Bohemian Nightstand



I have been working on this project for several days.

Actually, I have been thinking about it for several days. I found this adorable night stand at a thrift store recently. It called to me. It was several days later that I started painting.

I have been wanting a new nightstand for a while, and this was just the right size.

I have also been looking for just the right piece for furniture painting contest by Decor Art. I loved this piece because of it’s unique character and unusual hardware.

For some reason it seems like it is an ethnic piece, perhaps of Mexican origin or maybe even Indian.

I decided to just call it “Bohemian”.

balls and bowl


The first thing I did was to give it two coats of “Everlasting” Chalky Finish Paint by Decor Art. I debated for a couple of days as to which color to choose, since there are so many beautiful shades of Chalky Finish Paint. Everlasting is a lovely shade of white, I loved it immediately when I started putting it on.

While I was haunting the thrift stores, I came across some other cool things, like this gold bowl and gnarly looking faux fruit.

They both seemed pretty “bohemian” to me (actually they are native to Wisconsin! Who knew?)






lantern topI spotted these Moroccan style lanterns at Pier One Imports, they made it home with me too. By this point I considered “bohemian” to be a general term for anything exotic and cool. Did I mention that I am now completely smitten?

All before I even finished painting.




I gave the nightstand two coats of “Everlasting” Chalky Finish Paint by Decor Art. This brand has become one of my favorites, it’s so easy to work with. After it was dry, I distressed it a bit with a solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water, focusing on the edges and unique details of the wood to make them more obivious.

green balls, mirrors




Somehow, the paint and the distressing weren’t quite enough, so I added some castors to the piece. Nope, still needed something more.


I found a couple little bags of mirrored tiles and glued them behind some of the openings in the doors.

A little shine was just what it needed!

After I was finished, I proudly showed it to my husband. His comment: “You painted it WHITE? White is so boring!”

I guess it’s back to the drawing board!





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    1. I would like nothing better than to craft with you! Maybe we could do a blogger vacation some day? Cheers girlfriend!

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