Hallway Decor Update





Little by little the small Mid-century Cape Cod house is being brought up to standard. I am impatient.

The bath room was the first project.

The dining room was the second project.

The Hallway decor was next.

These Mid-century halls are very narrow, about 32″, a far cry from the 60″ that is today’s standard.

That means that you bump into people when there are two of you in the hall.

It also means that these dark colors feel claustrophobic. At least to me they do.

This hallway decor was pea green and blood red.

Not my favorite combination.

Even less so, because there is no natural light in this upstairs hall.

A great candidate for this dark hallway was “Silent White” by Clark and Kennsington Paint.


The downstairs hallway, wasn’t any better.

More blood red.


I can’t imagine why they chose this color again for another windowless hall.

I used the new low odor Kilz Primer before the “Silent White” on these walls.

It worked like a charm. One coat of primer and one coat of paint completely covered these walls.

That’s good paint. I was expecting to have to use at least 3 coats, but it wasn’t necessary. No, this is not a sponsored post.

Less work for me is a good thing.

It really was a low odor paint, there was absolutely no smell.

I love how far paint has come in the last few years.


I really like how it turned out. The white is the perfect color.

Clean, fresh and a million times brighter.

Makes me want to paint some more rooms.

Perhaps it’s the paint fumes. Or not.

Did I tell you I once painted our 11 room home, 33 times in 5 years?

I tend to go over board on things.

Only a little.

My next problem, is how to decorate these super narrow hallways.

I am leaning towards stick on wall decorations. They don’t take up any valuable space, and come off easily.

I think pictures are definitely a bad idea. The would get knocked off the wall.

We will see, I have the whole weekend to play around with it.

Nothing like some spare time to get you into trouble.

What are you up to this weekend?

Painted Velvet Chairs, Easy Update with Spray Paint

My ugly velvet chairs got an upgrade this week! These spray painted velvet chairs turned out better than even I expected! This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you.


Painted Velvet Chairs|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com


We have had these old velvet chairs for several years. I have never really liked them, but they were free, compact in size and they seemed to fit in our small home rather easily.Painted Velvet Chairs

They are our favorite places to sit for watching TV, reading books and knitting.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with them: they are clean with solid construction, no rips or tears.

Nothing wrong, other than they have a rather dated look to the upholstry.

If I had all the money in the world, I would probably not think twice about giving them away and buying something new.

However, I do not have a budget for new furniture. Perhaps someday I will.

But, not today.

These chairs have been an eye sore in our living space for so long that I have spent lots of time trying to decide what to do with them.

Slip covers would be hard to make for their awkward design.

Re-upholstery is too expensive.

So, I decided that Painted Velvet Chairs were the answer.

painted velvet chairs tools

I have read a number of blog posts on Painted Velvet Chairs. Many of them were very involved and complicated.

The fabric had to be wet first.

The paint had to be mixed with additives to get it to adhere to the fabric.

Many used paste wax to soften the fabric after it was painted.

Multiple coats of products required days and days of drying time.

With all the various steps and multiple products involved, I was reluctant to proceed with painting the chairs.

That is, until I spotted this Rustoleum product on the shelf at the store.


WOW! Leave it to Rustoleum to come up with a GREAT idea!

When Rustoleum offered to supply me with some product to try, I was thrilled to accept and give it a go.

This particular product is designed for automotive use. Since many cars have velvet upholstery, I decided it was a perfect fit for my velvet chairs.

I also decided that this product would probably be very durable, as our family of 6 can be rather hard on things.

Yesterday was sunny and cool, a great day to work outside on the chairs, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Supplies Needed:

•6 Cans Charcoal Grey Rustoleum Automotive Spray Paint.

•Tape measure


•Silver Upholstery Nails

•Needle Nose Pliars

•White Chalk Pencil

•Spray Paint Nozzel

You can buy your paint here through my affiliate link.

Because it’s a beautiful neutral shade I knew it would be dark enough to cover the denim blue chairs.


Painted Velvet Chair Directions:

•The first step was to remove the “skirt” on the bottom of the chair. I decided it made the chair look dated and would be hard to paint.

•It was easy to remove with a screw driver and a hammer.

•Then I removed any remaining staples with a needle nose plyer.

•The chair cushions were painted separately, I leaned them up against a tree while working on them.

Painted Velvet Chair half way done

Once I began to paint, I got more and more excited.

This picture shows the color difference from blue to grey, it is rather subtle, but I love it.

The paint can attachment (pictured above) made all the difference for this project.

This attachment allows the paint to spray on completely evenly at multiple angles, with even coverage and no dribbling.

It also is far more comfortable on the fingers to use the attachment when spraying for long periods of time. I will never spray paint without it again.

Each chair took 3 cans of paint, and was enough for 2 coats per chair.

The paint dried quickly to the touch, but I left the chairs outside for several hours to be sure they were completely dry.

(Recommended drying time on the paint is 6 hours.)


Nail Head Detail

In place of the skirt, I added 3/4″ nickel nail heads (order here from my affiliate link). I used 3 packages per chair, and spaced them 2″ apart along the “seam” where the original skirt was attached.

•A fabric pencil and a quilting tape made for easy placement.

•Hammering them in place was easy.


•Next, I added nail heads to the arms of the chairs in  a staggered pattern. I could have purchased smaller nail heads to fit the dainty arms, but I decided I liked the larger ones better. They created a staggered effect and I like the unexpected pattern that they make.

•I forgot to mention that I also painted the feet of the chairs the same color, I like the modern look it gives them.


Final Notes

I love how these painted velvet chairs turned out!

The original blue upholstery undertones give the new grey color depth and interest in my opinion.

I could have given them more than 2 coats of paint, as the velvet is rather absorbent, but I like how they look.

The paint makes the velvet slightly stiffer, it now has more of a corduroy fabric feel to it. I am okay with that.

My kids say the chairs are “more manly” this way.

Perfect for our Man Cave.

This project was easy to complete in the scope of an afternoon. Even though the fabric felt dry, we did notice an odor to them for a day or so. If you are chemically sensitive you may want to keep them in the garage for a day or two to air out before using them indoors.

We love these chairs, and they will be a part of our home for quite some time!

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Painted Velvet Chairs|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

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Dining Room Reveal



I have been painting for days. It has taken the better part of the last week to finish these projects before the end of the summer, which was my goal.

I am so glad this room is finished!

The leaves are changing on the trees in the yard much like the colors in our Dining Room.

Remember what it looked like before?


The dining room is the darkest room in the house. It has no natural light, and is sandwiched between two other rooms with wide over hang porches.

Thus, it feels like a cave.

It’s down right depressing.

The pea green color on the walls just made it more depressing.

I was thrilled to be able to paint it a fresh white, this one is called “Silent White” by Clark and Kensington.

It took more than two coats to cover the green color.

I did not paint the doors, they are a massive job and I just don’t have time for it at this point.


The white makes it all look so much brighter, doesn’t it?

I haven’t spent much time decorating in this room, but I did find these beautiful faux flowers and thought they would make things more cheery. It’s a temporary fix.

There is still much room for improvement. I have finally decided to paint our sideboard, but I can’t seem to arrive on a color for it.

I found the rectangular mirror at Walmart, I love how it brightens up the room.

We have decided we will add more mirrors to this room in the future, it needs all the light it can get.


As much as I love our dark colored furniture, it looks way to dark in this room. Not quite sure if I will paint it all or not.

Any thoughts?

The hallways are up next, will share the progress on those tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

Habitat ReStore Workbench



Today is a special day in blog land!

The group of bloggers who attended the Haven Conference have been working together to support a good cause, Habitat for Humanity.


 There is a group of 20 Atlanta area bloggers who are participating in a Habitat building project for today. How cool is that?

Not all of us could make it to the event, but there are lots of ways we can help, and so can you!

It’s great to be able to make a big impact with a group of people. Today all around the country bloggers are shopping at the Habitat Restore, or volunteering their time or making donations. If you have time, why not stop by your local ReStore today and check it out?

I have been a frequent shopper at the ReStore for a long time. It’s my favorite stop for used cabinets, light fixtures, miscellaneous building supplies, paint, wood, even furniture. Did you know they had furniture? Perhaps you didn’t?

The other day when I was in the Habitat store, I spotted this great workbench and decided it would be my contribution to the Habitat Haven Mavens project! It was well used, but a little sad looking in it’s current state.

I loved the size and shape of this workbench, it would fit well into our super small garage space.

I have been searching for some great storage solutions for tools and such that I use for my blogging projects, and this was perfect!

My husband has been aghast that I have been taking over his garage space, and I decided to share the workbench with him, so he can help me with my blog projects. Sweet!

However, it needed a feminine touch. Ha, ha!

Little did he know, that it was to become the star of the garage.


I raided the local Walmart for a variety of spray paint colors. I have been leaning towards aqua and orange lately.  I picked up a couple of different types of finishes, but in the end I decided I liked the Semi-Gloss Protective Enamel the best for this project.


I hauled the workbench out into the front yard to spray paint it. Overall the bench was in excellent condition and didn’t need any sanding or repairs before I started.

I was using multiple colors for this project, and I should have taped each section off as I went along but I didn’t. I couldn’t find my painting tape and was eager to start, so I just aimed and pointed the can.

Yes, it got ugly. You knew that was coming didn’t you? You are way ahead of me.

I was able to paint the trim with out problems, but when it came to the drawers I had issues.

Namely, I couldn’t get them out to paint them properly.

In the end, I decided to put pieces of cardboard between each drawer while I sprayed. It worked rather well, but I did have a few spots I had to touch up afterwards which was not easy. The cardboard stuck to the wet paint and made things rather difficult.

This paint takes longer to dry than other brands I have used (about 2 hours in our humid climate), but it leaves a very nice finish so it was worth it.

If you have never tried one of the Rustoleum spray can attachments in the picture above you really need to try it. It worked so well, I was really impressed! The attachment allows you to evenly hold the button down on the top of the sprayer, getting the most mileage out of each can.

I also found I could spray with the can at odd angles and even upside down with this attachment. Best invention ever!


This is the bench after I painted it. The silver tool box and the wooden storage crate both were ReStore purchases. I love that place!

I love the multi-colored drawers, no question that this is Mom’s domain! It also ads a much needed pop of color to our rather dreary garage.

What an improvement over dark dingy bench that I brought home from the store!

I had intended to sand down the top of the workbench, but I decided to leave it as it was. I like the distressed look and feel of it, well loved and used!

I painted the stool to match, it has been sitting around here for a long time and needed a new home.

I am excited to have a proper spot for all my serious blog projects!

I may even have a few building projects up my sleeve, with hubby’s help of course.

Thanks to all the Haven Mavens and their support for Habitat for Humanity today! If you have been involved with a Habitat ReStore or project, we would love to hear about it! Link up to the blogs below and show your support!




Art Supply Carrier



I have a little problem with art supplies. I collect tons and tons of them.

My problem is that I am not good at organizing them.

This may not be a surprise to you. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I am not much of an organizer. It’s just not in my genetic makeup.


In the far corner of our living room, behind the sofa, the coat rack and the fish tank, lies a pretty useless half wall. Why there is a half wall I do not know, but when we moved into this rental, I decided to claim the big gaping hole in the top of the wall for my art supplies.

I filled it with mason jars full of brushes, markers, colored pencils, paints and various other items.

I am now faced with the fact that we will be moving from this location this summer, and I will no longer have my previous storage.


This is a full blown crisis to me.


I found this great tool carrier at the thrift store for $2.00. It is rather rustic, and not very well made. That’s okay, it reminds me of the little projects my kids used to build out of wood at the Home Depot workshops. I love things that are simple and rustic.


I used two different size stencils that I had to create the graphic label on the side of the box. Rather than painting the letters, I used a Sharpie Marker. I am far too impatient to properly paint today.

Then I made a wash with water and craft paint to stain the wood.


Mason jars are excellent for painting, by the way. I applied two coats of the wash, right over the stencil and all. It is a bit messy working with watery paint, so be sure to put some plastic under your project if you try this technique. I use the bottom of a plastic bakery box. It is my favorite for messy projects, and I won’t feel guilty when I finally throw it away.


I filled my box with all my little jars of supplies, plus a few extras. Granted it doesn’t hold everything my previous storage space did, but I love that it’s mobile. I can pick it up and take it around the house where ever I am working.

The cherries are a recent art project of my son’s, they remind me of summer!

And the flowers, well, they are there just because.

That’s my organizational tip of the day!

Enjoy your Sunday!