.
  5. Stuff the tubes with fiberfill stuffing. Use the plastic ruler to push the stuffing into the bottom of the tube, and fill it 1″ from the top edge. Pin the raw edges together temporarily with a safety pin.
  6. Pin the top of the stitched tubes together with a safety pin. Whip stitch them together with a needle and thread. Remove safety pins, leaving bottom edges free.
  7. Conceal the stitches by folding one of the tubes over the stitching. Then proceed to braid the three tubes together as shown in photograph. Form into a wreath shape, pin bottom edge together with top of wreath. Whip stitch in place to form the wreath shape with needle and thread. You may need to twist some of the tubes a bit to hide any seams that may show towards the back of the wreath.
  8. Flatten the wreath against the 12″ grapevine wreath. Weave twine in and out, around the wreaths to hold them together. Add bits of eucalyptus and a gold ribbon bow if desired. Hang with another piece of twine.

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Fall Braided Wreath|Designers Sweet Spot|

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How to Craft Seriously Cute Denim Quilted Coasters

Old jeans are always in my fabric scrap box. Here’s a quick project using up cycled jeans! This post is sponsored by Nancy’s Notions. Any opinions given are completely my own. For a complete list of disclosure rules, see the disclosures page.

Craft Some Seriously Cute Coasters

I love small crafty projects. I try to keep a stash of them going for the moments when I just don’t have that much energy to create or when I am frustrated with my progress on a larger project. It always feels good to accomplish something small, I always feel satisfied with completing a small project even if it’s only a little bitty thing.

For example, I had fun making these simple coasters. We have needed coasters in our living room for quite some time, our kids are always leaving glasses of water on the table that sweat and mark the wooden surface. The struggle is REAL! I prefer fabric coasters because they soak up the moisture and are unbreakable.

I took a sewing workshop at a blog seminar earlier this year and this is what we made. I loved them! They are so simple to make, and what a great idea to use recycled jeans! The circle template comes from a quilt pattern by Nancy’s Notions. You don’t necessarily have to make an entire quilt, this project is great for a beginner sewer or when you are short on time. It’s easier than you think, here’s the rundown:

How to Craft Seriously Cute Denim Quilted Coasters|Designers Sweet Spot|

Seriously Cute Coaster Supplies:

•various scraps of denim fabric, light and dark colors about 1/4 yard of each light and dark denim

•Denim Circle Rag Quilt Plastic template from Nancy’s Notions

•5″ batik print quilt squares in shades of aqua or green

•Heavy weight fusible interfacing, about 1/4 yard for 5-6 coasters

•Fabric glue

•Navy or black thread

•Sewing Machine

Seriously Easy Directions:

  1. Cut the interfacing in to 5″ squares. You should have one piece of interfacing for each quilt square.
  2. Cut around circle template on the denim with a quilters rotary cutter or a pair of sharp scissors.  You will need to have one denim circle for each quilt square.
  3. Fuse the interfacing on to the back of the quilt squares.
  4. Position the quilt square in the center of each denim circle, wrong sides together. Add a drop of fabric glue to keep the two in place. Pin edges of circle on to top of batik fabric square. 
  5. Stitch 1/4″ away from raw edge of denim through all thicknesses of fabric, stopping and starting each line of stitching at corners. Press when through.

You can wash the coasters after you have made them to get that unravelled look on the edge of the denim. For now, I have not washed mine, but I am sure I will eventually. Easy Peasy! Don’t forget to Pin this project!

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