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I have been running about getting ready for my next blog conference. Preparing is time consuming, it always takes more organization than I planned. I decided that if I wrote a blog post about it, I could just refer to my post when time was short. I am sure there are other bloggers who feel the same way and are scrambling at the last minute.

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First order of business is the luggage. I have been searching the thrift stores for an extra large suitcase with wheels. The insider blogging trick is to bring two suitcases, one large, one small to the conference. By putting one suitcase inside the other for the trip, you will have less baggage to worry about. For the return trip, the large suitcase is used to hold swag, that is all the products the wonderful sponsors supply us with at the conference. The small bag is used for the rest of your belongings, which is a test of your true packing ability. Don’t forget to label your base with name, address, cell phone number and blog name.


Minimal Conference blogger essentials include:

At least 100 business cards

Cell phone and USB charger

Wireless charger for use during the lectures

Head phones

Power strip for charging multiple devices in your hotel room with your roommates

iPad or laptop (I use mine for taking notes and pictures during the conference).

Tote bag for picking up swag at the vendor booths, mine has my logo on it.

blue top with a cowboy hat


Wardrobe essentials:

Layers are preferred, it gets cool sitting in those large con fence rooms. I always bring a light sweater or denim jacket in case I need it. I prefer tops or blouses with short sleeves in case I get too warm, I won’t feel uncomfortable to take off a layer.

Comfortable shoes for walking. We leave the hotel a couple of times for dinner out, plan to walk several blocks and save the heels for dance night!

Dancing clothes, there is always at least one dance night with a party theme. This year it’s flamingoes, so pack your flamingo attire and be ready to meet people and have fun!

A small handbag for evening is essential, I like one that holds my keys, phone and credit card for the dance event. A wallet bag with a wrist strap is a good idea so you can keep it with you at all times.

Here is my complete list of what to bring:

2 pairs black pants

1 pair jeans

Denim jacket

2 short sleeve tops

1 long sleeve blouse

1 dressy evening outfit and heels

1 casual evening outfit for dinner out


Work out clothes (some die hard fitness bloggers work out together at the conference)

Personal care items

Evening handbag

Tote bag

Raincoat or umbrella

Little gifts for your roommates


That’s about it! It may sound over whelming but after you have been to a conference you know what to expect. Of course, being yourself is important. Don’t stress about having to bring items that you know you will not use. There are lots of bloggers who do their own thing, just do what makes you comfortable.

See you at the conference!


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