Fall Table Decor





Beautiful fall table decor from Gordmans.

This is a sponsored post for which I was compensated to write. Any opinions given are completely my own.

I am ready for entertaining. I have been shopping for a few new thing to add to my fall table decor this year. I wanted to do add a bit of a rustic look, but needed to match the dishes and silver that I already owned.

Gordmans asked me to be a part of their Fall Home Campaign and I was thrilled! There are a number of other bloggers on this tour with me, I would like to welcome my friends from The Striped House, who is just ahead of me in this blogging chain.

I am so glad your here!

Thankful sign

I found everything I needed at Gordmans. My first grab was this Thankful sign. I love it! Simple and rustic, it captures the essence of the season to be Thankful.

Thankful sign on table

I love the little stand it sits on, I think it will come in very handy for cook books, frames and many other things after the season is over.

The little mason jars are salt and pepper shakers, aren’t they adorable? I bought two pairs since our table is long and we always seem to be fighting over the shakers.

I had been shopping for lanterns for a while. I found these lovely vintage style lanterns and added candles and faux leaves underneath them for some additional color.

gourds and sisal balls in a basket

The center piece is a simple wire basket filled with seasonal gourds and some sisal balls. I love the additional color and texture the balls add to the display.

white bowl with gourd

Each place setting gets a white iron stone bowl and gourd.  The stem on this gourd is just amazing. Definitely a keeper!

chalk painted place cards

I fell in love with the little chalk painted place tags the minute I saw them in the store. I decided to have each person write what they were thankful for on the tag instead of doing names.

table setting for 4

Even my buffet gets a new look for the occasion. I brought in my pumpkins from out on the porch to display and add more color to the room.

I have a great story to tell you about that aqua vase.

peonies in an aqua jar

I was in the Gordmans store over the weekend shopping. I snatched this aqua vase off the shelf the minute I saw it. I didn’t even look at the price, I JUST GRABBED IT.

Somethings affect me that way. They call to me.

I knew this vase HAD to come home with me.

Then, I went to the floral department to find some flowers to go in the vase.

I snatch up these lovely green and white peonies from the sea of orange florals, and tried them out in the vase in my shopping cart. I noticed a woman standing near by watching me. She seemed uncertain what do choose for her bouquet.

A minute later she came over and said:

“I just wanted to let you know that I am buying EXACTLY what you have in your shopping cart because I think it’s just beautiful!”

It was the nicest compliment, I was smiling all day!

Gordmans is offering a 20% Coupon for you to go and shop for your fall decor, click here for coupon download!

I have much to be Thankful for. Thank you Gordmans!

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NeriumFirm Body Contouring Cream

This is a sponsored post that I was compensated to write. Any opinions stated are my own.
cream and lilacsI have a confession to make. I have a baby gut belly. This may not be that unusual, after all I am a Mom. Most Moms have baby gut. However, it is irritating to me. It’s irritating because, despite all my efforts, it won’t go away. My kids are nearly grown up and I still look like I just gave birth yesterday.

Who wants to look like that?

Not me.

I have tried cleanses, colon water therapy, vitamins, herbs, exercises, diets, you name it.

There is one thing I haven’t tried, that is using a body firming cream.

So, what do I have to loose? Nothing but wrinkles and fat.

Sounds like a plan to me.

cream and lilacs2So, what does this magic cream do?

NeriumFirm Body Contouring Cream will “improve the appearance of cellulite and dimpling and help smooth, tighten and firm the appearance of loose skin”. You can use it on your abdomen, hips, thighs, upper arms and buttocks. The recommended application is twice per day, until you achieve the results you are looking for. Then you can reduce it to one application per day.

What have you got to loose?

This is an all natural product that has been developed with more than 5 years of research.

Celebrity David Kirsh is a believer, check out his video testimony:

Are you ready to try it? You can order this amazing product here.



cream and flowersI have used the Nerium Products with great results for the last couple of years and LOVE them. If you would like to read my success story, here it is!

If you would like to learn more about their fast growing company, inspire others and learn how you can earn your products for FREE, click here.

I will have some before and after pictures in 30 days so stay tuned!

What have you got to loose?


Enduro-Sheild Part 2



I have been avoiding cleaning this kitchen ever since we moved here.

It’s FAR too small, I feel claustrophobic in it.

As much as I love to cook, even cooking here isn’t much fun.

Cleaning this small kitchen is even less fun.

I am a rather messy cook, and I splash food everywhere.

I never said I was a clean cook.

If you have read my blog long enough, you know how I feel about cleaning.

I hate it.

Combine that with a too small kitchen and you have disaster.


Enter Enduro-Shield!

I recently tried their Enduro-Shield Shower Cleaning kit and I loved it.

This second kit, is for tile and grout.

I spent the morning cleaning my cooking mess off the tile and grout in the too small kitchen.

With this product, I hope to have to clean a lot less.


The kit comes with a pre cleaner, a protective coating, scrubby sponge, and polishing cloth.

Step one:  Clean the tile with the pre cleaner.

The cleaner sprays on easily and works quickly.

I love that it didn’t have a strong chemical odor, I don’t like heavily scented products.


Spray the pre cleaner on the tile and grout, wait a few minutes, then clean with the scrubby.

Dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Step two: Spray the protective coating on the tile and polish with the polishing cloth.

The protective coating does have a bit of an alcohol smell, but it disappears quickly. Be sure to have good ventilation when using it. The coating dries after a few minutes and is completely clear on the tiles.

It’s just a two step application. How easy is that?

The protective coating allows you to easily wipe off dirt from grout and tile without a lot of scrubbing.

This is good for me, I hate scrubbing.  Especially, I hate scrubbing grout lines.

Now, I won’t have to work so hard.

I was very impressed with this product and would definitely recommend it to a friend.

If you are interested in learning more about Enduro-Shield, click here for more information.

I am grateful to Enduro-Shield for allowing me to try their products.

Happy cleaning!

Enduroshield Shower Cleaner


I have been cleaning house a lot lately, trying to finish all the things on my to do list before the end of the summer.

Better late than never I always say.

Today, I was up to my armpits in scrubbing the bathroom.

I decided that I can’t start the school year with a dirty shower. It just doesn’t seem right.

First, I steam cleaned the shower with our handy dandy steam cleaner.

It loosens up all the crud.

Then, I wiped it down and sprayed it with a mixture of tea tree oil and water.

It kills any mold and fungi.

I wiped the shower down,  twice.

This is my usual shower cleaning routine. I am tired of routine.

It may be over kill, but I only want to clean this shower one more time.


This time, I used these products from Enduro-Shield.

You know what they say, three times is a charm. Or paranoia. I’m not sure which.

This Enduro-Shield product is part of a two part kit.

The first product, the Pre-cleaner cleans the shower glass. The kit came with a piece of steel wool to help in the process. I was pretty impressed with how easily the hard water deposit came off the glass with this cleaner.

I also liked that it had very little odor, one of my pet peeves is products that have strong smells.

After wiping it off with a cotton cloth, the second product is applied. It is a protective coating that keeps the water and dirt from settling on the glass.

Just apply to the glass, and polish with the polishing cloth included in the kit.

I LOVE this idea. Less work for me is a good thing.

 It makes so much sense! Apply once, and your done! Love it!

Let it dry for eight hours for the product to bond to the surface of the glass.

The water slides right off the glass.

You can also use these products on windows. Can’t you just imagine the possibilities?

Enduro-Sheild also make a similar kit for tile and grout.

You can find it on their company website here.

I will be trying the tile kit next.

But for today, I am looking forward to having a clean shower for a long time to come.

Duluth Trading Long Tail Henley Product Review


I have been keeping this item to myself. I admit it. I love it so much, I wasn’t sure I wanted to share with the crowd.

However, I have decided that you need to know about Duluth Trading’s Long Tail Henley T. It’s THAT GOOD.

I haven’t done an apparel review in a while, frankly there aren’t many things on the market worth talking about.

In my life before children, I worked in Quality Assurance for a large apparel retailer. It was my job to review first production samples and make recommendations for construction improvement.

Most of items I see in retail stores are low quality. With the down slide of the economy, garments just aren’t made the way they used to be. Cost cuts have been necessary in production and garments have a tendency to shrink, pill or bleed in the wash, or don’t fit well to begin with.

Many items currently on the market lack the small quality details that were once standard in the industry. Needless to say, I don’t shop very much anymore.

The Long Tail Henley is another story. Duluth Trading has an excellent reputation for their top quality construction. I have been to their store in southern Wisconsin, and I drool every time I am there.

My first impressions of the Long Tail Henley was that the colors were great, more than 13 colors to choose from! So many great shades, it was hard to choose which one was for me.

In the end, I was captivated by the Sea Port Blue.  The knit fabric is a superior weight, it has great coverage, and didn’t shrink a bit in the wash.  This shirt is 2″ longer than other T’s, it is well shaped and has a feminine look to it. According to their website, this fabric is also fade and pill resistant, and even has UPF 35 protection. A definite plus for those of us who love to be outdoors!

This shirt has 3/4 sleeves which I love. My arms are long and I love to be able to push the sleeves up and wear lots of bracelets. I noticed that the sleeves didn’t stretch out when wearing, which is one of my pet peeves!




A few designer perks, the 6 button placket is nicely finished around the neck and includes beautiful box stitching at the base. This keeps the placket from ever coming loose or developing a hole, not many garments are made this well.



 The top stitching around the sleeve and neck are a definite bonus, these are small details that make for a lifetime of excellent performance.

I could own one of these in every color, and plan to order several for gifts this holiday season.