Photo Challenge Day 26: Close-Up



I love tree bark. It is an endless source of fascination to me.

There are so many different patterns in trees, and I enjoy seeing how different they are, especially in a close-up photo.

I love how gnarly the bark of this old oak tree looks.

It reminds me of The Lord of the Rings by JR. Tolkien. It’s one of our favorite books we have studied in homeschooling.

Treebeard is one of my all time favorite characters.

Can’t you just see this tree coming to life?

This tree needs eyes and a mouth so it can talk and tell us how it’s feeling.

Do you think bark can talk? Perhaps only in legends.

There are those that believe in hugging trees.

The legend says that if you hug a tree from the eastern side early in the morning, and put the base of your rib cage up against it, the energy from the tree will flow through you and make you feel great throughout the day.

Give it a try and let me know how it works.

Say “hi” to Treebeard.

2 Days to the move!











Photo Challenge Day 25: Strangers




I had a hard time with this assignment. It’s very difficult to photograph Strangers without them noticing.

It’s also difficult to pretend you are not photographing them, when you really are.

For this reason, there are no people in my photo.

I was afraid I would be arrested for stalking strangers with a camera, so I decided to leave them out.

Recently, I came across a Grandfather and his two grandchildren feeding the ducks at the lake.

They were having so much fun.

The little boy would throw his bread in the water and squeal with delight every time the duck ate it.

When it came time to go home, he didn’t want to leave.

“But Grandpa, the ducks will be lonely without me!”

Such sweet words from a stranger to a duck he had never met before.

The ducks were out tonight, but the family was not. I can’t blame them.

It was cold and windy on the lake today. Not a good day for a walk on the shore.

The ducks were out though, looking for bread crumbs from strangers.

I wish I had brought some so we could become friends.

Maybe next time.


Photo Challenge Day 27: Celebration


We had a milestone Graduation at our house recently. Our second son has completed high school, the first of our home school graduates.

It doesn’t get any easier with the second child.

I don’t know why I thought that it would.

Even though I knew what to expect, it’s still hard to see your child Graduate.

It’s not that we are getting older, even though that’s true.

It’s not that we are never going to see him again after he goes to college, because we will.

It just means that childhood is over.




I cried like a sap at the ceremony.

I hate crying in public.

I was doing okay until the slide show. They showed all the kids as babies, and then pictures of them when they were all grown up.

The pictures did me in, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.

In the homeschool ceremony it is traditional for the parents to present the diplomas to the children.

We had two minutes to make our presentation.

Here are my words to our graduate:

” On the way here today, your Dad told me that most parents were preparing speeches for this event.

I can’t do that. It is impossible for me to put into 2 minutes worth of text, what a joy it has been to teach you at home. It has meant so much to us.

I could write volumes of stories about our homeschooling.

I could fill a library with all that you have learned, the books that you have read, and tales of what a fine young man you have become.

It is with great joy and love that we present you with your high school diploma on Graduation Day.”

Then I bawled like a baby and gave him the biggest hug of his life.

Hug your Graduates today and celebrate life!

1 more day until the move






Photo Challenge Day 24: Animal


I love this cardinal picture. My sister took it on our recent walk through the Botanical Garden.

When we arrived at the garden, there was a sign posted that read:

” Please be aware of nesting birds. They are protecting their young, do not take offense if they swoop down at you.”

I thought they were exaggerating.

Seriously, they are birds, how dangerous can they be?

But after the third time my son was pecked in the back, we realized they weren’t kidding.

The birds were nesting all over the place.

They were also dive-bombing anyone with dark hair to scare them away from their precious nest.

A man told us that dark hair looks like feathers to birds.

Therefore, they believe you are a threat.

I wonder how he knew that?

Interesting, huh?

After he put a light colored hat on, the birds no longer bothered our boy.

It was fun to see all the birds in action, of course, they never came after me.

We tried an experiment with my new telephoto lens and used the sports setting to catch the birds rapid movement.

It worked like a charm.

I love auto-focus cameras.

I could share dozens of beautiful photos, each one just as perfect as the next.

Who knew the sports setting would be so useful?

Can’t wait to go back to the garden again.

Note to self: Don’t forget to bring a hat.

Only 3 more days until moving day.


Photo Challenge Day 21: Faceless Self Portrait



Faceless Self Portrait

It has taken me days to get the right shot for this post. Time is flying by, the company has started arriving for the epic graduation at our house. I spent my week cleaning and planning for the occasion. However, nothing would keep me from missing my free Learn to Row classes.

I love it already.

Every night the sunsets are amazing.

My husband took this shot with his new Samsung Galaxy SIII camera. It takes great pictures.

That’s me in the sixth seat.

Definitely faceless.

We were learning to turn the boat around to come back to shore. It’s easier said than done with 8 people who have no idea what they are doing in a skinny boat with a giant oar.

I am only a little bit sore today.

That’s a miracle.

It’s also a miracle we made it back to shore before dark.

More inspiration tomorrow!