Burlap Party Favors

finished party favors

It’s been quite a week around here. We have had parties, a funeral, and a birthday.

I have been working steadily on several projects, still haven’t finished any of them.

My phone died, our car died, and our son needed a tow.

Life seems to have gone crazy in just a few days.

I crave calm and simplicity.

I also crave chocolate when I am under stress.

I love these simple Burlap Party Favors, filled with chocolates and candies.

finished party favors2

The flowers, although they look pretty real, are faux Daisies from the Dollar Store.

I beheaded them for the cause. It made me feel better.

These were very easy to put together. It only took a few minutes while I was watching TV.

Burlap and candy

I used 6″ squares of burlap. I pre-washed the burlap so it’s not quite so stiff and messy. The squares were filled with chocolates and candies also from the Dollar Store.

Then I tied them up with twine, and inserted a pretty flower into the holes in the burlap above the bow.

burlap and flowers

I left the flowers a 2″ stem to insert into the fabric, it was just short enough to disappear in the folds of the burlap.

These Burlap Party Favors were part of some dinner decorations I made, you can see the Budget Fall Centerpieces that went with them here.

finished party favors

Simplicity is beautiful!



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