How to Spray Paint Your Walls in Record Time

If you are a busy person, here’s the fastest way to get your painting done in record time! This post is sponsored by Home Right. Any opinions are completely my own. For a complete list of disclosure rules, see the disclosures page.

Spray Paint Your Walls in Record Time|Designers Sweet Spot|

How to Spray Paint Your Walls in Record Time

Painting is a time consuming job. I have been anxious to paint our attic stair way for quite some time. Mainly, because it’s dark and creepy up there. Our home was built in 1915. The attic is one of those places you just don’t want to spend much time. It is cold and drafty in the winter, and hot and stuff in the summer. It is full of 100 years of dust and bat guano. But, it has the potential to be an amazing art studio, this is my dream work space!

How to Spray Paint Walls in Record Time|Designers Sweet Spot|

This amazing space is the main reason why I chose to begin working on painting it. It is a HUGE project. There is a ton of potential here!

How to Paint in Record Time

The stairway to the attic space has old green plaster walls with plenty of cracks and holes, and beautiful original wooden stairs.

The rest of the attic space is completely unfinished, hopefully we will be able to finish it in the near future. For now, painting the stairway will bring me one step closer to my dream art studio!

Home Right was kind enough to supply me with this awesome sprayer, and I can honestly say I would have never tackled this job without it. It’s too big, too overwhelming for your average painting job.

How to Spray Paint Walls in Record Time|Designers Sweet Spot|

How to Steps:

  1. Fill Holes and Cracks: The first step in this project was to fill all the holes with Spackle medium. I prefer to use Spackle than joint compound for filling holes. It’s much easier to work with, and dries faster. Spackle can be applied with a small putty knife to cracks and holes, smoothed out and then left to dry. After an hour or so of drying time, any rough spots can be sanded with a bit of fine sand paper and your ready to paint. Easy, peasy!

2.  Gather Materials: This is where the fun starts! I decided to use the Finish Max Extra paint sprayer for this project for a number of reasons. Time was a big factor, but there are so many small crevices and holes in the wood that I knew painting with a brush would be very difficult. I the Finish Max Extra sprayer was perfect for this task!

There are a number of new features on this sprayer, it comes with a cover for the paint reservoir, so you can store your left over paint for the next paint job. Love that! Also, this sprayer comes with several color coded spraying tips for different types of paint jobs. I used the red tip with the yellow adapter for the widest range of coverage.

Because this is an unfinished space, I did not need to worry about taping around wood work or messing with drop clothes. Nothing up there in the attic to protect from paint splatter, except the giant dust bunnies.

Paint your walls in record time!|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com3. Prepare the paint: The paint I was using was pretty thick, since it was a primer and paint in one. I watered it down to work better in the sprayer. I used 1/3 water to 2/3 paint, the paint reservoir has handy marks on it so it’s easy to measure out. Be sure to combine your paint and water carefully for the best coverage.

4. Start painting: Then there was nothing left to do but start painting! Home Right recommends testing the spray nozzle with water before actually painting to adjust the nozzel for accurate coverage. I have used their sprayer products before, and I wasn’t concerned with coverage being too large, so I jumped right in and started to paint. Can you believe it only took me 45 minutes to paint the entire stairway? Wow! It was super fast! I used an entire gallon of paint in the process because I had to go over a few areas more than once, but the coverage was even and beautiful over all. The old green paint was darker than I thought, because it looks so much better now!

5. Clean the Sprayer: If you leave the paint sprayer with the paint in it too long, the paint will dry and clog the sprayer nozzle. I had to clear it out once or twice as I worked for the best sprayer action. I had a bucket of clean water next to me that I dropped the sprayer parts in to and rinsed them as I worked if they got clogged. Then, right after I was finished with them I put them back in the bucket and gave them a final scrubbing in the Kitchen sink. They were easy to clean in this way and and are ready for the next job!

Paint your attic stairs in less than one hour!|Designers Sweet Spot|

I can’t believe the difference the paint makes! The hall seems so light and bright! I am anxious to do more with the Finish Max sprayer, it was so fast and easy! By the way, clean up was a breeze. Having a bucket of water on hand to soak the parts in is definitely a time saver!

Paint Your Walls in Record Time|Designers Sweet Spot|Designers Sweet Spot|

The next part of the attic will be a doozy, but I am sure I can do it now with the Home Right Finish Max paint sprayer!

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How to Paint your walls in record time!Designers Sweet Spot|

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Rustic Stenciled Sign

Stenciled sign and chair

This post was sponsored by Cutting Edge Stencils. Any opinions given are completely my own. If you have questions regarding my policies please see the Disclosures page.

Good day friends! Hope you are enjoying your summer. I have been working on a number of projects behind the scenes, but have finally completed one of them. This Rustic Stenciled Sign is just the thing to personalize your garage or barn.

Here in Wisconsin we often see personalized Barn Quilts as you drive though the countryside. I decided to make my own version. It’s a little different because it’s long and narrow instead of square, but I felt like this shape has more of a unique character.

Rustic Stenciled Sign

The sign was made from some old cedar fence boards that a friend gave me. We used three fencing boards, two on the front and one to hold them together on the back side. The boards were trimmed to 36″ long, nailed and glued together. We used a bit of old chain to hang the sign on the wall.

Corner of stenciled sign

The wood was very dry and rough, so the first thing I did was to sand it down a bit with a sanding block. Then the boards were stained with an English Ironstone White Stain to give them uniform color.

Generally, you aren’t supposed to use stencils on rough surfaces. However, my first rule of blogging is to break all the rules, so I did it anyway. I like the weathered appearance the rough texture gives the pattern. I used acrylic paints and a stencil brush to apply the design with the stencil. This pattern is Cutting Edge Augusta Tile Stencil.

Rustic Stenciled Sign and Chair

A final coat of satin polyurethane protects the sign from the elements. Hummmm, I may have to move it inside so I can see it more often.

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Off to work on some more fun projects!




What To Do With An Old Bicycle

Finished bicycle basket

I love bike riding. We used to bike for miles and miles during the summer months. I especially loved riding the long trails that are refurbished old railroad beds here in Wisconsin. You can bike through the entire state on those flat, groomed trails. They are well maintained and take you through some of the pretty countryside in the Midwest. There is no better way to see the state than to bike through it.

However, it’s been years since I owned a bike, and even longer since I took the time to go for a ride. Until now. #Iamcheap


bicycle before painting

One of my girl friends passed this bike on to me. She doesn’t ride it anymore and it was just collecting dust in her garage. It was over all in good shape, but had a bit of rust here and there. I loved the old fashioned character of it. However, it was just sort of a blah color. It needed PIZAZZ.

Rustoleum spray paint

You know me, I have a basement full of PIZAZZ fixers, including a ton of spray paint. I rummaged around and came up with some Rustoleum Spray paint in Gloss Key Lime Green and Seaside Blue. By the way, if you spray paint at all, you simply must have one of these Comfort Grip tools to add to your spray can, it makes a nice even coat and saves your fingers from getting tired. It also gives you a very streamlined jet of paint, which is a lifesaver for doing fine detail work on such as this bike. Trust me, you need it! I also use plastic gloves to protect my hands when I paint, it’s so much easier than scraping your hands til they are raw!

Time to DIY!

bicycle in progress

The first step was to cover the larger parts of the bike that I didn’t want to paint with plastic grocery bags. I covered the seat, the handle bars, the pedals and the basket on the back of the bike with bags. It’s not scientific, but it works.

3M Scotch Blue Tape

Then I started covering the finer details with 3M Scotch Blue Painters Tape. I covered the break pads, the fenders, the brake wires and a few things that I have no idea what they are but they looked important.

I found some cardboard circles in my basement that were just laying around, and used those inside the tire and wheel spokes to keep paint from getting on them.

3M Sandblaster_

The next step was to rough up the paint with a 3M Sandblaster sponge. This coarse sponge is the best tool ever, it easily fit between the smaller parts of the bike and made the sanding go really fast. Then I wiped the grit off with a dry towel and I was ready to paint.

painting the bike

I laid the bike down to paint, then waited for it to dry before turning it over. The spray paint made the painting go really fast, and it covered in one coat. How awesome is that??

I painted the basket at the very end, using the cardboard to shield the rest of the bike from the sprayer. I chose the Key Lime color for the basket, I love it!

It looks rather silly, but it worked quite well. I would say 98% of what I didn’t want to paint stayed clean, there were one or two areas that I had to scrape paint off in the end with the sanding block, but you can’t really tell where they are in the finished product.

After I started I also realized that the front wheel of the bike could come off, so I ended up removing that completely. I am sure that you can remove the back one too, but I don’t know how to do it and it seemed too complicated to bother with. #Iamnotmechanical

Blue bike finished

The blue color makes me HAPPY!

Bicycle Pin

The new color reminds me of the good old days when bikes were all the rage. Yes, I am that old! Now, I need is a tune up and I will be on the road! I can’t wait!

See you on the trail!

DIY Glow in the Dark Shoes

 I decided to jazz up some old shoes into something new and fancy.  DIY Glow in the Dark Shoes! I can’t wait to wear these out dancing.
DIY Glow in the Dark Shoes|Designers Sweet Spot|

It’s been years since we went out dancing. In college we would put on our dancing clothes and go out to the disco every Friday night after work. I always wore heels, and I don’t remember ever having sore feet.Glow in the dark shoes before

My how things have changed! I have no idea where to go dancing, I never wear heels, and going out on Fridays just doesn’t happen any more.

Glow in the dark paint from Folk Art

I found these beautiful red pumps in my size at a thrift store last summer. I loved them immediately, and they actually fit really well.

I have put them on two or three times to wear to different events, somehow they never make it out the door, I feel conspicuous in them for some reason. So, I decided to paint them. I came across these great glow in the dark paints,from Folk Art. How fun! There might be a dance floor in my future after all.

Painting shoes in progress


painted pink heels

I gave the shoes two coats of paint, letting them dry completely in between coats.

glow in the dark shoes after

The paint has a matte finish so they aren’t quite as shines as they were before, but I can’t wait to wear them.

See you on the dance floor!


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DIY Glow in the Dark Shoes|Designers Sweet Spot|


How to Use a Professional Paint Sprayer

paint sprayer

This post is sponsored by Homeright for which I was compensated to write. Any opinions given are completely my own.

I am completely in favor of technology. The faster I can do something, the better. That goes for everything in my life including painting. More speed gives me more time for important things like cuddling with our kitty, feeding my children or taking a nap on the couch. I am sure you understand the need for speed!

finished pallet planter

I recently used Homeright’s Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer to complete my Pallet Planter and Privacy Screen. This type of rough wood is a bear to paint with a brush. I wasn’t even going to attempt it, because I know it would have taken FOREVER to paint.

white pallet planter

The Homeright paint sprayer made short work of it this large project. Spraying the paint into all the crevices on this piece saved me a ton of time. I used an exterior latex paint for this project to protect the wood from the elements.

white pallet planter with flowers

I love how it turned out. You can read the DIY tutorial here for this project.

visccosity test

This deck railing is another project that I used the sprayer on. All those slats were too close together to use a paint brush. The sprayer worked great on them.

visccosity test-5

Just don’t forget to screw the paint cup on to the sprayer VERY SECURELY.

I was not so careful and I had a bit of an accident. Whoops!

The best thing about this product is that you can use it over and over again. Can you imagine how many little cans of spray paint this would take if you had to buy them individually? A crazy amount!

visccosity test-3

The Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer works great with latex paint, provided that the paint passes the viscosity test. I didn’t know this, but every brand of paint is a little different. Some are thicker than others, so you have to repeat the test each time you use a different brand of paint to get the right proportions. If the paint is too thick it will clog the sprayer and won’t spray efficiently.

This little blue cup that comes with the sprayer has a hole in the bottom, as the paint runs through it, you time how long it takes to empty. If the paint is too thick and runs too slow, you will need to add water. For my projects, I used 3 paint to one part water.

white pallet planter with flowers

I gave this piece two coats of paint. I did not use a primer because I liked the rustic look of the wood showing through the paint. Time to find another project to paint!


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