Blog Photography is an important skill for growing your brand and getting sponsors. Here’s how a few simple changes can improve your photography and make you more competitive in the blogging market.

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Blog Photography is Important

Why should you learn blog photography? The business of blogging is incredibly fast paced and always changing. As a blogger you feel like you don’t have time to spend hours and hours on any one project or skill. Designing a project, photographing, editing, posting on social media, proofing and promoting your work takes valuable time. Efficiency in blogging is something we are all trying to achieve. Spending time improving your blog photography skills will be well worth the effort to get your blog posts noticed and featured. If you scrambling for opportunities and find you are constantly being turned down for new opportunities as a blogger, it’s time to invest in your blog and improve your photography skills.

There are millions of bloggers publishing posts every day. Project trends and styles come and go, an idea that goes viral today will be yesterday’s news practically overnight. What is the one advantage that you have to make you stand out from the blogging competition? Your individual photographic technique and style.

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Learning a New Skill Takes Time and Practice

It is not hard to take good photographs, but it does take practice and knowledge. In this book you will learn type of camera to use, proper lighting, edit in Adobe Lightroom5, how to colorize, display and style your photos. Bonus printable features cheat sheets are included for each area of study. These are all factors that define your individual style and your voice as a blogger. Working on your photography technique will open new doors for your blog that you never dreamed of before.

My Story

I can see how far I have come in my photography skills since I began blogging seven years ago. No matter what level of expertise you currently have, there is room to improve and grow. My goal has always been to constantly improve, and I see no end to that goal.  I am ready to share what I have learned with you so you can spend more time being productive, and less time struggling to figure out how to take great photographs.

One of my favorite quotes is:

[bctt tweet=”“Be so good at what you do, they can’t ignore you.” Quote by Anonymous” username=”Designermom4″]

Enjoy the journey of Learning Through the Lens.



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