Announcing the New Abode

I can’t believe I am making this announcement. We have a new abode.

We had no intention of moving again, but we are once again in the process.

It’s crazy, we have moved more times than I can count. This time though, we are buying a house.

We have been renting for years, fixing up rentals as we go, making them our home.


We are so excited to finally have a permanent place of our own. We have dreamed and been disappointed so many times. We have faith that this time, our dreams will come true.

I don’t think I could handle another disappointment. It would crush me.

This home has everything we have always wanted, and so much more.

We love the vintage style of this home. It was beautifully staged.


If they would have offered the furnishings for sale with the house, we would have bought them.

My favorite thing about it, is that it has a space for my design studio.

It needs a little work, however.



We have to have at least one renovation project or it won’t be any fun, you know?

It also has a cute little yard, the perfect size for a little garden and chickens. And a sweet wrought iron fence.

It even has a BARN.

But the best thing thing about this home is …….


That it is OURS.


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