Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup

We all get antsy with our decor, but not all of us can afford to go out and purchase something new.  Painted furniture is a pretty great way to change things up for a new style while releasing some of your creative energy.

Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Painting furniture is one of my favorite things to do! This dresser has been in my family for years, I love it but it needed a makeover.  You can check out the before and after photos on my blog Designers Sweet Spot.

Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Most would agree that painting is great, but the prep work can be a chore! Julie Blanner shares a great way to skip the sanding and achieve the same results.

Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Not everyone appreciates a bright piece of furniture in their home.  This charcoal dresser from Farm Fresh Homestead perfectly accented this beautiful farmhouse living room.

Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

The precise lines on this chair really make the colors pop! Hilda Got Rocks does an excellent job demonstrating the power of paint and tape.  Think of the possibilities here!

Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

A balayage inspired dresser!? Thirty Eighth Street was inspired by this popular hair color technique.  We absolutely love how this beautiful dresser turned out!

Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

The Graphics Fairy has an excellent explanation of how to create this jewel tone finish on furniture.  You’ll never believe what this table looked like before it’s fabulous makeover.

Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Stenciling is also a fun way to add interest to your furniture.  Here is one of my most recent furniture makeovers.  Designers Sweet Spot has all my tips + tricks as well as photos to explain how I created this fun dresser!

Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

So you’d like to paint some furniture, but you don’t have the patience? In My Own Style created this colorful chairs using spray paint! She also includes her advice on choosing which brand and colors to use, very helpful.

Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Here is another transformation that demonstrates the ability to add a bit of color without going overboard.  We love the herringbone pattern and colors Lovely Etc. chose for this project.
Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

I have a confession.  I have a problem with painting furniture.  Once I finish one project, I start thinking of the next project I’d like to tackle! This is the last piece I will share from Designers Sweet Spot in this article, but I’m sure you’d be able to find at least a few more on my blog if you took a look around.

Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Not everyone would be as brave as Prodigal Pieces.  This dresser  was qualified as junk before its makeover, I bet the previous owner is regretting that now! Its crazy how a little paint and a lot of creativity can completely change a piece of furniture.

Are you a fan of painting your furniture? We’d love to see what you’ve done using your creativity and a bit of paint.

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Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Red Chalky Finish Dresser

This is a sponsored post. All opinions given are completely my own.

Red Chalky Finish Dresser|Designers Sweet Spot|

red chalky finish dresser

Did you watch the horse races this week? American Pharoah was amazing. Our entire family was watching and cheering him across the finish line. It was a great American moment. I am feeling rather patriotic as a result and today I spent my time playing with color, red specifically. It’s so American.

paint for chalky finish dresses

Deco Art was kind enough to send me their Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in red. Romance, they call it. It’s the ultimate shade of lipstick red.

I also had Deco Art send me a sampling of different finishing waxes because I wasn’t sure which one would work the best for this project.

This old Victorian walnut dresser has been around forever. My mother bought it at an auction for $40.00 back in1967. It’s not a very memorable piece, the Carara marble top is chipped, and the drawers are not even dove tailed. All in all, it’s has more sentimental value than financial value. I have been thinking about painting it for years, and today was the day!

The Chalky Finish paint is wonderful to work with. It took two coats of Romance to cover the dark color completely. It sure is a rich color!

I experimented with three different shades of wax to use on this piece before I decided on the dark Cire Creme wax.

After I painted the first two coats of Chalky Finish Paint on, the color looked rather pink. I was a bit worried at first, but when I applied the dark wax over the top, the red took on the deep red shade I was looking for.

English Bank-13



Quite a difference, huh? I love the way this dark wax brings out the details in the carved drawer handles. They weren’t very noticeable before when the piece was a dark color.

Our kitty, Pixel,  sat on the stairs and watched me during the entire process. She was interested in the steady movement of the paint brush. Who knew paint would be so exciting?English Bank-14


The cracked marble top isn’t so noticeable with some of my favorite books and things displayed on top of the dresser. I love the color of this marble, such a classic look.

English Bank-11


The Flag Frames was another project of mine, you can read about it here.


birds eye view



On to the next project! Who knows what I will be painting next!



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Red Chalky Finish Dresser|Designers Sweet Spot|

Bohemian Nightstand



I have been working on this project for several days.

Actually, I have been thinking about it for several days. I found this adorable night stand at a thrift store recently. It called to me. It was several days later that I started painting.

I have been wanting a new nightstand for a while, and this was just the right size.

I have also been looking for just the right piece for furniture painting contest by Decor Art. I loved this piece because of it’s unique character and unusual hardware.

For some reason it seems like it is an ethnic piece, perhaps of Mexican origin or maybe even Indian.

I decided to just call it “Bohemian”.

balls and bowl


The first thing I did was to give it two coats of “Everlasting” Chalky Finish Paint by Decor Art. I debated for a couple of days as to which color to choose, since there are so many beautiful shades of Chalky Finish Paint. Everlasting is a lovely shade of white, I loved it immediately when I started putting it on.

While I was haunting the thrift stores, I came across some other cool things, like this gold bowl and gnarly looking faux fruit.

They both seemed pretty “bohemian” to me (actually they are native to Wisconsin! Who knew?)






lantern topI spotted these Moroccan style lanterns at Pier One Imports, they made it home with me too. By this point I considered “bohemian” to be a general term for anything exotic and cool. Did I mention that I am now completely smitten?

All before I even finished painting.




I gave the nightstand two coats of “Everlasting” Chalky Finish Paint by Decor Art. This brand has become one of my favorites, it’s so easy to work with. After it was dry, I distressed it a bit with a solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water, focusing on the edges and unique details of the wood to make them more obivious.

green balls, mirrors




Somehow, the paint and the distressing weren’t quite enough, so I added some castors to the piece. Nope, still needed something more.


I found a couple little bags of mirrored tiles and glued them behind some of the openings in the doors.

A little shine was just what it needed!

After I was finished, I proudly showed it to my husband. His comment: “You painted it WHITE? White is so boring!”

I guess it’s back to the drawing board!





Harlequin Mirror




It was dark and grey here today.

One of those days when you want to stay in your pj’s and loaf on the couch all day long.

Since society tends to frown on that, I decided I had to get up off the couch and accomplish something today, no matter how small.

Seemed like a good day to create a Harlequin Mirror.

I have had this project in mind for a while, so many things have taken a back seat over the holiday season, I am still catching up it seems.

I found these little square framed mirrors at a thrift store, they were just what I was looking for to finish off the dining room space.

I wanted something to add another layer of reflection above the large mirror and these were just the right size.

They must have come from Ikea originally, the stickers were still on the back when I bought them.

dining room

I previously had painted our Dining Room Buffet with Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint, and I decided to try out a few more of their products for the mirrors to match.


The folks at Deco Art were kind enough to send me enough supplies to keep me busy for quite a while.

Can’t wait to get crafty!

For this project, I used the Harlequin Stencil, Metallic Luster Wax in Silver, Chalky Finish Paint in Stone Grey, and their DecoArt Clear Varnish.


The frames were in good shape, but were so wide, it just seemed like they needed some added interest. I bought four of them, but I decided that the space looked better with only three of them above the buffet.

I will use the other mirror somewhere else in the house.

The mirrors are rather small which is fine, but I knew they were going to be in such a dark corner of the house, the frames could use all the shine they could get.

Step one was to paint them with the Chalky Finish Paint.

close up

Step two, line up the stencil with the frame.

Step three, use a soft cloth to rub the Silver Luster Wax over the stencil.

I found that the stencil was easy to keep in place when using the wax product, I didn’t need to tape it or use any adhesive to hold it in place.

Step four, let dry. Then finish with the varnish.

That’s it! Fun and easy! Great project for a lazy day.

I was really impressed with the Luster Wax product, it was very easy to use and I love how it looks.

I think I may also use it on the buffet, but that will be another post!

Chalk Painted Buffet

Buffet, before


It never fails to amaze me that when I am under the gun to get a big project done, I suddenly dislike our furniture.

It usually rears it’s ugly head when company is expected.

Suddenly, the couch looks tattered, the table looks chipped, and the bookshelves seem to be crooked.

Perhaps it’s just my paranoia, I always want things to look their best before company arrives.

This particular piece has been on my to do list for a while, despite my family being against it.

It is a rather beat up buffet, probably because we dragged it home from the neighbors trash a few years ago.

It has always seemed too dark for my taste.

Especially, in our current tiny little dining space.

Dark and dreary.

Buffet paint

The folks over at Deco Art sent me some of their wonderfully Chalky Finish Paint recently.

I chose a soft grey called Yesteryear. I love it!

I am going through a grey phase right now. You may have noticed?

Here’s another piece I did with Chalky Paint a while back.

I love the finish of this product. It covers extremely well, no primer is needed.

I like to use a matte varnish for the finish coat, but you can also use a paste wax.

Buffet details


I went straight over the hardware and all on this piece. I like the character of the old hardware even more when it’s painted.






The dark corner of the dining room seems so much brighter now! I can’t wait to get all the finishing touches in place for tomorrow’s Christmas in the Country Home Tour!

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