DIY Cleaning Products: Drain Cleaner


It’s been about four years since I started blogging. My most popular post is my DIY Drain Cleaner recipe. I really had no idea it would be a popular post, I wasn’t even sure anyone would be interested. Thousands of views have proved me wrong!

I learned this home remedy from a late night TV show, about a million years ago. I have been meaning to make a new video for a while and it seemed like a natural thing to do, so here it is.

If you have a clogged drain, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed! I use this combination for regular drain maintenance about once a month. I do not purchase any chemical cleaners in our home, this recipe works great and is cheap and clean for the environment.

For bathroom sinks, I use the smaller amount, for larger drains like the shower and bath tub I usually double the amount given. My kids love to help with cleaning the drains, we call it “drain cleaning science”. I found out that the Cream of Tartar is a form of tartaric acid and is a bi-product of winemaking. Potassium bitartrate is derived from the crystals formed on the inside of the wooden wine barrels as the wine ages. These crystals are then refined into Cream of Tartar.

Who knew?

Here are my Amazon Affiliate Links so you can buy your supplies and get started!

I would love to hear how you like this recipe, here are some testimonials or leave me a comment!

“I know this works….I had very sluggish tub drains (very annoying), used this~~~worked great!!! We have a septic tank so I was ever so happy to find this safe way of unclogging!!!!”

“Great tips here! I like reading about natural cleaners! Thank you for sharing!”

“Your “recipe” for drain opener works great… after trying a number of things, I found this and mixed it up…. the first dose applied and I could see a difference. Through that week I used the rest of that first mix…WOW~~~ what difference… We have septic tank and I worry that the chemical store brands would harm it, so imagine how happy I am…will be using this every couple of weeks….. Thank-you for posting this”

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor

This is a sponsored post that I was compensated to write. Any opinions given are completely my own. See the disclosure page for a complete list of policies. This post was sponsored by Gordmans.

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor Mason Jar Drink Dispenser|Designers Sweet Spot|

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor

I have been thinking of ways to update our urban kitchen with more of a farmhouse look. The kitchen was renovated when we bought the house, but It still doesn’t quite have that farmhouse feel. I headed to Gordmans last week to see what I could find. I know they carry a line of farmhouse style home goods, and I was excited to see what was new for spring.

My mother was thrilled, she couldn’t wait to tag along with me to Gordmans and check out the latest finds. She was especially interested in the “country chic” decor I was seeking.

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor Mason Jar Drink Dispenser|Designers Sweet Spot|

I was not disappointed in Gordmans selections. Neither was Mom.

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor Mason Jar Drink Dispenser|Designers Sweet Spot|

Top Farmhouse Kitchen Items

•The first thing I spotted was this Mason Jar style drink dispenser. What’s a farmhouse without a Mason Jar? This large jar was especially adorable with it’s chickenwire pattern and embossed chicken on the front. I have decided I will keep it full of healthy filtered drinking water all year long on my kitchen island.

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor Mason Jar Candle|Designers Sweet Spot|

• Kitchen Table candle was my next love. The yellow color is great for spring, and this Mason jar style was perfect for my kitchen. It smells like Lemon and Basil, lighting a candle after a meal is a great way to cover up those leftover kitchen odors after dinner.

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor Mason Jar Drink Dispenser|Designers Sweet Spot|

•This black wire egg basket was right up my alley. My mother was astonished at how inexpensive it was, antique baskets like this are very desirable. She reminded me that if I didn’t bring this one home, it would be very foolish indeed. Nothing like a Mama’s wisdom to set you straight. I filled my egg basket with lemons and limes, but I can’t wait to fill it with eggs for the upcoming holiday.

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor|Designers Sweet Spot|

•My other finds included this beautiful glass vessel for my air plant. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor|Designers Sweet Spot|

•Mom loved this cute little vintage tin, full of my tea bags and sits on my counter top. Sorry, but this one seems to be sold out on the Gordmans website.

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor|Designers Sweet Spot|

•This little chicken sign is so adorable! So fun!

Kitchen Farmhouse Decor|Designers Sweet Spot|

•The baking corner has a new farmhouse style Utensil holder as well. It goes great with the vintage style ironstone bowls.

Kitchen Farmhouse Love

Mom and I had a great time shopping for country chic accessories. I know I am going to use them daily. It doesn’t take much to get the farmhouse look without spending a lot of money.


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Stenciled Storage Jars




Happy Friday!

I always seem to be rushing through the end of the week, eager for the weekend to start.

My Fridays are the busiest day of all, and it seems like it takes me days to wind down. Perhaps thats why I need the weekend so badly.

This week, I started a number of projects, one of them was labeling these storage jars in the kitchen pantry.

Shelf with jars

I have had these jars for years without labels. I tried a couple of times to label them, but I didn’t like the way the stick-on labels looked.

These jars were one of our first purchases after we got married. My husband and I both agreed that buying in bulk was better and these large capacity jars were an easy choice for storing all sorts of dry goods.

We have used them over and over.

Most of the time I store flours, sugar, 2X sugar, brown sugar, grains and other baking supplies this way.

I love that they are washable and you can easily see what’s inside the jar.


To label the jars, I used these supplies from Decoart: Gloss Enamels Stick-On Stencils, 3D Frost Gloss Enamel in black, and Media Brush and Stencil Cleaner.


Wash jars with soap and water. Dry thoroughly. Clean area to be stenciled with rubbing alcohol.

Apply stencils, pressing all edges down securely. Apply several coats of the Gloss Enamel paint, allowing each coat to dry between applications. Do not remove stencils until the final coat is dry.

Bake jars in a 300 degree oven for 30 minutes.

Allow jars to cool in oven.

Let the jars cure for at least 4 days before washing them.

finished jars

I like how the labels turned out, I probably should have done a better job of sticking the stencils on them before painting.

There were a couple of places where the paint seeped underneath the stencils. I was able to use a Q-tip to clean up the graphics here and there before the paint dried on completely.

I like the worn effect this paint has on the glass. It looks old and used to me, which makes it a good fit for my vintage kitchen.

There are those perfectionists in the crowd who may not like the uneven look of this paint. You know who you are.

I am anxious to label more jars with this method!

Do you use storage jars in your kitchen? How do you label them?

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Mason Jar Band Wreath

Mason jar wreath lead



It’s late and I can’t sleep. I am still dreaming up Christmas decorations.

Our kitchen just doesn’t have that Christmas feeling yet.

So, I put together a little Mason Jar Band Wreath to add some cheer.

This is a really easy project, it took just minutes to make.

Mason jar wreath

For this wreath you will need the following supplies:

A whole lot of mason jar bands, at least 2 dozen wide or narrow bands

Floral wire


Tartan ribbon with a wired edge

Dried chili peppers

Sprigs of fresh greenery or herbs

Thread the bands onto the floral wire. My wire measured about 14″ long.

Roll up some newspaper and stuff it down inside the bands to keep them lined up into a wreath like pattern.

Twist the wire together enclosing the bands. Make a small loop to hang the wreath at the same time. My bands didn’t actually cover the entire newspaper, I had about a 2″ gap at the top where the newspaper showed through the bands.

Mason jar wreath ribbon

Tied a generous bow at the top of the wreath (it should cover the exposed newspaper), leaving long tails of ribbon.

Thread the ribbon tails through every 2nd or 3rd lid. Each piece covered about half the wreath.

The loose ribbon ends were then tucked into the band at the center bottom so they wouldn’t show.

Mason jar wreath lead

I used some dried chili peppers to decorate the top of the wreath and wired them on to the bow with a twist tie.

The finishing touch was a bit of greenery from our evergreen shrubs outside. I also think that any sort of herb would work well here. You could use dried or fresh mint, sage, bay leaves, or oregano.

I use everything in my kitchen, it won’t be long before those chili peppers disappear!

Hummm, I think I will make a pot of chili today!