30 Day Photo Challenge

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30 Day Photo Challenge completely changed the way I used a camera. My attempts at learning are now public in this humorous ebook.

30 Day Photo Challenge: Improve your photography and laugh at my attempts to master the camera. |Designers sweet Spot|www.designerssweetspot.com

30 Day Photo Challenge

It started with a random download from the internet. I made a conscious decision to learn to use my DSLR camera and going through this challenge changed my life. I made tons of mistakes along the way. You can read all my various humorous attempts at trying to master the digital photographic world.

Photography is Challenging

Learning to take great photographs is time consuming. In this book you can learn right along with me. Included are tips and tricks on how to improve your photograph by choosing correct camera settings and lighting, what types of equipment to use, and useful photography apps that will make photography even easier.

The Photography Story Continues

This fun ebook is the beginning of my photography journey. There is much more to my story as a photographer. My second photography book is called Learning Through the Lens: Blog Photography is also available and picks up where the 30 Day Photo Challenge leaves off. This book is bargain priced at $29.99. You can read more about this complete photography course by clicking on the button below.

Photography Resources

This Photography series is one of my top Pins on Pinterest. Follow my Photography Board for more useful ideas and inspirational photos. Need more details on specific skills? Try following my Photography Technique board for even more ideas and how to tutorials.

The 30 Days of Photo Challenge ebook is a bargain at only $1.99. I hope you will enjoy the journey!


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