Photo Challenge: Day 18



Something You Always Wanted

Welcome back to the 30 Day Photo Challenge! It’s been a refreshing break for me to just take photos and have time to pack boxes to prepare for our upcoming move. As a blogger I tend to put a ton of pressure on myself to get posts out daily, this challenge has really been relaxing for me. Some days I get a good shot, some days I don’t.

On the days that I don’t get a good shot, I don’t post anything. It’s as simple as that.

I have found that I really look forward to each assignment, and I am learning much about my new equipment.

Today’s assignment: Something You Always Wanted. I have a very short list of “wants” in life.

I am pretty much content with everything I have and everything I don’t have.

You can have your mansions and million dollar homes. They are not for me.

You can have your designer wardrobes. Been there, done that. Don’t need to do it again.

You can have your fancy cars and yachts. I wouldn’t even know what to do with one if I had one.

But, I do want a kayak.

A red kayak to be specific.

I just love how the red boats look with the blue water and the white fluffy clouds in the sky. It’s completely a visual experience for me.

We learned to canoe when we were kids. We would go out each day on the river where we lived and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The turtles sunning themselves on the rocks along the water were so peaceful.

The fish would jump, you could even fish from the boat if you wanted to. I hate fishing, but you could fish if you wanted to. Just saying.

But, as much as I enjoy canoeing, the boats are long, cumbersome and hard to handle. Even if you are canoeing with a partner.

You also can’t do serious rapids very well in a canoe without dumping it over. Rapids lend a fantastic thrill to the overall boating experience.

You really need to communicate well to the person in the back of the boat what lays ahead or you will have serious issues. My husband and I were the only boat not to capsize on the level 5 rapids we took on during a camping trip years ago. Just sayin.

I love the idea of a little kayak, easy to haul and store.

You can use it with or without a partner.

They are easy to slip into the peaceful water and row in the early morning, all by yourself.

I mentioned the other day that I won a membership to our local rowing club.

My debut on the water is next week, I can’t wait to share.

Until tomorrow….

enjoy the view!

Photo Challenge: Day 17 Technology



This is day 17 of the Photo Challenge. I have a confession to make, I took this picture 5 years ago.

That’s where the Technology part comes in.

You see, I took this picture with my first smart phone, the Droid while we were on vacation in New England.

I uploaded it to Facebook and completely forgot about it.

My old computer that I used at the time to store my photos is long dead, but low and behold FB saved my photo for me.

I am eternally grateful. This has to be one of my all time favorite photos.

Our two boys were playing in the sand at the beach that day, when they discovered hundreds of little hermit crabs.

They thought they were rocks at first, but then the sprouted legs and began to move around.

It was the perfect setting for an afternoon of hermit crab races.

We had a ball watching them run about.

I had a ball taking pictures.

I was hooked on digital photography even then.

I love that I was able to beef up the colors and make this photo look brand new with my photo editing program.

I can’t imagine life before computers.

How did we ever do ANYTHING????


What I Wore to the Midwestern Blogger Meet-up



I had so much fun today at the Midwestern Blogger Meet-up! The big event took place in Lisle, Illinois and was put together by Jennifer Rizzo.  If you haven’t read Jennifer’s blog, you should hop on over and check it out. She’s very talented and as sweet as sunshine.

  I was equally charmed by her selection of location for the event: inside an old train depot at a local historical museum.

I was able to have some time to explore this quaint museum before the festivities began, I love old buildings.

The train depot was amazing, it was built in 1881. I am into train depots lately. And trains.

The depot had beautiful architectural features.

The inside of the depot was every bit as charming as the outside. Did you know they used to have separate waiting rooms for the men and women? Neither did I.

I love the big graphic on the wall. I wanted to take it home with me.

My great grandfather had a brass hanging lamp just like this one. So charming.

Great grandpa also had a clock just like this.  I loved the train bulletin chalkboard on the wall.

The corners of the depot were full of other old treasures like wooden barrels and these lovely trunks and boxes.  The walls in this room were beautiful unfinished wide boards.

I loved how rustic they look.

It was the perfect place for a bunch of bloggers to meet up.

We all took tons of pictures. You can see why.

Jennifer put together this lovely table of refreshments for us all. In between chatting about blogging, social media, SEO’s, websites and taking pictures, we sipped coffee, chewed on brownies and complete strangers became friends.

It is amazing what food can do.

Everyone was so sweet and friendly, and it was so nice to put faces with blog names. I can’t wait to go back again next year.

It was a great day!

By the way, this is day #2 of my Photography Challenge (see yesterday’s post for more details here). 

Todays’ assignment,  photograph “what you wore”.  I interpreted this to mean “what I wore to the blogger meet-up”. 

I wore my favorite butterfly necklace.

See you tomorrow!