Top 30 Fabulous Gifts for Women Over 50

Looking for a great gift? Try one of these fabulous ideas for women over 50! I am in the 50 club now, so I can write this post! This post contains affiliate links. By making a purchase I will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you. Thank you for your support!

Top 30 Fabulous Gifts for Women over 50|Designers Sweet Spot|

Top 30 Fab Gifts for Women Over 50

I recently became a member of the over 50 club. Let me tell you girls, it’s very freeing. Suddenly you have a new outlook on life. These gifts are selected from the viewpoint of a woman who has a new lease on life.

Suddenly, I am concerned about wrinkles, aging, beauty marks and greying roots. I am pricing compression hose, anticipating hot flashes and wearing colors that I never have before. It’s a whole new world! If you know someone who fits this description, these gifts are for her! Or for you, because suddenly it’s okay to take better care of ourselves! Here we go!

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls over 50|Designers Sweet Spot|

Gifts for Midlife Women

  1. Cute compression socks. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was pricing these out. Did you know they make compression socks in adorable prints??? That way the rest of the world will never know what they really are, or how fabulous they make your legs feel. Check out this fabulous selection here.Top 30 Fabulous Gifts for Women Over 50|Designers Sweet Spot|
  2. Fine home decor diffuser set. Face it, women love things that smell good. We also love things for our home. This combination is perfect with both a diffuser and candle in a fabulous Birchwood Pine Scent. What could be better?Top 30 Fabulous Gifts for Women Over 50|Designers Sweet Spot|
  3. Lip Wrinkle Remover. If you have started getting those telltale aging lines around your lips, this is for you! This product fills in those little lines and gives you a smoother lip line. A big plus, your lipstick won’t bleed into your wrinkles like it used to! Top 30 Fab Gifts for Women over 50|Designers Sweet Spot|
  4. Scalp Makeup. I had never heard of it either. Turns out you can camouflage your lack of hair with a brush and some color matched makeup. What a fabulous idea! Joan Rivers knows her stuff. Buy it here.Top 30 fab gifts for women over 50|Designers Sweet Spot|
  5. Cell Phone Fan. This is such a fun stocking stuffer! These little fans plug into your charging port and give you an instant breeze when you need it. Great when the hot flashes get unbearable! Order here.
  6. Wine lounging outfit. Perfect outfit to slip on when you have had a long day and need a glass of wine. Great gift for your girlfriends! Order here.
  7. Speaking of wine, a Wine Club Membership is a great gift. Each month the recipient will receive 2 or 4 bottles of their choice delivered right to their door. Premium wines without all the hassles. A fabulous hostess gift too! Join the club here.
  8. Beautiful Wine Glasses. At this point in life, our glasses are either chipped or mismatched. A set of lovely wine glasses makes a girl feel 20 years younger! Order these glasses here.
  9. Magnifier Light for Crafts. We don’t want to admit it, but we don’t see as well as we used to. This craft light will help her see all the little details in her project!
  10. If she’s at all crafty, she will adore this Circuit Explore Air 2.   These machines can cut anything from fabric, to paper, vinyl or metal in a matter of seconds. I am dying to get one of these for my craft room!!! A must have for the serious crafter!
  11. Pretty Planner for 2018. This Dayspring planner has beautifully designed pages with bible verses, stickers and much more! You will like it so much you will want one for yourself! 
  12. Joanna Gaines Mug. Anyone who loves farmhouse will adore this cute coffee mug. We all cultivate our inner Joanna Gaines sometimes! 
  13. Fleece Lined Yoga Pants: Perfect for going to exercise class on those cold days. As we age our circulation worsens and we need extra layers to stay warmer. 
  14. Beautiful Vintage Style Cloche hats.   I adore these darling hats for going to the grocery store and cold chilly days.
  15. Cashmere Wrap. You know you have always wanted one. Life is too short for imitations.
  16. Classic Chanel No. 5 Perfume Cheap perfume is no one’s friend. You know you’ve always wanted to be a Coco woman. Now is the time!
  17. Emoji Facial Mask. We tried some of these for a girls night, what fun we had! We laughed so hard ! Get multiples for girls night! Inexpensive but worth their weight in gold for entertainment!
  18. Every woman wants more youthful skin. The Clarissonic Facial Scrubber is fabulous for cleansing with very little effort. Helps give your skin a youthful glow!
  19. Faux Fur Throw for cuddling. These throws feel amazing for cuddling with your sweetie on cold winter nights.
  20. Cleaning Concentrate Set from Grove Collective. This product is all natural without any chemical ingredients. Simply add the concentrate to your spray bottle and you can clean just about anything from ceramic, chrome, granite, to stainless steel and more.
  21. Acute Moroccan Organ Oil for dry skin. This oil is a true skin super food! Incredibly rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and proteins, argan oil helps restore texture and tone. Lightweight and easily absorbed, the aromas of citrus and ginger will invigorate and warm the senses!
  22. Glass Spray Bottle from Grove Collaborative. Ideal size for mixing your own cleaning products, pretty too!
  23. Japanese Kokedama Kit, for the gardener who has everything: These unique moss covered balls are stunning planters when hung. Great for indoors or outdoors, or even with a potted plant on a dining table. 
  24. Himalayan Salt Lamp. Not only are these lamps beautiful, but they are very therapeutic, and promotes overall wellness.
  25. Portable Light Therapy Happy Light to cure Seasonal Affective Disorder. A must have for anyone in a northern climate. Fewer daylight hours in the winter affect many people in the form of depression. Exposure to a Happy Light for a few minutes each day can make a world of difference in their overall health.

26. Reuseable Swell Water Bottle: These bottles are insulated stainless steel and keep liquids hot or cold for as long as 24 hours. Comes in beautiful prints and colors, like this faux teak wood print pictured above.

27. Agate Book Ends with Rubber Bumpers. Beautiful and unique for display on any kind of bookshelf or desk, these natural stone bookends will make a lasting impression for any kind of decor.

28. Geometric Wall Terrariums: Terrific for any room, these beautiful terrariums are easy to care for and don’t take up much space. Grow herbs, flowers or succulents in your home or apartment all season long. A unique gift for those with green thumbs!

29. Pugg Ceramic Tea Pot with tea infuser. These beautiful tea pots make a cup of tea into a relaxing experience. Dishwasher safe, comes in six beautiful floral designs.

30. Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Sampler Box. Delicious collection of teas that will keep her warm all winter long. This package has 48 delightful bags of 6 different varieties.


Wow, what a list! She will love any of them I promise! Don’t forget to pin this post!

Holiday Gift Guide for Women over 50|Designers Sweet Spot|

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Holiday Gift Guide for Girls over 50|Designers Sweet Spot|

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DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup

Decorative holiday pillows are one of the easiest ways to decorate your home for the holidays. However, pillows these days are costing an arm and a leg! Who wants to spend that much on something that will only be in use for 2 months of the year?  Here are some great ways to create a festive feel on a budget, and reuse some of the same pillows you use all year.DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.comRebecca at The Crafted Sparrow created this fun pillow to add a little excitement to her neutral color scheme.

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

This cozy cashmere pillow is perfect to usher in the winter season. It reminds me of cold nights sipping hot chocolate by a fire! Hello Little Home shares a great tutorial over on her blog.

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Everyone loves candy at Christmas! Sustain My Craft Habit shares some great tips on how to create these fun pillows on a budget, you don’t even have to know how to sew!

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

While this pillow cover does require a bit of sewing, it’s so easy that even a beginner could do it in no time. Janice of Sawdust Sisters simply used these holiday covers on pillows she  uses year round to save some money.

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

I SPY DIY shares an excellent tutorial on how to make two of these festive pillows. Another great option if you’re wanting to tone your decor down a bit this year.

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

The possibilities for a tree like this are endless! You could add some embellishments to “decorate” the tree, or stick with a simple lace for a pillow that can stay in use all winter long. Work It, Mom! shares some of the ideas she had while crafting this pillow.

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Do you have a cozy sweater in the back of your closet that just doesn’t fit anymore? It’s not doing you any good sitting around! The Lily Pad Cottage decided to turn her unworn sweater into a cozy winter pillow.

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Even though these pillows aren’t completely “Christmasy”, I had to include them.  Something about white and gold just reminds me of the holidays.  Lemon Thistle created these beautiful pillows in 5 minutes, using only 2 items.  How simple is that!

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Here is another pillow that could be used all winter. Sewbon does such a great job explaining her process that I’m certain anyone could recreated this one.

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

An Oregon Cottage decided to design this beautiful pillow after seeing a similar one for sale! She was able to save over $50 by creating her own. This pillow would make an excellent gift as well as a great addition to your holiday decor.

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

You’ll never believe how easy these sequined pillows are! Head over to The Proper Blog for all the tips and tricks on how to make this the simplest project ever.

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Who doesn’t love the Dollar Spot at Target? The Everyday Home spent less than $5 on this pillow, even though it looks like it cost much more!

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

These metallic pillows are perfect to add just a bit of cheer to your decor. You’ll never believe the items Girl in the Garage used to whip these up!

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

The Girl Inspired shares an excellent tutorial on how to create these fun pillows. These would be so fun to customize with designs that make you feel like celebrating!

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Your entire family will love this fun project! Polished Habitat used this pillow cover over another pillow she already owned which saves money and cuts down on storage space.

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Although this pillow looks tricky, don’t be intimidated! Dazzle While Frazzled shares very thorough directions on how to create one just like it.

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Here’s another Target Dollar Spot craft! Happiness is Homemade created these pillows using a cheap blanket, you could even use an extra you have at home.

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

Green With Decor used a stencil to make this festive pillow! You could repurpose a pillow you already have at home for this project.

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

There’s nothing better than a project that looks so complicated, but in reality is one of the easiest things you’ll do! Little Vintage Nest claims this is the easiest Christmas pillow ever, and we agree.

DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|

What’s Christmas without the Grinch? While this pillow may look complex, we promise it’s a lot easier than you think! Head over to Woodshop Diaries for all the tips & tricks.


Now that it’s officially November, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a start on Christmas decorations! 

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DIY Decorative Holiday Pillow Roundup|Designers Sweet Spot|





Three Things We Love About Winter Wreaths

Winter Wreaths make me smile every time I walk in and out the door. Here’s three things ideas for  beautiful wreaths that you will never forget. (And no, it’s not to early to think about it!)

Three Things to Make Your Winter Wreath Stand Out|Designers Sweet Spot|

Winter Wreaths for All Seasons

It’s great to have a different wreath for every month of the year. However, very few of us have room to store them all, much less remember to change them with the calendar. This Winter Wreath will last all season and keep you smiling every time you see it.

The three little snowy owls on this wreath are from my faux winter bird collection. They remind me of my children.  Innocent and adorable, awkward and precious. They make me smile. When our kids were little we read a story about baby owls and they just loved it. We read that book over and over again. Now that the kids are grown I can look back and remember those times with these cute little decorations that will be fabulous all winter long.

Three Things to Make Your Winter Wreath Stand Out|Designers Sweet Spot|

Ideas for a DIY Winter Wreath

  1. Reuse your old winter decor. Even if you live in a warm climate, you can DIY your winter decorations. Buy a few special things that you love each year, then reuse them. The fur on this wreath came from a Christmas Tree garland I used last year. You can repurpose last year’s tree decor for another season or two in some other way without having to break the bank. This is one of my best secrets, I often reuse my decor over and over again season after season.
  2. Layer different textures together. The fur and feathers blend together in this wreath. Add some glittered ribbon and some shiny pearls and everything becomes even more interesting. Contrasting textures in the same colors scheme will stand out, look unified and seem like they belong together.
  3. Add some three dimensional elements. The ornamental “Winter” sign at the top is a Christmas ornament turned on it’s side. The Winter letting is painted with white acrylic paint on a piece chalk board adhesive and applied in the frame.

Three Things to Make Your Wreath Stand Out|Designers Sweet Spot|

Supplies Needed:

Here’s the exact recipe for this diy project:

  1. 14″ foam wreath
  2. 2 yards faux fur garland
  3. 3 small snowy owl floral picks
  4. 1 1/2″ gold ribbon, 1 yard
  5. 2 large pearl Christmas Tree garlands
  6. Beaded frame ornament
  7. Adhesive Chalkboard sticker
  8. White acrylic paint pen or small painting brush
  9. Floral pins


  1. Wrap the fur around the foam wreath covering the entire wreath. Pin in place with floral pins.
  2. Wrap the pearl garland around the wreath. Secure with more floral pins evenly around the form.
  3. Trim the owl picks to 2″ stems. Insert them into the wreath form, you may want to glue them in place with craft glue.
  4. Tie a bow with the glittered ribbon, secure under the owls.
  5. Write the word “winter” on the chalk sticker in paint. Let dry. Cut sticker to size and insert into the frame. Secure frame in place at top of wreath with more floral pins.

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City of Lights: St. Augustine, FL

City lights, St. Augustine, Florida by

I love Christmas lights. I am probably the only one in town who dreads putting the lights away for another whole year. I could keep them up all year long, but then the neighbors might think it was a bit odd.

This year I may just put some up after the New Year, because I never got around to putting them up before the holiday. For now, I have to admire everyone else’s’ display.

This is the city of St. Augustine, Florida. St. Augustine has a world famous Festival of Lights nor the holiday season from November to January. Rated by National Geograhic as one of the top ten best light displays in the world, it will not fail to impress. There are 2.5 million lights in the city, can you imagine? They are a sight to behold. I pity the poor soul who has to find that one light bulb that is out!

The city is built around an old town square with loads of beautiful shops, galleries and restaurants. It would be easy to spend your days on the beach and explore the city at night.

There are lots of interesting Windows to shop at after dark, I love,this stained glass window in an old church on the square. There were lots of people taking in the lights after dark, so be sure to go early and find a place to park. You can also take a trolley ride around town to see the lights for $12.00 per person.

All for now, it’s time to get back to the beach!

Enjoy your New Year!


Silver and Gold Holiday Decor

 teal sectional sofa and christmas centerpiece

This post is sponsored by Gordman’s. Any opinions given are completely my own.

The last minute decorating is done. The last minute shopping is done. Time to kick back and relax for the beginning of the holiday week. Can you believe it’s here already?

I did my last minute shopping at Gordman’s this year. It was fun to pick out a few new Silver and Gold accents for our home.

Actually, I picked out more Gold than silver.


gold pillow and center piece

This season, gold is the color for me!

I loved this huge gold and red gazing ball. It’s not really a Christmas decoration, but I love how it reflects warm light around the room in this big bowl of greenery on the coffee table.

gazing ball bling #designerssweetspot

The sunshine comes in the window and hits the gazing ball, it warms up the entire room with it’s gold, orange and red tones. I must admit I completely underestimated how much I would love this ball, I think it will stay on the table well past the holidays!  In the spring, it will find a new home out in the garden. I love things I can re-purpose!

Moroccan Ginger candle table display #designerssweetspot

I was thrilled to find this Moroccan Ginger candle, I love the gold mercury jar that it came in.


When the candle is burning, it sparkles and the light reflects off the gazing ball and the jar and the other ornaments in the bowl. I will definitely find a home for this beautiful jar after the holidays! Did I mention that the candle smells amazing?? AMAZING!!

Well, it does.

gold ornaments with bling #designerssweetspot

The gold ornaments came from Gordman’s, too. I love ornaments that are non-breakable. They are pet proof and child proof and work great for a million reasons. Mostly, I love them because they are sparkly and full of bling. And they look fabulous in the candlelight.

We all need a little bling during the holidays!


I snatched up this gold printed pillow for accent on the sofa. I love it! It works great with my hand knit afghan.I also couldn’t resist the gold polka dot notebook.

“Happy Thoughts” was exactly what I was looking to focus on over the holiday season. Sometimes we need a little reminder of the season to focus our mind on. I love these inspirational notebooks for writing down New Year’s resolutions and goals. I fill several notebooks a year with my writing and notes, but it just seemed right to start the New Year with a new notebook! Goodman’s had lots of coordinating gold desk accessories, I may need to go back and stock up after the holidays!

My last find at Gordman’s was in the kitchen isle, I spotted these stemless Champaign flutes and loved them immediately. They are swirled with gold trim around the glass, and I think they would even make pretty vases for a flower or two after the holidays.

For now though, they hold champaign. Dipping into the bubbly already, can’t wait for a holiday celebration!

Thank you Gorman’s for sponsoring this post!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!