Decorating with Mums and Squashes


We found the most AMAZING farm stand this week.

We were traveling a country road to a little school out in the middle of now where for a soccer game.

The only sites in the distance were pumpkins and the farm stand.

I knew I loved soccer.

I love finding little roadside treasures like unexpectedly!

What a wonderful coincidence!

I had been thinking about buying some beautiful squashes and pumpkins to decorate with, and I was itching to find some great Mums.

Suddenly, there they were!

Such a blessing!

There were WAGON LOADS of squashes, pumpkins, gourds.

All at .35 cents a pound.


I could have brought home a truck load of stuff.

I could have shopped for hours, trying to choose just the right colors and textures.

I was swayed away from the traditional smooth pumpkins by the exotic squashes and gourds.

Mostly because we can eat the squash later.

I never met a swash I didn’t like.

We don’t have a ton of room on the narrow front porch, but there is enough space for a box display box.

Room for everything but the Mums.

I love Mums.

The colder it gets the more colorful they become.

They will last until Thanksgiving time. I usually pull them out after Thanksgiving, when I put up the Christmas decorations.

Thanksgiving really isn’t that far away.

The roadside stand also had these beautiful ears of Indian Corn.

They are HUGE, about 12″ long.

I love their deep purple and golden colors.

I thought about adding bows and trinkets to them, but I decided I like them just as they are.

Completely natural.

I am a purist at heart, I guess.

Less is always more in my book.

Now all I need is to find some Kale.

Maybe we will come across another road side stand this week.

Enjoy your day!

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