Love Letters from the Past


I have been debating about this Love Letters from the Past post for days. I am not at all sure you are going to be interested in this. I am also not sure if it is my place to write this story, if it’s none of my business or if it’s totally out of my decor niche.

Actually, I am sure it’s out of my niche.

But, some of my most popular posts are ones that I thought you would never read. They are the most successful yet, they are the ones I was almost embarrassed to share because I was sure they were so awful.

Most definitely out of my niche.

So, I guess I have to ask. I need I know for sure what you would do.

Would you be interested in reading a real life love story?

love letters

It’s the love story of my grandmother, who at age 75 met the love of her life. No, he wasn’t my grandfather.

He was his best friend. They hadn’t seen each other in more than 40 years since they attended college.

The two of them were re-united after my grandfather passed away, courted, dated, and eventually married until death did they part.

Who would have thought that love would blossom at age 75?


I have been going through my mementos, cleaning things out.

My mother passed this pile of Grandma’s letters on to me. At first I wasn’t very interested in them.

But, then I picked up and read the first letter.

I was hooked.

I organized them by date. I discovered that Grandma had also saved Joe’s letters. Not only did I have her side of the story, but his response as well.

I have only read one of them so far.

I am not at all sure if I should continue.

What do you think?

Here’s a snippet from the first letter she wrote to him. Joe had heard of his friends passing and sent his condolences to Grandma. He had lost his wife several years before and was wintering in Florida. They had not seen each other in more than 40 years.

February 1981

Hello Joe,

By now you’re sporting a golden tan! The “Bermuda High” which has been hanging over us for a week (to every one’s joy), has made me feel that spring isn’t so far away, after all. With the arrival of your letter, I saw my first robin. Did you send him up? What a thrill. We’ve never seen them so early.

I am so glad your sister is coming to stay with you for a while. You’ll enjoy her company and she will enjoy your good food. I have a feeling your a very good cook and are being far too modest. What is your specialty? With all the beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables in the markets there, you can always find variety and vitamins galore.

I am a vitamin “nut” and I do believe they make a difference in the way one feels. After examining the damage inter has done, I certainly will need more than a handful to get me through the spring chores. I have found a horrendous situation in the back lawn where moles, I assume, burrowed, making channels, chewing up grass roots, under the snow mounds. The snow is gone now, so I’m stuck with the problem. We have never had this happen before. I can’t trace their hide-out but the neighbors next door have a new kitten. Who is learning to hunt and I am depending on her help. Any good suggestions?

I’ve been wondering if you and Josie ever explored the flea market at Webster. I hear it’s one of the biggest in Florida. You haven’t mentioned when you’ll be heading north. April maybe? Late in March my daughter is coming to visit.

your letter was the highlight of my day. Love hearing from you and your life in Florida. I feel like I’ve been trapped in a cage all winter. What a fun idea to go to New England! Don’t give all of your garden to your neighbors, perhaps you can share some with me!



Valentine Loot Bags

lead valentine


February is here and I am all about hearts right now. Heart charms, cookies, cakes, valentines, chocolates, love letters, sappy romantic Hallmark movies, you name it.

I am a sucker for romance, I admit it.

Being such a romantic, I couldn’t resist putting together some little Valentine Loot Bags for an upcoming class I am teaching.

No particular reason, just because they are do darn cute.

Who doesn’t love Valentine Loot?

It’s the best kind there is!

wide frame

I bought the little fabric bags in the “blanks” section of the craft store.

Blanks are fabric items pre-made and ready for your personal decorating touch. There is no sewing involved.

The bags come in packs of four and run about .50 cents each.

These bags are small, about 5″ square.

Just the right size for collecting Loot.


I also picked up some polkadot ribbon, heart and arrow charms (Walmart), Heat Bond (in the sewing notions) and 1/2 yard of red fabric.


Cut a heart shape out of scrap paper.

Using the paper as a template, cut a heart out of the Heat Bond material, and the red fabric.

Using an iron on the medium setting, iron the Heat Bond fabric to the wrong side of the red fabric. Keep the iron moving slightly so it doesn’t scorch the bag.

When the two pieces have adhered together, peel of the paper backing and position the heart on the bag. 

Iron again so the heart adheres to the bag.

Cut a length of ribbon for a bow to decorate the handle.

pin detail

The final touch was a big safety pin with some cute button and charms.

Just thread the buttons and charms on the pin and attach to your bag.

That’s it, your finished!

love letters


You can fill your Valentine Loot Bag with any number of things. I love these little plastic hearts from the Dollar Store, and of course, chocolate.

I even added one of my Grandmother’s love letters, there is quite a story about her.

She will be the topic of another post!

Ink Effects Heart Pillow




Welcome friends! Today I am playing with paint!

I am loving how my crafty project turned out!

I painted these watery hearts on water color paper and then transferred them to this white pillow case.

It may sound complicated, but it’s not.

ink effects

This pillow is printed with a product I newly discovered over at Decor Art called Ink Effects. I ordered the purple and magenta colors for this project.


The other supplies you will need are water color paper, tooth picks, a water color brush, jar of water, medicine dropper, pencil, scissors, an iron and a light colored cotton pillowcase.


1) Cut out a heart shape as desired (I used scrap paper for this). Trace on to the water color paper to use as a guide for painting.

2) Dip the brush in the water, wet the paper generously from top to bottom.

3) Using one tooth pick per color, dip the tooth pick in the Ink Effects paint, then drag it around on the wet paper. You can mix and blend the colors, letting the water on the paper carry the ink where it wants to go. This is not a time to worry about colors running together, they are supposed to do that.


Your work should look something like this. The water color paper may curl a bit while wet, but don’t worry about it, it will flatten as it dries.

4) Let your work dry completely, at least 30 minutes.

5) Cut out your heart shapes from the painted paper.

6) Arrange painted side down on to your pillow case, using a hot iron (on the cotton setting), iron for 3-5 minutes slowly moving the iron over the entire shape over and over to complete the transfer.

Remove the paper and admire your work!

Tip: Try not to move the paper around or it will blur the artwork. Also, remove the paper slowly and peak under the corner to be sure all of your image transferred. I had to go over a couple of parts of it again to completely transfer the entire image.


There is something romantic about water colors and hearts.

Makes me want to curl up and read love letters…….more on that later!

I had so much fun with this project. I painted an entire pad of water color paper. The only reason I stopped was because I ran out of paper.

Guess I’ll be making a trip to the craft store tomorrow.

Ink Effects is simple and easy to use. I have been researching transfer methods, and so many of them are complicated. I love being able to just iron this one!

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, I can tell!

I will have more fun crafts to show you with this product in the future!

Do you have a craft to share? Come on, let’s link up over at the Spring Craft Blog Hop!