Beautiful Bathroom Tile Roundup

Tile floors have always been a popular choice for the bathroom.  However, just because you bought the house with boring white tile doesn’t mean you have to live with it! Here are a few beautiful bathroom tile choices for any taste and budget.

Beautiful Bathroom Tile Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Style by Emily Henderson transformed her dark, outdated guest bathroom into a beautiful and bright space. This colorful tile adds just the right amount of interest in an otherwise neutral room.

Beautiful Bathroom Tile Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Herringbone and marble, is there a more classic combination? Shine Your Light Blog shares some great DIY advice on how to replace your tile for less.

Beautiful Bathroom Tile Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

This bathroom is always so fun to look at.  Christinas Adventures chose to combine three different styles of tile in her shower alone! You’ll definitely want check out all the other fun details she decided to include in her bathroom makeover.

Beautiful Bathroom Tile Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

If the thought of laying tiny tiles is intimidating to you, maybe larger tiles is the way to go! By Brittany Goldwyn explains her decision making process in this informative post.

Beautiful Bathroom Tile Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Leslie’s daughter was the recipient of this fun bathroom makeover.  The vertical subway tiles are such a unique touch.  Check out the entire process over on Deeply Southern Home.

Beautiful Bathroom Tile Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Wood flooring is always a favorite choice, although it’s not the best decision for a bathroom. My Life From Home decided to use this wood tile to achieve the same look but with easier upkeep.

Beautiful Bathroom Tile Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Although you may have purchase a home with boring (or ugly) tile, that doesn’t mean you have to live with it! Domestic Blonde shares some great tips on how to paint the tile you have to save both money and hopefully time.

Beautiful Bathroom Tile Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

These small hexagon tiles are always a favorite.  Refashionably Late decided to use the same tiles for an interest wall to create a beautiful flow and the appearance of a larger bathroom.

Beautiful Bathroom Tile Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.comShark Tails shares an excellent option for a quick bathroom makeover. Although she admits that the project was tedious, the results were completely worth it.

Beautiful Bathroom Tile Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

This bathroom is another favorite.  Centsational Style combines multiple patterns of tile to create this beautiful and welcoming room.

What’s your favorite bathroom tile option? We’d love to hear about it!


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Beautiful Bathroom Tile Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|



10 Beautiful Farmhouse Bathrooms

Farmhouse decor has been trending for a few years now, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down! Here are a few beautiful farmhouse bathrooms to inspire your next bathroom makeover. 

10 Beautiful Farmhouse Bathrooms|Designers Sweet Spot|

Farmhouse style can vary from rustic to modern.  Here is a modern take on a farmhouse bathroom. My Life From Home chose some beautiful details to include in her remodel. I would love that concrete countertop in front of the window, what a perfect place to do your makeup!

10 Beautiful Farmhouse Bathrooms|Designers Sweet Spot|

Here’s a peak into my own bathroom! This is a budget friendly way to create a farmhouse feel without having to rip everything out. Head over to Designers Sweet Spot for a few tips & tricks on where to find great farmhouse accessories.

10 Beautiful Farmhouse Bathrooms|Designers Sweet Spot|

Shiplap is a signature farmhouse look. In this bathroom, Design Dazzle chose to use a rustic weathered wood instead of the traditional white.  What a great choice!

10 Beautiful Farmhouse Bathrooms|Designers Sweet Spot|

Did you know that a vintage dresser could be transformed into a farmhouse style vanity? Think of all the extra storage space this would add! Little Vintage Nest shares how she dressed up these old pieces of furniture into the perfect addition to her bathroom.

10 Beautiful Farmhouse Bathrooms|Designers Sweet Spot|

Christina’s Adventures did a beautiful job of creating the farmhouse feel without creating too much clutter.  You won’t want to miss these stunning before and after photos!10 Beautiful Farmhouse Bathrooms|Designers Sweet Spot|

Sara included so many special touches in this master bathroom.  Visit Twelve on Main to read about all the blood, sweat, and tears that were invested in this beautiful space.  They were all completely worth it!

10 Beautiful Farmhouse Bathrooms|Designers Sweet Spot|

What’s one of the most important parts of a bathroom? Functional storage! Farm Fresh Homestead explains how she kept the farmhouse aesthetic while still adding plenty of storage space for her family.

10 Beautiful Farmhouse Bathrooms|Designers Sweet Spot|

Do you have a boring bathroom mirror you want to disguise? Shannon at AKA Design shares a great DIY that will create an instant farmhouse feel without breaking the bank.

10 Beautiful Farmhouse Bathrooms|Designers Sweet Spot|

You’ll never believe how dark and boring this bathroom was before it’s makeover.  The Weathered Fox did a great job of creating a brand new space while still keeping the majority of her original fixtures.  What a great way to maximize a budget!

10 Beautiful Farmhouse Bathrooms|Designers Sweet Spot|

We couldn’t end this roundup without including one traditional white shiplap wall.  It just wouldn’t feel right!  Hence, this beautiful example of a staple farmhouse look from Kristi at Making it in the Mountains.

Farmhouse decor can be so versatile. Whether it’s a complete bathroom renovation, or the simple addition of a few accessories, we’re confident that you’ve found inspiration for your next makeover!

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10 Beautiful Farmhouse Bathrooms|Designers Sweet Spot|

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10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bathroom, Budget Friendly

DIY Cleaning Products: Drain Cleaner


It’s been about four years since I started blogging. My most popular post is my DIY Drain Cleaner recipe. I really had no idea it would be a popular post, I wasn’t even sure anyone would be interested. Thousands of views have proved me wrong!

I learned this home remedy from a late night TV show, about a million years ago. I have been meaning to make a new video for a while and it seemed like a natural thing to do, so here it is.

If you have a clogged drain, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed! I use this combination for regular drain maintenance about once a month. I do not purchase any chemical cleaners in our home, this recipe works great and is cheap and clean for the environment.

For bathroom sinks, I use the smaller amount, for larger drains like the shower and bath tub I usually double the amount given. My kids love to help with cleaning the drains, we call it “drain cleaning science”. I found out that the Cream of Tartar is a form of tartaric acid and is a bi-product of winemaking. Potassium bitartrate is derived from the crystals formed on the inside of the wooden wine barrels as the wine ages. These crystals are then refined into Cream of Tartar.

Who knew?

Here are my Amazon Affiliate Links so you can buy your supplies and get started!

I would love to hear how you like this recipe, here are some testimonials or leave me a comment!

“I know this works….I had very sluggish tub drains (very annoying), used this~~~worked great!!! We have a septic tank so I was ever so happy to find this safe way of unclogging!!!!”

“Great tips here! I like reading about natural cleaners! Thank you for sharing!”

“Your “recipe” for drain opener works great… after trying a number of things, I found this and mixed it up…. the first dose applied and I could see a difference. Through that week I used the rest of that first mix…WOW~~~ what difference… We have septic tank and I worry that the chemical store brands would harm it, so imagine how happy I am…will be using this every couple of weeks….. Thank-you for posting this”

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bathroom, Budget Friendly

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper style bathroom, budget friendly! Bring out your inner Joanna Gaines and get the farmhouse look everyone wants for their bathroom! This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Bath|Designers Sweet Spot|


Everyone loves Chip and Joanna Gaines. Not a day goes by when I don’t see an article about them or a room that they have designed. They are a hot, hot topic on social media!

I find myself glued to the tv regularly watching their reruns on HGTV.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Bath|Designers Sweet Spot|

Hometalk’s hashtag this week is #Fixer Upper Style. Each week Hometalk has a different trending topic on their website and social media. We bloggers love to keep track of the trending hashtags and post relevant material for maximum readership. Fixer Upper made the hot topic list, and this week we are posting about how to bring out your “Inner Joanna Gaines”.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|
Bathroom Before

The Bathroom Before

The guest bath in our new house is rather simple. It is a windowless room, with a standard cast iron tub and plastic tub surround. The previous owners updated the sink and vanity with a new pedestal sink and also up dated the toilet. Modern porcelain tile was added to the floor, but they left the dated wall tile. Other than that, there is really nothing special about this bathroom. It is rather lacking in character and design.

The recessed medicine cabinet was removed and the bath was staged with a vintage mirror. I know this because the medicine cabinet is sitting in our basement, and there is a giant hole behind the mirror where it used to be. I am not sure I love the old mirror, it’s rather hard to see yourself in that worn off mercury glass, but it is within the character of our old urban farm house and we will keep it for now.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|


So, how do you get a Fixer Upper Style Bathroom? It is easier than you think! There are a few simple steps to a beautiful trendy Joanna Gaines bath! Here are my top tips and tricks!

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bathroom

1)Use the bathroom you have. Not everyone can afford to gut their entire bath. Most people just use what they have got. This isn’t that bad, as you can see we haven’t made any structural changes to this average bathroom. Remove all your current decor and clutter from your bath to make room for some vintage style.

2)Paint your bath a beautiful powder blue. Fortunately for us, this room was freshly painted and we didn’t have to do this step. There are lots of beautiful pale blue shades out there, it is Joanna Gaines’ signature color. Almost all of her renovations have a shade of powder blue in them, it’s a wonderful choice for any bathroom.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|

3) Find one or two vintage wooden pieces to use for bathroom storage. This honeycomb crate came from a local antique mall. It was scrubbed and varnished and hung on the wall as is. There are holes in the screen, a crooked wire and many worn imperfections in the wood. The dark brown color contrasts nicely with the light blue walls and gives a rather sterile bathroom a bit of timeless character. You can find similar crates here on my Amazon Affiliate page.

4) Add a galvanized container with faux greenery. This little galvanized bucket came from the craft store for about $1.00. Joanna often uses containers like this to stage her rooms. The faux greenery adds color and texture to the display.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|

5)Add some faux cotton branches. These branches can be purchased here through my affiliate link. Joanna frequently uses branches like this for texture interest. Mine are sitting in a green mason jar along side the tissue box.

6) Add a sign or a wooden box with vintage graphics. The vintage box in this photo was originally used to hold hardware for horse shoe repair. You can find similar items on my Amazon affiliate page. It’s so interesting to read the label that you entirely forget about the ugly square tile behind it. Also, the deep brown color adds contrast and make the yellowed tile look warm and pretty.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|

7)Fresh, contrasting towels make the room inviting.  I love these towels because they are a deeper shade of grey/blue that works great with the wall color. They also don’t show stains which is a plus if you have kids in the house. The towel bar here is not that big, so I used small and medium towels, the bath towel made it look crowded. The illusion of space in the bathroom is achieved with minimal clutter.

8)Look for some natural elements to add to the room. Joanna often uses vintage prints of birds or flowers in her rooms. We didn’t have any so I opted for a some curly willow sticks and a few butterflies to make the room have that farm house feel. I also used a sea shell for a soap dish. Repurpose flowers, branches, rocks or shells from the beach. These items can be changed with the seasons, I may add some thing more wintery next year.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|

9) Opt for darker cabinet hardware. We don’t have any cabinets in this bath, but if we did I would use black or dark bronze handles. Our door knob is just the right color for this room, and ties in with the vintage look. I would love to replace the sink faucet, toilet handle and tub faucets that are currently chrome with new fixtures in the dark bronze color to add contrast and have a more modern farmhouse feel.

10 Steps to a Fixer Upper Style Bath, Budget Friendly|Designers Sweet Spot|

10)Add a stool for seating in a contrasting color. This little foot stool is a dark chocolate brown which balances out the room visually with the other wooden decor. A couple of blue towels add color and the loofa sponge adds texture and contrasts with the towels.

More Bathroom Tips and Tricks

•The white waffle weave shower curtain ads more light color and covers up the otherwise ugly shower and tub. My wooden handled makeup brushes are displayed in a brown vintage flower frog for more visual interest.

•Use rugs or bathmats in subtle neutral colors. Why detract from those gorgeous walls?

•If you have ugly old tile in your bathroom, you can paint it a neutral color. This is a great option for staying on budget. Check your local home improvement store for paint products that are made for painting tile.

•Keep prints to a minimum. Large scale prints are very busy and visually unbalanced. If you must use a print, use a small one with a botanical theme.

What do you think? It’s pretty simple when you break it all down. I love how it turned out, this room feels so chic and modern now!

I would love to see how your bathrooms turn out! Can’t wait to see how you got your own #Fixer Upper Style! For more ideas, follow the #fixerupperstyle hashtag on social media and Hometalk!

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Bathroom Update on a Budget


green bath

Which room in your house do you hate the most? For me it was this guest bathroom. Just not my style. I disliked the colors and especially the writing on the wall. It just reminded me of the things I used to tell my kids when I was potty training them a million years ago.

downstairs bathBudgeting for updates is always an issue. Most folks just don’t have much to spare for a complete bathroom remodel. I am so excited to have finished this project with the budget still intact. Sometimes, things just work out the way you want them to. The downstairs bath was one of the ugliest rooms in the house, even though not everyone in my family disliked it as I did. Still,  I couldn’t wait to get started on it. The first thing this room needed was paint, paint, paint.IMG_0133

The dark wainscoting was the biggest problem, and as soon as the white paint started going on, I knew it was a tremendous improvement.  It took 3 coats of paint to cover the dark brown paint. I probably should have primed it first, but I am impatient so I didn’t. Oh, well.

It also took 2 coats of the pale grey to cover the garish green walls.wiring the chandelier

The grey walls are so soothing compared to the old green ones. The next step was to take down the shower curtain contraption that hung over the tub. With the old claw foot tub and faucet, we will never have enough water pressure to have a decent shower, and it surely wouldn’t be water proof, so we decided to remove it altogether and restrict the showers to the proper shower in the upstairs bath.

wiring the chandelier-2


I knew that my glass chandelier would be perfect over the tub. It had been in storage for over a year and it’s a miracle it wasn’t smashed in our recent move. I had gotten it FREE from a lady at our church who was moving and couldn’t take it with her. It was originally a hard wired fixture that my husband re-wired to plug into a regular electrical outlet. That worked great at our last location, however, here we have electrical issues.

Namely, there is one plug in the entire bath. So instead of undoing all of the electrical work he did previously on the chandelier, he came up with this brilliant solution. We simply removed the cover from the ceiling light, bought an adapter for a light socket that had an electrical plug, and plugged in the chandelier into it. I thought this was ingenious.

I knew there was a reason I married him. The extra cord was tucked behind the top of the ceiling fixture, you would never know it was a plug in chandelier!

Claw Foot Tub

The gold towel rod is actually a curtain rod that I got at the thrift store. I love using curtain rods for towels, they are so much bigger. When you have a large family, traditional towel bars are far to small, not to mention expensive.

My mother’s Currier and Ives Clipper Ship print is a very elegant addition to the bath.

Fabric Cube

I made this Milk Crate Fabric Cube  from a plastic milk crate I have had since college. It’s on wheels so it’s easy to scoot around for polishing your toes or putting on your shoes.

The soap is my own special batch, it smells completely amazing, and I love how colorful it is.

Pedestal Sink

The white medicine cabinet was here before we moved in, I have a love/hate relationship with it. Not sure if it’s permanent or not, I may end up trying something else in it’s place.

The chippy white dresser is one that I stenciled, you can read more about it here.



The oil painting on the wall was a gift from my mother on one of her antiquing trips to England. I never tire of looking at it. My favorite Orchid lives happily near the window.

Sea shells and glass

For the summer, I brought out my collection of broken sea shells that we found on the beach in Alabama. They look so lovely in this setting, I don’t even notice that they are broken.

Have I mentioned that I see beauty in brokenness?


Toilette and accessories

The room still needs a few finishing touches, but I am pleased with how to turned out.

I would love to tell you I spent a small fortune updating this room. But, we didn’t.

I would love to tell you we ripped the walls all down to the studs, re-wired and re-plumbed, but we didn’t.

I would love to tell you we shopped for hours searching for just the right accessories, but we didn’t.

This budget renovation, didn’t cost us a thing. I used paint we already had, furniture we already owned, towels we already had, art borrowed from my mother, a free chandelier, broken sea shells and a chippy old vintage dresser.

And it all worked together beautifully. Imagine that?

Miracles do happen.

Here’s a panoramic view of the room:

Bath Panorama

I love technology, don’t you?

Time to find another room to update!