5 Easy Ways to Save Big Money on Your Water Bill

Saving money on water also helps conserve our natural resources. Here are 5 easy things you can do to reduce your water cost and consumption! 

5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

5 Easy Ways to Save $$$

Our water bill used to be out of hand. We had 4 little boys who were dirty, messy and regularly needed their nightly baths. But as our kids grew, so did our water bill. It seemed the bigger they got, the longer they spent in the bathroom taking showers and bathing. Things got so bad, we had to make some new rules in order to keep our bills in check. Here’s the solutions that we have adopted over the years. This is a sponsored post. Any opinions given are completely my own.

5 Easy Ways to Save Money on your Water Bill|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

Top 5 $$$ Savers

  1. Install a water conserving shower head. This shower head from Waterpik uses only 2 gallons of water per shower. Even though we live in an area that has plenty of fresh water, this shower head greatly reduces our need to use more. The best part? Just unscrew the old shower head and screw on the new one. Installation is that easy! The waterfall design is lovely, and it even has massaging Power Pulse jet spray options. We don’t notice any reduction in water flow and the kids are none the wiser.  We plan to put one in each bathroom!

I love this video, it explains everything you need to know about this amazing shower head.

2. Teach your family members to take “SAILOR” showers. My father was in the Navy. During his time in the service the sailors took “sailor” showers. That is they only used enough water to get wet and rinse. He taught us to use the smallest amount of water possible in the shower. Turn on the water, get completely wet. Turn off the water and lather up with shampoo and soap. Then turn on the water again when you are ready to rinse. There is really no need to run the water the entire time. You can save a huge amount of water by using this technique.

Quick Showers take Discipline

3. Set a timer for 5 minutes each time you go into the shower. We are busy people. We don’t have time to lallygag in the shower every single morning. Our kids grew up with us knocking on the door when their 5 minutes in the shower were up. We strictly enforced this family rule. It just wasn’t allowed. We had one bathroom and everyone only got 5 minutes to get in  and out. It’s amazing how fast you can shower when you know you are on a time clock.

5 Ways to Save on Your Water Bill|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

4. Have the slowest person use the shower last. Our family has high standards for obedience. If you are in and  out of the shower on time, you get to use it first the next day. Using the shower first guarantee you have plenty of hot water. If you are too slow, you are moved to the last place in the family lineup. After 5 other people have had showers before you, there isn’t any hot water to be had. Thus the boys learn very quickly to shower within the required 5 minute time frame or risk getting a freezing cold shower the next day (which makes them get in and out even faster, LOL!).

The Showering Truth

5. Restrict the number of daily showers and baths. This may be tough for some folks. Perhaps you will disagree. But, let’s be honest.  Most people do not need to shower every single day. Every other day or every 2-3 days will do in most cases. Our sons who are mechanics need daily showers. Our son who is a writer, not so much. The number one rule is to always be clean for Sunday (my rule!). Other than that, you can pinch a bit here and there. Better yet, if you regularly go to the gym to work out, take your showers there!

5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill|Designers Sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

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Being on a tight budget requires some creativity! Using a different shower head is an easy way to start this journey! The Waterpik shower head is a great way to start and won’t break the budget.  If you aren’t sure how to install your shower head properly, click on this link for a complete tutorial:  Thanks to Waterpik for sponsoring this post!

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