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 The basement renovation project is pretty much complete. It’s not perfect, but for now it will have to do. It’s hard to know when to stop on one of these projects. You could put hundreds of dollars and hours and hours of time into something that you aren’t really sure about.

We have a one year lease at this location and will probably move again next summer. It really limits your decor options.

My original goal was to have an entertaining space, and a place to watch TV.  This room fits the bill, there are plenty more things we could do, but for the amount of time we plan to spend here, we are done with improvements.

I would love to buy new furniture, but in my experience if you buy furniture to fit one location and then move, it never has quite the same effect. It isn’t worth spending the money at this time. Sigh. I wish it was.

The last project in the entertainment room is the basement shelving. We considered lots of options, but none of them were very cost effective.

My dream shelves are from Crate and Barrel. The dream shelves are retailing at a whopping $1500.00. Needless to say, my dreams are much bigger than my budget.

The lower cost option, is just average shelving. We purchased two white metal wall brackets at the home improvement store and several sets of shelf supports for less than $20.00.

The white brackets are almost invisible on the white walls. It’s the next best thing to a fancy set of shelves.

The boards we used for the shelves were found laying around in the garage, a little trimming and they fit the brackets just right.

Ignore the ugly chair, it’s one of my future projects. Or perhaps a future donation to the thrift store. I still haven’t decided.

The basement shelves hold vintage board games that we love to play during the long winters.

I found the vintage photo equipment for a few dollars at a thrift store, it actually still works. I love playing around with it.

I painted a couple of old mail boxes to match the basement red and white color scheme. They make great storage for cards, dice and small games.

 The vintage EXIT sign adds some personality to the mix.

This will have to do for the finished decor. There are several more projects to finish before the end of the summer. The days are going by so fast.

I am working on a closet desk space, a home office and have a few more dark, dreary rooms to paint before the summer is over.

Hope to get an early start tomorrow!

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