Make a Fun Ice Cream Sundae Pin Cushion Craft

This Ice Cream Pin Cushion project is fun and easy to make. Make one for yourself or to give to a friend! 

Make a Fun Ice Cream Pin Cushion craft|Designers Sweet spot|

You can make this Ice Cream Pin Cushion craft, in a heart beat! It will keep you thinking cool! There is nothing better than ice cream on a hot day. We have had plenty of those hot days around here lately. Hot, hot, hot! I was inspired to create this adorable Ice Cream Pin Cushion to remind me of cool things during a hot summer day!

This project is easy to make with just a few household items. Make  a couple for gifts as long as you are at it! I started with just one, but I struggle to make just one of anything. It’s one of my compulsive behaviors, I can’t help myself.

Make a Fun Ice Cream Pin Cushion craft|Designers Sweet spot|

I had to make a chocolate version too. I love chocolate sundaes don’t you? The chocolate pin cushion uses brown wool yarn and a dark colored sock instead of the white sock and clothesline in the white sundae. You’ll love how easy they are to make!

Ice Cream Pin Cushion Supplies Needed:

•white tube sock or brown sock for the chocolate sundae

•dry rice or beans for filling the sock, about 1 1/2 cups

•Clothesline or brown wool yarn

•Fabric glue or craft glue

•Red wool for felted “cherry” and felting needle, or a purchased small red pompom

•Multi-Colored stick pins or pins with flowered decorative ends

•Glass ice cream sundae dish (I got mine at the thrift store)


Pin Cushion Directions:

  1. Fill sock with rice or beans. Tie shut with string or yarn. Trim off excess fabric, leaving 1″ tail.
  2. Glue sock into the sundae dish, making a rounded top and hiding the tail underneath.
  3. Glue clothesline on top of the sock in a circular pattern covering the entire surface of the sock. Trim and secure end with more glue at the top.
  4. Make the red cherry by felting red wool with a felting needle into a ball. Alternatively, use a store bought red pompom for the cherry.
  5. Add stick pins around the “sundae” to look like sprinkles.
  6. Make another one, because you know you are having so much fun!

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Make a Fun Ice Cream Pin Cushion craft|Designers Sweet spot|

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Wrought Iron Chairs, Easy Update

These wrought iron chairs are in my garden. In the mornings I sit outside in them, drink my coffee and dream of flamingoes. This post is sponsored by Decor Art. I was compensated in some way for writing this post, any opinions given are completely my own.

Wrought Iron Chairs Easy Update|Designers Sweet Spot|

These Wrought Iron Chairs came to me from a friend. I loved their unique shape and character. Classic design like this never goes out of style. The cushions needed a new look and I decided to update the look of the entire chair to match them.

The chairs were in good condition overall, I was anxious to give them more color and a more modern look. The first step was to remove the fabric seat cushions, they were held on with just a few screws. Then the chairs were ready for painting.

Wrought Iron Chair painting with a roller|Designers Sweet Spot|


Americana Decor® Curb Appeal™Paint — Harbor Blue — ADCA15

•Small roller

•Paint Brush

•2 yards of indoor/outdoor flamingo fabric (JoAnn Fabrics)

•staple gun


1. I used a small roller to apply the paint. The product I used was American Decor Curb Appeal Paint in Harbor Blue. The roller worked the best to cover the narrow surface area, then I touched up any additional bare spots with a small paint brush. The chairs really only needed one coat, but I gave it two coats for extra durability.

Wrought Iron Table and Chairs|Designers Sweet Spot|

2. I couldn’t find a vintage table that I liked to go with the chairs, so I purchased a new cafe table instead. The table legs and parts were painted black right out of the box, and I decided to cover them with the same Harbor Blue paint to match the chairs.

Wrought Iron Chair Seats covered with flamingo fabric|Designers Sweet Spot|

3. To cover the seats, I purchased 1 yard of 58″ wide indoor/outdoor fabric. I placed the seat cushions upside down on the wrong side of the fabric, then trimmed the fabric to 4″ around the cushion to have plenty of extra for stapling.

Wrought Iron Chair seat cover with new fabric|Designers Sweet Spot|

4. Using a regular staple gun, the fabric was wrapped around the cushion and stapled in place. It’s easiest to work with opposite sides to get a snug fit. By pulling the fabric snugly over top and bottom edges, they were stapled in place on the wrong side. It was easy to repeat the process on right and left sides. The corners required a bit of fabric folding to fit tightly around them. Extra fabric was trimmed 1″ away from the staples.

Wrought Iron Chairs with flamingo fabric|Designers Sweet Spot|

5. The seat cushions were screwed back on to the chairs as before. I did have to recover one seat twice because the pattern in the fabric was upside down. Be sure to check the placement of your fabric before you staple! It was easy to remove the staples and reposition it. The Harbor Blue color looks amazing with the colors in the fabric. Just love those pink flamingos!

This was an easy project to finish in just one weekend. The chairs are now out in the garden and I sit outside and enjoy them every day!

Thanks to Deco Art for sponsoring this post!
Wrought Iron Chairs, Easy Update|Designers Sweet Spot|

Tip: By painting mismatched furniture pieces the same color, they look like they always belonged together. Look for classic styled pieces that are well constructed.

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Money saving hack, fix up your old chairs!|Designers Sweet Spot|

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Spring Planter Arrangement

Spring Planter Arrangements aren’t hard to make with some purchased spring bulbs. Here’s how to make a stunning display for your tabletop.

Spring Planter Arrangement is easy to make for your tabletop.|Designers Sweet Spot|

Spring Planter

Spring bulbs are here! They have finally arrived in the garden centers and it won’t be long before things are blooming outside! This pretty planter was put together with some purchase bulbs (in ugly pots) and a few items from the craft store.

Be sure to buy bulbs that are already growing and almost blooming rather than bulbs that have never been planted. Most spring bulbs require a period of cold weather in order to get them to bloom. Sometimes you can purchase pre-chilled, unplanted bulbs in your local garden center that are ready to plant and bloom.

Spring Planter Arrangement is perfect for your table top.|Designers Sweet Spot|

Supplies Needed:

•Metal urn or other waterproof container with a wide top (mine came from the thrift store)

•aquarium gravel or small stones for drainage

•Miracle Grow Potting Soil with slow release fertilizer

•Purchased spring bulbs that are close to blooming such as crocus, daffodils, tulips or paper whites

•Reindeer moss (from the craft store or garden center)

•Faux butterfly (craft store or dollar store)

•Fairy garden sized rabbits or other seasonal ornaments

 Spring Planter Arrangement with faux moss and butterfly.|Designers Sweet Spot|


1.  Place a layer of gravel in the bottom of the container, about 1″ thick for drainage.

2. Add a layer of soil to cover the gravel.

3. Remove the bulbs from their original pots being careful not to break the roots. You can separate the bulbs if they are clumped together. The roots will regrow and stabilize after replanting. Place the bulbs in the container, with the tallest plants in the center or towards the back of the container.

4. Cover the bulbs with more soil being careful to leave any growth uncovered.

5. Add reindeer moss on top of the soil to retain moisture and give the bulbs more protection.

6. Place decorative butterfly in the moss, as well as a fairy garden rabbit or other animal statue.

7. Water about once per week. Keep your planter near a sunny window. After the bulbs have bloomed they may be pulled out and planted outside. You can then plant other plants in the planter such as succulents or houseplants.

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DIY Foot Stool, Fast and Easy Upholstery Project Tutorial

DIY Foot Stool, Fast and Easy Upholstery Project|Designers Sweet Spot|

Easy Footstool

I am finally done with this project! It has taken me days to complete. I had a few little distractions.

Like taking a nap.

And taking another nap.

And rowing across the lake because it was such a perfect night for a row.

And unpacking a few more boxes, because I still can’t find a thing.

I did find enough supplies to get this project done though.

It only took a couple of hours once I sat down to work on it.

It was the planning that was hard for me.

DIY Foot Stool, Fast and Easy Upholstery Project|Designers Sweet Spot|

The new house came with quite a bit of junk.

I love junk you know.

I just couldn’t wait to make this cool wooden box into a foot stool.

I have no idea why the owners left it behind.

I think it’s beautiful. I love the diagonal slant of the wood, very chic.

Problem was, it was to low to use for much of anything. It is perfect for a foot stool however.

DIY Foot Stool, Fast and Easy Upholstery Project|Designers Sweet Spot|

While I was unpacking from our recent move, I came across these old pillows. They are stained and pretty much past their prime.

I put one on top of the wooden box, and presto! The stool idea came to life.

I love repurposed items!

DIY Foot Stool, Fast and Easy Upholstery Project|Designers Sweet Spot|

Supplies Needed:

•wooden box or crate

•old square pillow

•black and white fabric

•green braided trim and some bling nail heads.

•wood glue

•4 castors, 50 lb. load


•phillips screws

•Frog Tape

•staple gun

The wooden box had a few loose boards which I glued in place with a bit of wood glue before I started.

DIY Foot Stool, Fast and Easy Upholstery Project|Designers Sweet Spot|


 •install castors on the bottom of the box using the Phillips screws.

DIY Foot Stool, Fast and Easy Upholstery Project|Designers Sweet Spot|

 •mark off the box where the trim will be. I used Frog Tape for this.

 •cut the fabric to size (my box happened to be 18″ square and the pillow fit perfectly on top), adding 3″ to each edge for a 24″ square.

•using a staple gun, secure the fabric just above the marked line of the Frog tape.

DIY Foot Stool, Fast and Easy Upholstery Project|Designers Sweet Spot|

 •cut the trim to size and hot glue it over the edge of the fabric, cover the staples

DIY Foot Stool, Fast and Easy Upholstery Project|Designers Sweet Spot|

•I used a pencil and ruler to mark 1″ sections on the Frog Tape for the placement of the bling nail heads.

DIY Foot Stool, Fast and Easy Upholstery Project|Designers Sweet Spot|

•Nailing the bling into place was the fun part.

I love to nail things.

•The Frog Tape was easy to remove when I was finished.

DIY Foot Stool, Fast and Easy Upholstery Project|Designers Sweet Spot|

I like how it turned out.

I pleated the corners of the stool to take up the extra fabric and I like how clean the edges look.

DIY Foot Stool, Fast and Easy Upholstery Project|Designers Sweet Spot|

The wheels give it a nice height, great for resting your feet or sitting at the coffee table to play games with the family.

This is the first of many projects I hope to finish in this room.

I look forward to taking many more naps on this porch in the process.

DIY Cleaning Products: Drain Cleaner

Drain Cleaner is easy to make, without using chemicals.   I was going to blog about cleaning today, but there is too much to put in one post so I am doing a small series on DIY Cleaning Products. Hope you enjoy!

 Unclog a sink without chemicals.|Designers Sweet Spot|
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Drain Cleaner Friend or Foe?

Thursday is cleaning day at our house. I must admit that I am not very good at cleaning. It’s probably because I dislike it so much. I would rather be doing just about anything else around the house except cleaning. Perhaps it also has to do with my severe allergies to most cleaning products. Anything with perfume or chemicals in it gives me a nasty reaction.

Ironically enough, I was employed as a janitor for a number of years. I was amazed at how much better commercial cleaning products are compared to the over the counter variety available in the grocery store. One drizzle of the blue or pink commercial liquid and a swoosh of a brush would instantly produce sparkling sinks and toilets. So, how come cleaning at home was so much work?

Cleaning your home used to be more efficient. Remember the days when you could take the rust off of nails with Pine-sol, Mr. Clean or Top Job? My mother used to use Top Job when stripping furniture. It would eat through anything. Not so any more. Environmental concerns have ruined any decent cleaning products on the market, and the amount of perfumes and deodorizers in them is staggering, not to mention the hefty price tag. Do you notice how bad the soap isle smells at the grocery store? Yuck!

I first began to realize how much we were affected by chemicals after we moved into a house that had been a rental. It was completely filthy inside, and I went out and bought tons of cleaning products to cut through the crud and sterilize the germs. We were sick for weeks on end with runny noses, sore throats, watering eyes, coughs, headaches and asthma. I finally came to the realization that it was the cleaning products that were making us sick, not the germs. I began to box up all the items we had accumulated in a few short months. In a small home of 1200 square feet with only 1 1/2 bathrooms, we had been using 5 large boxes of chemicals. I was shocked! Here I thought we were only using a few things! I put the boxes out on the front porch and posted an ad on Craigslist for FREE cleaning supplies. They were gone in less than hour. I actually felt bad for whoever picked them up, they had no idea what they were in for! I am sure they thought they had hit the jackpot!

Finding Alternatives

I began to research organic alternatives. Buying organic cleaning supplies was even more expensive than the regular ones, so that wasn’t an option. I was pleasantly surprised to find that all I really needed was a few simple ingredients, and some old fashioned recipes. I will share more of them the next few days, but today let’s focus on drain cleaner.

Make your own drain cleaner with baking soda.|Designers Sweet Spot|

This drain cleaning recipe came from a late night TV show that I saw years ago, don’t ask me which one because I have no idea. You can purchase the products needed by clicking on my affiliate links below:

Drain Cleaner Ingredients:

•1 cup baking soda

•1 cup salt

•1/4 cup cream of tartar

• 2 cups boiling water

Clean your drain with salt.|Designers Sweet Spot|

Combine the salt and baking soda in a medium bowl. Mix.

Add the 1/4 cup cream of tartar. I find these little containers in the spice isle at the grocery store. They are rather like single serving containers, almost a quarter cup. Close enough in my book.

Combine all the ingredients.

Put 1/4 cup of the dry mixture down the drain.

Drain Cleaner Directions:

•Place 1/4 cup of the mix down the drain.

•Follow with about 2 cups of boiling water. See how it foams and steams? Hard to get a good picture through a cloud, but I think you get the idea. It works great!

I use this treatment about once a month for all our drains, and I use a double treatment for the bathtub since that seems to be where we get the occasional clog.

So simple that even your kids can do it. You’ll never need Drano again, not that it ever worked that well anyway. Several plumbers have told me that Drano is the worst thing you could possibly do to your pipes, not to mention the environment, so why use it? I think the last time I priced it in the grocery store it was in the neighborhood of $6.00 a bottle. This little DIY drain cleaner recipe costs you pennies by comparison.


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