Copper Falls State Park


Bad River landscape

I have been off the grid this week. We have returned from our travels to the great Northern Territory of Wisconsin. We enjoy camping and this year we decided to explore one of the parks in our home state. We have lived here most of our life, but have yet to see all there is to see in our home state.

Copper Falls State Park is one of several parks in the northern area. It has 5 star ratings across the board on Trip Advisor, Yelp and just about every other site I looked at. The park has many amenities like hiking, swimming and boating, and the ones they don’t have are available near by.

North Woods Canapy

We chose to hike into our tent site which was a mere 250 yards from the parking area. The park provides a small wagon for hauling your equipment to your site which made it very easy. We have never used a hike -in site, and would do it again. It was a lovely spot, with very tall maple and ash trees.

Sleeping under the canopy was great, we were protected from the majority of wind and rain. There were a few Mosquitos, so bring your repellent just in case. Temperatures can be very cool at night here, it was in the mid-forties the few nights we were there, so bring lots of blankets.

Red Granit Falls2

During the day we explored the parks hiking trails. They were well marked and we appreciated how well groomed they were. As we neared the end of the 2.5 mile trail we heard the rushing water of the Red Granite Falls, one of two beautiful water falls in the park. It was absolutely  breath taking.

Red Granit Falls

The massive red rocks help give the water some of its unusual coloring. High concentrations of copper and iron give the water its blackish color and mysterious character. The Ojibowa Indians named this river,  Bad River. You can see why, it is a massive river, and the rapids are huge.

Bridge to Copper Falls

The second water fall is Copper Falls, hence the parks namesake. You can walk around the falls from different viewing angles over these lovely rustic bridges.

Copper Falls

Copper falls is a bit smaller, but no less impressive. I couldn’t help but think that the water looked like dark ale, complete with its rich golden foam.

Copper Falls Rapids

The sound of the rushing water is so musical, I could have listened to it forever.

Basalt steps to Copper Falls


Be prepared to do some serious climbing while you are here. These stone steps are made from naturally occurring basalt, a lava rock left here ages ago. We had no idea that there was any thing like this in our state. I was sore for a day or two after scaling many upward paths such as this.

Bayfield Harbor

If you would like a day trip, there are a number of small towns in the area with sights to see. We headed further north to Bayfield, right on the shores of Lake Superior. The historical town is built along this beautiful bay.

Bayfield Harbor Yachts

The Lake superior region is very unique looking, the deep lake is a rich blue color and there is always a cool breeze.

Bayfield WI

Established in the mid-1800’s, there are lots of period homes and buildings to see. They all had beautiful gardens and landscaping.



This restaurant pictured above, got its name from the local fish packing plant. Fresh white fish from Lake Superior is still packed into wooden barrels, salted and pickled for pickled herring as it has been done here for the last 150 years.

Pickled Herring


I love the character of this vintage sign.

Red Yacht

There is plenty of sailing on Lake Superior, Bayfield is famous for its yacht race over the 4th of July holiday. There were a number of vessels already in port for the race.

Sailboat on Lake Superior

We wanted to try sea kayaking, but it was so cool the day we were there we decided to postpone it. There are guided tours available and lots of equipment you can rent at a reasonable price.

The car ferry can take you over to the famous Madeline Island, one of the Apostle Islands along the coastline of Lake Superior. Madeline Island is supposed to be a lovely place, we were disappointed that it was so cold and wet, so we decided to save this for the next trip as well.

My husband and I agreed that this trip was one of our best camping trips yet. We look forward to exploring more of this area, see you at the campground!

Photo Challenge Day 30: Self Portrait



Self Portrait: Garden Selfie

This is the final post in my 30 Day Photography Challenge. It’s been a very good learning experience. I read somewhere that if you take a hundred pictures of something, you will learn 99 ways not to take a picture.

I believe this is an accurate assessment. I learn something new with each photo I take. I don’t think I will ever stop learning about photography.

We are finally moved. I am exhausted from it all. Days of moving, cleaning, packing and unpacking have taken their toll. We have also had several severe storms with tornados and high winds in our area which left us without power for an entire day.

It’s amazing how helpless we are without power.

The internet is finally installed, and things are beginning to get back to normal.

Our new normal, that is.

Being in a new home takes a lot of getting used to. I still can’t find all my clothes. Or my shoes.

I need a vacation.

I lost my cell phone charger for several days and have a million calls to return tomorrow.

I am dying to paint and decorate, but first the boxes have to disappear.

It’s a process.

On top of the move, I have been rowing on the lake two times a week with our local rowing club.

It’s been a welcome relief to be out on the water away from the chaos at home.

On the water, the only thing that matters is the perfection of your stroke.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t find your clothes.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t find your shoes.

Just the stroke.

“At the catch, row, drive, recover.

The sore muscles are minimal, the moving was worse. Makes rowing seem like a piece of cake.

Tomorrow I’ll have the new house tour for you, be sure and stop back!


Photo Challenge Day 29: Black & White


Black & White

It’s easy to take a black and white photo today. Just a click of the editing button makes a color photo into a black and white one.

I happen to love black and white photos.

Perhaps its because we grew up with them.

Perhaps it’s because they are so simple, I love simplicity.

Perhaps, its just because I love black and white.

Or all the above.

These birch trees are black and white to begin with, but I loved them even more without the color.

The pathway in this photo calls to me.

It seems like the path would be a great place for a stroll on a quiet summer night with the moon shining in the sky.

Summer night strolls are one of my all time favorite things.

When the house is still warm from the day’s heat, you can go outside and bathe in the cool air.

After a refreshing walk, your too tired to care if the house is hot and you sleep better.

Most of the time.

If you are reading this post right now, we are in the process of moving.

I will be back on line in a few days with lots of new projects to share.

Have a lovely evening walk today.






Photo Challenge Day 28: Flowers



This is the first time I have ever taken a decent photo with the macro camera setting.

I have decided that macro must be the most difficult setting of all to master.

I have tried a million times to get it to work on my cell phone, and it never does.

Everything always looks blurry.

I had tried many times with my Nikon Point and Shoot camera as well.

They were never very successful either.

I am not sure if it was me or the camera, but they always looked blurry.

With my new Nikon d5300 and the 55-300mm lens, things are different.

The only problem I have is choosing what to take pictures of.

Occasionally, the camera has trouble focusing on one subject at a time in this mode.

I think there is a setting that can be changed to accommodate multiple subjects.

While we were walking through the Botanical Garden taking pictures, I had the camera book out for easy reference.

We were not the only camera geeks at the park.

There was another couple there taking pictures.

I am sure they wondered why I was looking things up in the book.

Oh well.

It’s a good thing I am not narcissistic.

The move has begun.





Photo Challenge Day 25: Strangers




I had a hard time with this assignment. It’s very difficult to photograph Strangers without them noticing.

It’s also difficult to pretend you are not photographing them, when you really are.

For this reason, there are no people in my photo.

I was afraid I would be arrested for stalking strangers with a camera, so I decided to leave them out.

Recently, I came across a Grandfather and his two grandchildren feeding the ducks at the lake.

They were having so much fun.

The little boy would throw his bread in the water and squeal with delight every time the duck ate it.

When it came time to go home, he didn’t want to leave.

“But Grandpa, the ducks will be lonely without me!”

Such sweet words from a stranger to a duck he had never met before.

The ducks were out tonight, but the family was not. I can’t blame them.

It was cold and windy on the lake today. Not a good day for a walk on the shore.

The ducks were out though, looking for bread crumbs from strangers.

I wish I had brought some so we could become friends.

Maybe next time.