Christmas Chicken Coop

Red coop



I have been waiting to post a lot of Christmas decorating projects. Just a few more days until it’s officially the Christmas season.

I decided to give you a little “teaser” of what is to come.

Mostly, because I love our red chicken coop. I especially love how red it looks in the snow.

It’s been forever since I posted anything about our chickens. I am long past due for an update.

There isn’t much to tell right now, the chickens have moved on to greener pastures.

We lost two of them over the summer to various wildlife. We had a hawk (we think) take one of them in the night leaving only a pile of feathers behind.

We also had a family of 5 raccoons that feasted on another one of them.

The raccoons came back day after day trying to get more of them for weeks. It was very stressful.

Then one night, we saw a fox lurking out by the coop. They weren’t going to survive very long in this neighborhood.

So glad we moved into the city where we thought they would be safe. We never had any predators at our old place in the country.

Who knew there would be so many hazards here?

Some dear friends offered to take them to their farm and they are living happily there in their flock.

I do miss them though. The coop seems awfully empty without them.

I miss their cackling when I walk out the back door.

I think they would approve of the Christmas decorations.

Red coop,side

I have wanted a red coop to decorate for Christmas for a long time. I had seen one on my Backyard Chickens Pintrest Board, and I loved how it looked.

It’s a crazy reason to raise chickens, just to have a coop to decorate for the holidays. That wasn’t the only reason, there were eggs involved too.

I found this cute little wreath at the Dollar Store, and I couldn’t resist adding the tartan ribbon.

The rooster ornament I found last year, I hope to score a few more chicken ornaments after the holidays.

More decorating to come!

Rustic Wooden Wreath

Wreath Lead



It’s official, the first of our Christmas decorations is up! I normally wait until after Thanksgiving, but it was snowing today. I was IN THE MOOD!

I was also in the mood to make this simple wreath while sitting by the fire watching the snowflakes fall.

I am into rustic decor this year, determined to do things a bit differently than I have in the past.

No particular reason, really.

Just to make people ask questions.

Wreath Lead-2

I spotted this drift wood wreath in the craft store recently. It reminded me of deer antlers. I still am kicking myself for not buying the bucket of antlers I saw at a garage sale a couple years go.

I decided this wreath would look great with a layer of “snow” and glitter.

Glitter fixes everything you know, it’s a proven fact.

in progress-2

I gave the wreath a light coat of white spray paint, deliberately not covering the entire thing. I wanted it to look more like a layer of snow than paint.

in progress-4

After it was dry, I decided on the embellishments. Pine cones were a must. I soaked these little pine cones in bleach for a day and let them dry before hot gluing them to the wreath.

I also decided to use a monogram with the wreath. I painted the letter like the wreath and screwed a little hook into the top of it for a ribbon.

in progress-6

I laid it all out before I decided where I wanted everything to go. Hot gluing it all down was a breeze. Then I brushed the entire thing with a mix of 50 percent Tacky Craft Glue and 50 percent water. I call it “glue wash”. It dries completely clear and bonds to just about anything.

The last step was to sprinkle all of it with white glitter and let it dry.

side view

I love glitter, don’t you? It really does look like snow.

I hung the wreath on the door and added the monogram with a silver and grey ribbon. I figured when it gets closer to Christmas I can swamp the monogram out for an ornament or a seasonal declaration.

Can’t wait to decorate more tomorrow!

View blog post for supplies

Our Secondhand House

Teal Thanksgiving Decor

Teal tablesetting



It is snowing here today.  Can’t believe it! We haven’t had a major snow before Thanksgiving in many years.

I spent my day dreaming of Teal Thanksgiving Decor by the light of the fireplace.

I was thrilled to find the teal accessories I had been dreaming of in the stores this week.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the stuff of your dreams, you know?

Perhaps it’s just me.

I started with these beautiful hurricane candle holders from World Market. They were a bargain at $4.99. I filled them with little pinecones and wooden circles from the craft store.

I spotted the teal napkins at World Market as well. I bought a big stack of them for the holiday buffet table. You can never have too many napkins at our house.

I love the colored napkins with my white dishes. It’s the only set of dishes we own. They are old and chipped, but I love them anyway.

White goes with everything in my book.

The cups and saucers are a thrift store find, they don’t match a thing and I like them that way.


 I came across the same color teal fabric that matched the napkins at JoAnn Fabrics. I didn’t see a matching teal table cloth in the World Market Store, and buying a table cloth wasn’t really in the budget anyway.

I scored two yards of this linen blend for a whopping $7.00 with the weekly coupon. Yes!

A tablecloth was born!

I decided to not have a traditional center piece this Thanksgiving.

The food is the focus of the holiday, why not use it for the center piece too?

Teal tablesetting-3

I found this slate cheese board at Marshall’s recently. I have always wanted one of these. We eat more cheese than any other family on Earth. It was a must have.

I picked up a few veggies for display with the cheese, some artichokes and a couple heads of radicchio.

Something about the purples and greens in the same space together calls to me. These are some of my favorite colors.

A few pieces of fresh rosemary complete each place setting. I love the way it smells.

There will be lots of rosemary present in our Thanksgiving meal!

Teal tablesetting-7

The “give thanks” reference on the cheese board comes from the lyrics to the Shaker song Simple Gifts by Joseph Brackett which was written in 1848.

 For some reason, this song makes me think of the Thanksgiving holiday and counting all our blessings, no matter how simple they are.

The song goes like this:

‘Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free
‘Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,
And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
‘Twill be in the valley of love and delight.
When true simplicity is gained,
To bow and to bend we shan’t be ashamed,
To turn, turn will be our delight,
Till by turning, turning we come ’round right.

Just so you know, it has taken me all day to complete this post. I think that’s a record for the longest post ever! I am forcing myself to learn to use a new photo editing program, Adobe Lightroom. It will take me some time to get used to it, but I know it will be worth the trouble.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving yet?

Sewing with Lace

31 Days of Sewing: Day 10

This sewing project has taken me more than 3 days. So much for my 31 day sewing goal. I think I need to rename this series 31 posts of sewing.

Every time I think I am getting ahead, something comes up and I end up being behind again.

My days revolve around doing our home school, making meals, doing laundry, dishes, etc.

Then there are the trips to soccer practice, the grocery store, the post office.

Not to mention trips to see colleges, going to church, and of course, the fabric store.

After all that, it’s time to sit down and get some actual sewing done.

First, I make a fire on the porch (my “studio”). Have I mentioned it’s cold out there?

Then I can get down to the days work, cutting out the garment of the day. Sometimes I cut out two at a time.

After making a cup of tea, I can sit and sew.

By this time, it’s typically about 3:00pm. I have a working window of opportunity until about 4:30pm when it’s time to start dinner.

By 6:00pm it’s too dark and cold to work on the porch any more.

That means there is only about an hour or so of actual work time.

Humm…..this could be why I am not accomplishing much these days.


This pattern is Vogue #V8927. I loved it the minute I saw it.

Something about the combination of the black lace and white crepe made me swoon.

I also swooned when I found some ivory crepe on the clearance table for $2.00 a yard.

I swooned even more when I got a 50% off coupon in the mail to use on the Chantilly lace I bought.


Sewing with lace is actually easier than you might think.

The best part about this pattern is that the scalloped edge of the lace is used at the hem. Less work to sew, and looks great.

The rest of this pattern is quite easy. The lace pieces are sewn at the same time with the body of the garment, so it sews really fast. Lace doesn’t unravel, but you should probably finish the seam edges just to be sure.

Assuming you don’t have a million other things going on and can actually get some sewing done.

I am happy to say this pattern also has a great sleeve, no issues with the sleeve cap here.


I was working away on this project, trying to get it done before dark, when I realized I only cut two of the front facing pieces instead of 4.

Not again! Seriously???

Time for another trip to the fabric store.

Guess you will have to wait to see the finished product tomorrow.