Cameo Jewelry Box

cameo box

I am out of the running for the So You Think Your Crafty challenge this week. It was a lot of fun, and I am glad I had the opportunity to be in it. This week’s theme was Paint.

I spent a lot of time deciding what project to do. I thought about doing furniture or painting an entire room, but decided I would be rushed and it probably wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted.

Sometimes simpler, is better.

Such is the case with this Cameo Jewelry Box.

jewelry box before

I found this little cedar box at the thrift store. It looked old and unloved. I liked the unique details it had, although they were difficult distinguish against the dark wood.

The top and front of the box had old brass plated cameos on them. I love cameos! The finish had long worn off and the brass was no longer shinny and beautiful as it once was.

jewelry box before inside

inside jewelry box

I painted the box with two coats of General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint both inside and out. I left a circle in the center of the lid where the original grain of the wood would show.

I found the silhouette graphic online, printed and cut it out.  I used Mod Podge to adhere it to the area in side the circle. The finishing touch was a bit of gold braid that I glued around the circle with craft glue.

The bottom of the box has a scrap piece of black suede in it. Something about the black makes the jewelry look even more beautiful.

cameo box

The top of the box has more cameos and gold strapping. In the center has a gold monogram. I used craft book letters for the monogram and glued them on with more craft glue.


jewelry box front

The details on the box were brought back to life with Modern Master’s Gold Metallic Paint. I painted them with a small brush and even painted the feet of the box to match.

A light sanding on the edges of the box gave it a distressed look. A final coat of General Finishes Brown Glaze effects gave the box more of a vintage charm and brought out the cameo details. I sprayed the entire box with a matte sealer to protect it.

I love how it turned out, it looks so right with Grandma’s pearls!

I will be keeping tabs on the rest of the competition, you can see this week’s winner on the So You Think Your Crafty website.


How to Make a Holiday Cheese Board for Entertaining

Entertaining is easy with a beautiful cheese tray and some wine. Here’s how to put together a tasty display for every appetite.
How to Make a Holiday Cheese Board|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.comCheese Board How to:

I love entertaining. It is so much fun to have friends and family over for a meal or even just an appetizer. Part of the attraction is that I like to buy a few special things that we don’t eat on an every day basis to serve when we have company.

A cheese tray is always part of the plan for entertaining at our house. We enjoy shopping for unique cheeses, and paring them with other fruity, savory, sweet or salty components.

How to Make a Holiday Cheese Board|Designers Sweet Spot|

Our favorite cheese boards include a little of everything to satisfy even the pickiest eater. I like to combine domestic and imported cheeses. I also be sure to have a variety of cow’s milk, sheep and goat cheese selections for those who can’t eat dairy products.

Here’s how the cheese board gets put together:

Sweet ingredients: Thinly sliced apples, Candied Walnuts, red grapes, chopped dried apricots, dried cranberries.

Savory ingredients: Roasted pumpkin seeds, raw almonds, crunchy Italian bread sticks, slices of chewed French baguette and crisp gluten free crackers.

How to Make a Holiday Cheese Board|Designers Sweet Spot|

There are so many cheese to choose from! I like to look for a variety of color and texture when choosing cheeses to make the board visually appealing as well as tasty.

Soft Cheeses:

•Mild goat cheese

•Port Wine Cheese Spread

•Swiss Almond Cheese Spread


•Port Salute

How to Make a Holiday Cheese Board|Designers Sweet Spot|

Medium Cheeses:

•Petite Basque Sheep’s Milk Cheese from France

•Stripey Jack Cheese from England (Double Gloucester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Wensleydale and Cheddar)

•Baby Swiss (domestic).

A few bits of green lettuce set off the colors and make for easy clean up under the soft cheeses. Most cheeses are served at room temperature, but the medium and hard cheeses are more easily sliced if they are chilled. You can chill your cheese board before hand in the refrigerator for 15 minutes if you prefer them cold. My cheese board is made from black marble. There are some beautiful black marble boards available in my affiliate link here.

How to Make a Holiday Cheese Board|Designers Sweet Spot|

I love the contrast of the dark board against the light cheese, it sets off the cheese beautifully. You can buy a slate cheese board through my affilate link here.

The cheeses I used can be found at most Wholefoods stores and ordered from Crystal Creek Dairy.

Be sure to order some wine to go along with it, this company delivers directly to your home! (affiliate link)

Time to eat! Don’t forget to pin this post!


How to Make a Holiday Cheese board|Designers sweet Spot|
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So You Think Your Crafty Week 3 and a Giveaway




Here we are on Week 3 of the 8 Week So You Think Your Crafty Challenge! I am still part of the challenge, but this is bound to be the toughest week yet!

This week’s theme is “Paint”.

I love painting, but will I make the cut?

You decide! You can vote for your favorite project over at So You Think Your Crafty.

Voting will remain open until Wednesday evening at 6 pm MT.


Last week’s winning project was Virginia with her tiny little Peg Doll Craft. Isn’t it cute? The complete tutorial is on the So You Think Your Crafty website today.

Congrats Virginia!

Here’s our giveaway link for this week! You can win a $25.00 Home Depot gift card!


So You Think Your Crafty Week 2 Giveaway

Kids Can Do Season 18 Week 2 Header


Hello Friends! Glad you are back for another look at the So You Think Your Crafty Contest!

The good news is that I have made it to week 2! Yippee!

The bad news is that I did not win the So You Think Your Crafty week 1 challenge. Oh, well! I am still having a great time coming up with project ideas to share with you.

Right now, the Week 2 Projects are posted on the SYTYC website and ready for your vote!

I am hard at work on my next project which you will see later in the week, but for now….


The winning entry for last week’s STASH BUST competition was this beautiful Mixed Media Bracelet from Ashley at  My Craftily Ever After.

Isn’t it pretty? The complete tutorial is on her blog today.

The week 2 challenge will be even tougher as now there are only 7 of us in the competition.

Each week one person will be “sent home” until the end of the competition. Crazy right?

This week you can win a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card!

You can buy yourself some great crafty supplies with that money! Enter the give away below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Spooky Succulent Garden

finished succulent garden

Halloween isn’t one of my favorite holidays.

However, I usually have one small decoration around this time of year.

This time, I made a Spooky Succulent Garden.

Succulents are about the spookiest thing I can think of.

They are sharp, odd shapes and colors, and have almost no roots. The best thing is that they require almost no care.

Supplies for garden2

I started with a saucer filled with cactus soil and some succulents that needed transplanting.

Supplies for garden

I came across these mini figurines at the Dollar Tree and I thought they would work great for this project. I had the crows left over from my decorations from last year, but I think they also came from the Dollar Tree.

in progress

To make the garden, I decided where to put the plants first. I wanted the “castle” to be the center of attention at the back of the tray and tried it out on a plastic container.  In the end, I decided to use a flower frog to put it on.  If you don’t have a frog, a plastic container would still work. Then I placed the trees, sticking them down into the soil to anchor them.

placing the plants

I purchased black aquarium gravel at Walmart to make the plants stand out and give the entire garden that spooky appearance. I removed the castle because I wanted it to sit on top of the soil along with the other figurines. I put the gravel over the soil, and patted it in place.

macro spooky succulents

I placed the castle on top of the soil next. The castle is sitting on a flower frog that I covered with floral moss for a bit of spooky, dead grassy interest. A few topiary pins hold it into place. If you use a plastic container, you will have to glue the moss on the container.

All these supplies came from the Dollar Tree.

I love the little crow in the tree, he is my favorite. I also love the pink Where-wolf, he cracks me up! Did you know Where-wolves wore pink? Neither did I!

At any rate, the colors in the figurines work well with the succulents.

birds eye view

A few wisps of spider web, and a couple of little black spiders make the display complete. I added a few extra rocks, just to make things interesting.

finished succulent garden

Spooky garden porch

Perhaps this little garden is not so spooky after all. Our giant squeaky rat and the Mamma crow stand guard over the succulents on our porch.

Thanks for stopping by!

I made it to week two of the So You Think Your Crafty contest! Thanks for all your support! The overall winner of this weeks competition is featured on SYTYC today. More projects to come, there are 7 more weeks to go!