Rustic Wooden Wreath

Wreath Lead



It’s official, the first of our Christmas decorations is up! I normally wait until after Thanksgiving, but it was snowing today. I was IN THE MOOD!

I was also in the mood to make this simple wreath while sitting by the fire watching the snowflakes fall.

I am into rustic decor this year, determined to do things a bit differently than I have in the past.

No particular reason, really.

Just to make people ask questions.

Wreath Lead-2

I spotted this drift wood wreath in the craft store recently. It reminded me of deer antlers. I still am kicking myself for not buying the bucket of antlers I saw at a garage sale a couple years go.

I decided this wreath would look great with a layer of “snow” and glitter.

Glitter fixes everything you know, it’s a proven fact.

in progress-2

I gave the wreath a light coat of white spray paint, deliberately not covering the entire thing. I wanted it to look more like a layer of snow than paint.

in progress-4

After it was dry, I decided on the embellishments. Pine cones were a must. I soaked these little pine cones in bleach for a day and let them dry before hot gluing them to the wreath.

I also decided to use a monogram with the wreath. I painted the letter like the wreath and screwed a little hook into the top of it for a ribbon.

in progress-6

I laid it all out before I decided where I wanted everything to go. Hot gluing it all down was a breeze. Then I brushed the entire thing with a mix of 50 percent Tacky Craft Glue and 50 percent water. I call it “glue wash”. It dries completely clear and bonds to just about anything.

The last step was to sprinkle all of it with white glitter and let it dry.

side view

I love glitter, don’t you? It really does look like snow.

I hung the wreath on the door and added the monogram with a silver and grey ribbon. I figured when it gets closer to Christmas I can swamp the monogram out for an ornament or a seasonal declaration.

Can’t wait to decorate more tomorrow!

View blog post for supplies

Our Secondhand House

Office Desk Rehab

I have been up to my elbows in paint lately.

I have painted hallways, bedrooms, basements and furniture.

I have paint under my nails and permanently stuck in my hair, so it seems.

But, I am not done painting yet. I am finally getting around to working on my office.

It’s been a long time since I had an office.

Usually, I use a corner of the living room. And the kitchen, porch and dining rooms. I sort of take over any extra space I can get.

But somehow, as luck would have it, I have inherited an entire room, all to myself.

This is indeed a luxury.

It calls for a bit of celebration, something special.

Like painting my desk and decorating the office.

More on the decorating later.

The old desk is inherited. It’s been around a VERY long time.

Being solid oak, it will last forever.

But, I was tired of the dull brown color and worn out handles.

It was time for a major change.

(Castle is on the computer screen, I enjoyed watching re-runs on Amazon while I was painting this project, call me crazy but I didn’t even notice it was in the picture until posting this photo today. Yes, this is my most recent obsession. Wanna make something of it?)

My chosen paint materials were a bit of leftover primer that I had from another project, and several bottles of Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint and satin varnish. Thanks so much to Americana Decor for allowing me to try their product!

The paint really doesn’t require a primer, but since the desk was so dry and the finish was so completely worn, I decided priming would be a good idea.

I was also sure I would run out of paint on this project, since these are only 2 oz. bottles, but I actually had plenty of paint to finish the entire desk. Not sure if it’s because of the primer or not.

This Americana Decor color is called Relic.

It’s a delightful neutral, I just love it.

This is my first time using this product, you can bet it won’t be my last.

I am now completely addicted.

This big old oak desk weighs a gazillion pounds, so I decided not to move it for painting. I put a piece of plastic drop cloth underneath and decided to hope for the best.

I removed all the handles before painting and filled the holes a bit with a silicone based epoxy. It didn’t work. Should have made the trip to the store for actual wood putty.

This would have not been necessary at all if I had just measured the holes for the hardware before I ordered them.

My beautiful new handles from Lawless Hardware, were too small for the existing holes.

Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way.

The Chalky Paint has a neat texture. I only gave this piece one coat, I rather like the aged look it has with a bit of the lighter grey showing up underneath. No additional aging was necessary.

I also used the Americana Decor Satin Varnish for the finish coat. It is completely transparent, doesn’t show any brush strokes and dried quickly.


The desk takes on a bit of a purple hue in the late afternoon, although in reality it’s a bit lighter than this photo.

This color metamorphesis makes me love this paint even more.

The shinny new handles do wonders to bring this piece into the 20th century, even with the mistakes I made with the holes.

There are still lots of other projects in this room.

Like storage solutions, other furnishings and more decorating.

I will be tackling them one by one.

More to come, so stay tuned!