Warm and Fluffy Ragged Baby Quilt

Warm and fluffy quilts are loved by little ones, this ragged baby quilt is fairly simple to make and won’t break the bank!

Flannel Ragged Baby Quilt|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com
Ragged Baby Quilt: Northern Territory Pattern

Ragged Baby Quilt

Warm and fluffy blankets are always on my bed and furniture during the cold months. A soft flannel quilt is frequently fought over by all of our family members to cuddle with while watching tv. I made this darling baby quilt for our neighbors who just had a baby boy. It’s so cute, I was tempted to keep it. Not that it would cover even part of my generous sized body, but I just liked it. So soft and fuzzy!

Ragged baby quilts are fun to make even if you are without a lot of quilting experience. You don’t need any fancy quilting machines or other supplies which is great. The pattern for this quilt is available for immediate download in my new pattern shop! Whoo, hoo!

The shop has been a long time in coming, and I am very excited to have it put together!

The Chambray Blues Sewing Patterns site is up and running! I am adding more patterns (crafts, quilting, apparel and home decor) as well as notions and fabrics each week so be sure to stop back if you don’t find what you are looking for.


If you need a pattern for something specific, I also make custom pdf sewing patterns. Send me your requests at Jessica@designerssweetspot.com and I will try to accommodate your needs. You can read about my compensation rates on the Hire Me page here.

Cozy Ragged Baby Quilt|designers sweet spot|desginerssweetspot.com
Back of Northern Territory Ragged Baby Quilt

Ragged Baby Quilt Supplies Needed:

•3 various flannel prints, 1/2 each small buffalo check, large buffalo check, patterned moose print

•2 solid flannel colors, 1/2 yard each red and black

•1 1/2 yards solid black flannel for backing

•1 package baby quilt size poly-fiber quilt batting

Northern Territory Ragged Baby Quilt Pattern (purchase here through Chambray Blues)

•Matching thread


Finished quilt size is 36″ x 36″.

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Flannel Ragged Baby Quilt|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com
Ragged Baby Quilt: Northern Territory Pattern

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Make A Stunning Shibori Print Shoulder Bag

Shibori prints are all the rage right now, this easy to make shoulder bag will be the envy of all your friends!

Make a Stunning Shibori Print Shoulder Bag|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

Shibori Print Should Bag

This Shibori fabric jumped out at me in a fabric store recently. We were on vacation in Colorado and I was spending my free time looking for project inspiration. This beautiful cotton comes from Moda Fabrics, and I must say I am addicted to it! Shibori is a traditional Indian method of folding fabric and dying with indigo dyes. It is stunning in it’s simplicity!

I knew I wanted to make something unique with this fabric, and I finally settled on this adorable shoulder bag. I plan to keep my knitting in it to take to knitting engagements or bring it along in the car in hopes that I may have a bit of free time to knit between appointments. You could just as easily use this draw string bag for a purse, for your gym clothes or to take the beach. I did not add pockets to my version, but you could if you desire.

Make a Stunning Shibori Print Shoulder Bag|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

Shibori Shoulder Bag Features

The bag features a quilted body, drawstring top, adjustable cotton cording closure, and colorful two tone design. The shoulder straps can be adjusted for any size by sewing additional strips of fabric together.

I have a confession to make, I haven’t actually sewed it yet. I have a sketch, my fabric and a plan. I am sewing the entire project today on FB Live! You won’t want to miss it, 2pm Central time you can watch on my FB page here.

This unique design is not difficult to make and is rather deceiving in it’s simplicity. The link below contains the complete supply list and sewing directions. The pattern (contains affiliate links) is absolutely free for you to download for your personal use.


My blogger friend Emily over at Life Sew Savory is in the middle of a major move right now, and she asked me to share this live sewing tutorial on her Facebook page. This Facebook live guest post video will explain the entire sewing process from start to finish much better than I could in writing! Be sure to check out Emily’s page and her weekly sewing show for more inspiration!

Make a Stunning Shibori Print Shoulder Bag|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

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How to Make a Dresden Plate Pillow

This post was sponsored by Nancy’s Notions. I was compensated in some way for writing this post. Any opinions given are completely my own. For a complete list of disclosure rules see the disclosures page.

How to Make a Dresden Plate Pillow|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

I have admired this Dresden Plate design for quite some time. My friend and I first spotted it at the huge Quilt Expo a couple of years ago. The design template and directions are an easy to use kit from Nancy’s Notions. I was very excited to have a chance to work with Nancy’s Notions on this project, since they are located in my home town here in Wisconsin.

The Dresden Plate kit comes with a plastic template and instruction booklet. You can make any one of a dozen or so different styles by adding different fabrics and sewing variations. I decided to make a pillow version with some patriotic inspired fabrics. The original Dresden Plate design is for a table top decoration, but I decided I would get more use out of a pillow than a table topper. I also decided that larger was better in this case, I used the full size of the template for this project.

Dresden Plate Pillow Supplies:

•3 coordinating cotton fabrics of patriotic design, about 1/2 yard of each red and white strip, blue chambray and navy blue with stars

•Matching Thread, heavy duty

•Poly-fiberfill stuffing, or an old bed pillow

•Quilting Ruler, Cutting Mat and rotary cutter

•Sewing machine


•Spray Starch

•Iron on patch in a dark color

•Sewing needle and thread

•Fabric pen or marker

How to Make a Dresden Plate Pillow|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

The red and white Yoyo in the center of this pillow gives it a fun dash of Patriotic color. I can see myself taking the pillow along with my favorite blanket to those summer concerts in the park or to see the fireworks!

Here’s the entire process in a quick video!


  1. Iron each fabric to remove wrinkles, matching selvedges and raw edges. Spray with spray starch as you iron to keep the fabric crisp. The starch helps keep the bias cuts from stretching while you are cutting and sewing.
  2. Place the fabric fold edge close to you on a large cutting mat. Measure a 12″ inch strip and cut with a quilting ruler and rotary cutter. Cut 2 strips from each of two fabrics for the pillow top.
  3. Line up the fabric strips on the horizontal. Place the template on the strip, mark the fabric with a fabric pen and cut out with the rotary cutter. This goes faster if you layer your fabric strips. Cut a total of 6 chambray blue and 6 navy blue pieces. For dark printed fabrics it’s easier to mark and cut on the wrong side so you can see your cutting lines.
  4. Cut a 7″ circle in contrasting red and white stripe fabric. (I used a plate to draw my circle).
  5. Lay out the Dresden Plate pieces on the table to view the finished look before sewing.
  6. Sew the pieces together with a stitch length of 2.5 on your sewing machine.
  7. Press seams. Cut a 3″ circle of the iron on patch material and fuse it to the center of the design with the iron. The patch should cover the hole completely. You can also cut a fabric piece for this, but I decided that using a fusible patch was easiest.
  8. Hand stitch a 1/4″ turned seam on the edge of the red and white fabric circle. Using the thread tails, pull up the threads to gather the edges and create the Yoyo circle. Tie off threads and clip ends. Slip stitch in place over the iron on patch.
  9. Place pillow top right side up on red and white contrasting fabric, cut around all edges to make the back of the pillow.
  10. Pin pillow front and back together with WRONG sides together. Stitch around outside edge with a blanket stitch or zigzag stitch. (I like the home spun look this gives the pillow.) Leave a 6-8″ opening to insert the stuffing.
  11. Stuff the pillow with poly fiberfill stuffing. If you are using an old bed pillow, cut away the pillow casing. Pull apart used fiberfill and fluff. Then insert the used fiberfill into the new pillow. Be sure to stuff all the “petal edges” around the pillow.
  12. Slip the opening back under the sewing machine foot and sew closed with the same stitch as before.

How to Make a Dresden Plate Pillow|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

The back of the pillow is also red and white stripe. I forgot to take photos of that. Oh, well. More tomorrow! Thanks to Nancy’s Notions for sponsoring this post!

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Wool Wave Pillow



lead Wine Bar

This project is part of the So You Think Your Crafty Contest.

To say that I am excited about being a part of this competition is a big understatement.

Our theme for Week One, was “Stash Bust”.

I have been hoarding pieces of wool for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity to use it.

These are 1/4 yard cuts of wool. Some are hand dyed, some are re-purposed. Usually they are used in quilting or appliqués, but I had a different idea for them.

pillow lead

My vision was a Wool Wave Pillow. This pillow only took about an hour to make from start to finish.

wave pattern

I created the wave pattern by cutting rectangular strips of wool 3 1/2″ wide. I used this piece of wavy Frog Tape as a pattern for the wave design, and cut ONE of the LONG edges into this wave pattern. After trimming the first piece, I cut 8 more identical ones for a total of 9 pieces.


front of stitching

I cut each piece from a different color of wool, you could use all the same colors if you wish.

The next step was to stitch them together. I found that my wool stretched slightly as I worked with it because of the bias cuts, which made it a bit difficult to sew. I would recommend putting a piece of Stitch Witchery underneath each seam and fusing them together with a warm iron before stitching to eliminate some of the stretch. Stitch Witchery is available from Amazon.com.

To sew the pieces together, I over lapped the wave edge of the first piece on top of the straight edge of the piece underneath, then top stitched along the wave edge from the right side. The blanket stitch worked well for this method, I used black thread so it would be easy to see and added some contrast.

back of stitching

This is what the pieces look like from the BACK SIDE. If your wool is thick, you may want to trim away some of the extra seam allowance, I did not since my wool was rather light weight.

Each piece was assembled the same way until the end. For the last piece, I INVERTED the wave to have the straight edge on the right side (basically the two wave edges overlapped for the last two pieces). This gave me straight edge on both the right and left sides, thus a neat rectangular piece to sew the black flannel backing on. I left a hole of 6″ to stuff the pillow with poly fiberfill stuffing, then slip stitched it closed with a needle and thread.

pillow and sofa

The pillow is now my favorite addition to our living room, I love the bright colors against our new teal sofa!

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