Spring Color




I am having a difficult time concentrating lately. The sun is shining and suddenly  I am blind to all the work that I should be doing. I want nothing more than to sit outside and soak up the sun, even if I need to wear a coat. Spring is slow to arrive.

I am dying to plant the garden, but it’s too early.

I am dying to go for long walks along the lake shore, but it’s still too cold.

I am dying to pack up and move to our new location (more to come!)  because I hate sitting around waiting to move. But, it’s too early for that as well, we won’t be moving until mid-summer.

I am looking for spring colors everywhere, but none of them seem just right.


I love the color of these tulips, but they seem to orange.

I don’t think I could live in an orange room. It’s just not me.


I am dying to paint new walls bright beautiful spring colors. Like these yellow tomatoes, aren’t they the perfect shade?

I am dying to plant new and interesting things in ponds and experiment with unique features and water fountains. I am dying to make big flower beds filled with splashes of color that will scream of spring.

Sigh. Guess it will all just have to wait.

Perhaps you are “stuck in the middle” right now too. Not sure which way you are headed or when it will finally arrive.

Do you like uncertainty? Do you like waiting? I don’t. Uncertainty and waiting are very uncomfortable for me.

I like things concrete. Definite. I like to know where and when I am going to do something. I generally don’t care much for surprises.


I love the clash of the greens and reds in this photo, but I am a little tired of red this year. Can you believe it? Me? I love red. The greens have me thinking though. I could live with green. Really, I could. Lots of it.

Green screams of spring. In fact I saw the cutest little green hand bag at the thrift store the other day……and Target has the cutest little green Ked sneakers.

They had some pink ones too, I am just not a pink person, even though pink is a great spring color.


For now, I will just have to be content. Thanks for listening to my rambling, I feel better already.

What colors make you think of spring?

DIY Woolly Sheep


It’s spring here this week. Yup, it is. Regardless of the temperatures and weather forecasts, to me it is SPRING.

There are some woolly sheep that live down the road from us. They are absolutely adorable especially at the end of the winter when their coats get big and thick.

Have you ever been to a spring sheep shearing? It’s so much fun to watch. I would highly recommend it.

I found these adorable little sheep at an antique sale recently. They looked out of place and had to come home with me.

I purchased the three sheep on the left, the one on the right I made to go with the others. Here’s how I did it:



White and Black Wool Roving (you can purchase this from craft stores in the knitting department)

felting needle

Cinnamon sticks or twigs for legs

small piece of floral foam


I began by winding the white wool roving tightly around the palm of my hand to make a ball. After I started this I realized I wasn’t going to have enough wool, so I ended up using a piece of floral foam in the middle of my sheep body and winding the wool around it to save on materials. You can do it either way. You could also use a cheaper wool yarn in the middle of the ball/body and put the white wool roving around the outside.


After a time, I slipped my palm out of the wool, and began winding in the opposite direction. Continue winding as before changing directions until desired body shape is formed.


After I formed my body (remember mine has foam in the middle, I forgot to take a picture of it), I used the black roving to make a head.

I just bunched up the wool and used the felting needle to secure it into the wool. It takes a bit of stabbing, but it does work.


After the face, came the ears. I used more wool and draped it across the top of the head, then secured again with the felting needle. Sorry for the poor picture, I don’t have a tripod yet, it’s hard to shoot and use the needle at the same time.


I used cinnamon stick legs, and secured them into the foam body with hot glue. Make sure your sheep will stand up before gluing.

Then the last step was to “fluff” the sheep out by adding scraps of wool around the body to give a curly effect. I had bits of leftover roving about 2-3″ long, and worked great for this process. I applied them randomly in a curly pattern all over the sheep body.

I did not felt my sheep, but you certainly could. If you decide to felt, be sure to use 100 percent wool yarn, and do not use the foam. Make your yarn ball/body, then put it through the wash cycle and dryer cycles to felt it before adding the head, ears and legs.

Be sure to come back March 3 for the Mega Spring Linky Party!


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