Photo Challenge Day 27: Celebration


We had a milestone Graduation at our house recently. Our second son has completed high school, the first of our home school graduates.

It doesn’t get any easier with the second child.

I don’t know why I thought that it would.

Even though I knew what to expect, it’s still hard to see your child Graduate.

It’s not that we are getting older, even though that’s true.

It’s not that we are never going to see him again after he goes to college, because we will.

It just means that childhood is over.




I cried like a sap at the ceremony.

I hate crying in public.

I was doing okay until the slide show. They showed all the kids as babies, and then pictures of them when they were all grown up.

The pictures did me in, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.

In the homeschool ceremony it is traditional for the parents to present the diplomas to the children.

We had two minutes to make our presentation.

Here are my words to our graduate:

” On the way here today, your Dad told me that most parents were preparing speeches for this event.

I can’t do that. It is impossible for me to put into 2 minutes worth of text, what a joy it has been to teach you at home. It has meant so much to us.

I could write volumes of stories about our homeschooling.

I could fill a library with all that you have learned, the books that you have read, and tales of what a fine young man you have become.

It is with great joy and love that we present you with your high school diploma on Graduation Day.”

Then I bawled like a baby and gave him the biggest hug of his life.

Hug your Graduates today and celebrate life!

1 more day until the move






Photo Challenge Day 23: Pattern


I wasn’t kidding when I told you we have taken more than 500 photos the last few days. Give a girl a new camera to play with and watch how excited she gets to take pictures of things she has never been able to capture before.

New cameras are one of the best things in the entire world.

My Nikon d5300 came with a telephoto lens that has a range of 55-300mm. It was worth every penny.

While at the Botanical garden, we came across this Globe Thistle plant.

I love the perfect symmetry of the globe. The pattern of the seed pods is just amazing.

I also love that it’s green and purple.

Green and purple are some of my very favorite colors.

I didn’t even have to step off the walking path for this shot, just pointed the camera at it.

There are so many wonderful patterns in nature, it’s just hard to see them much of the time.

Thank goodness for telephoto lenses.

Photo Challenge: Day 20 In My Bag


30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 20 In My Bag

It’s a hard to define “in my bag”. I could show you pictures of the contents of my purse, but you would probably never read my blog again, as it is very unorganized and incredibly uninteresting.

My other bags are almost completely packed, our moving day is less than two weeks away.

That’s not really an interesting subject matter either.

However, I have been stashing away a few goodies for the upcoming Graduation.

They are definitely “in my bag”, as I refuse to let my son see them until Graduation Day.

I think the mystery and suspense adds to the excitement.

We have family coming in from out of state. We have old friends and new friends coming to visit for the occasion. It’s going to be a great day!

We also have a party in the works, there will be plenty of good food!

It’s all very exciting.

This is our first homeschool Graduation. I am preparing to cry uncontrolably at the event.

I am warning you now.

Note to self: bring extra tissues and waterproof mascara.

For those of you who don’t know much about homeschooling and are thinking our diplomas are homemade and written in crayon, you will be pleasantly surprised.

You could make a high school diploma any way you want to, but we chose to have one professionally made from

They are a local company and have a stellar reputation for all your graduation supply needs including caps, gowns, custom diploma covers, etc.

I love how professional it all looks. Puts our homeschool on the map!

I have much more to share on this subject later in the week.


Photo Challenge: Day 19 Shoes

Today’s photo assignment: Your Shoes

I am a shoe person.

I have many more pairs of shoes than I regularly wear. I have several pairs of heels that my middle aged feet can only wear for a few hours. I have several pairs of sandals when one would probably do for our short sumner season. I have business shoes (you just never know when you might need those) and running shoes (I can’t tell you when I actually ran last), and shoes that I keep to go with an outfit that no longer fits.

You might say I have shoe fettish.

Yup. I admit it.

Part of my issue is that I have severe plantar fascists in my feet and the shoes irritate it after a time.  I also find that because I wear a wide size, it’s hard to find shoes that fit, so I cling to them for ages before giving them up in fear of not being able to find another pair to replace them.

Shoes are one of the few things that I can’t find at thrift stores to fit me. I pretty much have to buy them new, and this breaks the bank every time I walk into a shoe store. When did shoes become such a major investment?

If I ever have the opportunity to travel over seas, I am bringing home a suitcase full of beautiful Italian leather shoes.

Maybe in the year 2050 I will get there.

But, for now, I am totally excited about this new pair of Keens that I bought recently.

I love their turquoise color.

I love how they are easy to slip on.

I love how they actually fit my duck-like feet.

What are your favorite summer shoes?

p.s. I just realized I confused the last two days on my Photography list, sigh. Oh well.







Photo Challenge: Day 18



Something You Always Wanted

Welcome back to the 30 Day Photo Challenge! It’s been a refreshing break for me to just take photos and have time to pack boxes to prepare for our upcoming move. As a blogger I tend to put a ton of pressure on myself to get posts out daily, this challenge has really been relaxing for me. Some days I get a good shot, some days I don’t.

On the days that I don’t get a good shot, I don’t post anything. It’s as simple as that.

I have found that I really look forward to each assignment, and I am learning much about my new equipment.

Today’s assignment: Something You Always Wanted. I have a very short list of “wants” in life.

I am pretty much content with everything I have and everything I don’t have.

You can have your mansions and million dollar homes. They are not for me.

You can have your designer wardrobes. Been there, done that. Don’t need to do it again.

You can have your fancy cars and yachts. I wouldn’t even know what to do with one if I had one.

But, I do want a kayak.

A red kayak to be specific.

I just love how the red boats look with the blue water and the white fluffy clouds in the sky. It’s completely a visual experience for me.

We learned to canoe when we were kids. We would go out each day on the river where we lived and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The turtles sunning themselves on the rocks along the water were so peaceful.

The fish would jump, you could even fish from the boat if you wanted to. I hate fishing, but you could fish if you wanted to. Just saying.

But, as much as I enjoy canoeing, the boats are long, cumbersome and hard to handle. Even if you are canoeing with a partner.

You also can’t do serious rapids very well in a canoe without dumping it over. Rapids lend a fantastic thrill to the overall boating experience.

You really need to communicate well to the person in the back of the boat what lays ahead or you will have serious issues. My husband and I were the only boat not to capsize on the level 5 rapids we took on during a camping trip years ago. Just sayin.

I love the idea of a little kayak, easy to haul and store.

You can use it with or without a partner.

They are easy to slip into the peaceful water and row in the early morning, all by yourself.

I mentioned the other day that I won a membership to our local rowing club.

My debut on the water is next week, I can’t wait to share.

Until tomorrow….

enjoy the view!