Photo Challenge: Day 11 Something Green



Something Green

The original photo challenge included “something blue” for today. However, I had to switch that with day 4: “something green” because a couple of weeks ago when I started this challenge, there was absolutely no green around here at all.

It still isn’t as green as I would like it to be. The trees are beginning to leaf out, they have that kind of green fuzzy look before their leaves really begin to take shape.

I drive by this lake everyday and I never have time to stop and really admire it. Today, I stopped for a brief walk. We are lucky to live in an area where we have many suchgreen spaces“.

The geese love this spot, usually there are bunches of them wandering around.  Traffic will stop to let them cross the road, there are big signs that warn drivers of the birds in this area.

I love that.

The turtles were even out sunning themselves on the fallen trees along the water’s edge. It seems very early to see them, usually they only appear on warm summer days.

It was very peaceful.

My home life is not peaceful at all right now.

We are in-between house showings, inspections and mountains of paper work.

I am bogged down with moving boxes to pack, moving boxes to pick up, and tasks to be done before graduation.

Then there’s the garden to tend, the chickens to take care of, and can I take a nap now?

Did I forget to pick up a kid, pay a bill or buy food for dinner? Anything is possible.

I don’t know if I am coming or going lately.

I might need to stop and visit the Green Space more often.