10 Laundry Rooms You’d Love to Spend Time In

Almost everyone I know dreads doing laundry (I personally find it relaxing). But a pretty laundry room might inspire you to tackle those piles of dirty clothes! Here are a few beautiful laundry rooms that might have you in full makeover mode this weekend. This laundry room is beautiful, but if you want to really appreciate it’s beauty head over to Twelve On Main for the before photos. Small budget? No problem! Julie Blanner demonstrates how some fresh paint and a few quick tricks can go a long way in a dark space. If you aren’t blessed with the luxury of a large laundry room, check out Lauren McBride  and her cute laundry closet. Houseful of Handmade was tired of the unused space she had between her washing machine and the wall so she created this handy sorting shelf! The bold flooring choice along with the painted cabinets make this laundry room one to remember. This makeover is another that you have to see to believe. Worthing Court created a beautiful and functional space out of what seemed to be a disaster. Check it out over on her blog! Sometimes simple is best! Copycatchic repainted her cabinet to a beautiful gray and added a few accessories to give her laundry space whole new feel. Lemon Thistle transformed a corner of her unfinished basement into this beautiful laundry room.  She created a beautiful space while still maintaining plenty of functional storage space because everyone needs more storage, right? This laundry room has to be one of my favorites. It shares a space with the mudroom which is so practical. I love…
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Farmhouse Bedding on a Budget

Farmhouse style has infiltrated almost every aspect of home decor in the past few years, including the bedroom. Here are a few of our favorite farmhouse bedding options under $100!  This post contains affiliate links. By making a purchase I will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you. Thank you for your support! Duvet Covers & Bedspreads Farmhouse style bedding is typically found in neutral shades, however I believe you can throw some color in there once in a while too! Most of these examples are duvet covers. I love my duvet and have had it for years! They allow for easy storage of multiple covers that take up minimal space, and I can justify changing out my bedding more often. There are 1 or 2 bedspreads thrown in the mix, just incase the duvet is not your thing. 1. Merryfeel Seersucker 100% Cotton Duvet Cover Set.  BUY NOW! 2. Rural Dandelion 100% Cotton Duvet Cover.  BUY NOW! 3. Softta 100% Cotton Duvet Cover Set.  BUY NOW! 4. Pure Era Jersey Knit Duvet Cover.  BUY NOW! 5. Lausonhouse 100% Linen Duvet Cover Set.  BUY NOW! 6. Laurel Foundry Savin Quilt Set.  BUY NOW! 7. Merryfeel 100% Cotton Duvet Cover Set.  BUY NOW! 8. Softta 100% Cotton Duvet Cover Set.  BUY NOW! 9. Susybao 100% Natural Cotton Duvet Cover.  BUY NOW! 10. Lausonhouse 100% Cotton Duvet Cover Set.  BUY NOW!   Throw Pillows & Blankets Throw pillow and blankets can make your room so cozy. Farmhouse style definitely supports going all out with the bedroom accessories. This is…
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Craft Room Organization Inspiration

Your craft room is a place for creativity, but just because it’s a creative space doesn’t mean it needs to be a disaster. We found quite a few handy tips on how to organize your crafting supplies, here are some of our favorites.  I have always appreciated a good pegboard. They’re such a flexible storage option since you can add or remove different aspects as your storage needs change. You won’t want to miss the transformation of this room on Just Call Me Homegirl. Polka Dot Poplars created this genius storage tower as a way to organize all the little things that seem to drop to the bottom of drawers. She made these fun colored jars just to match her room decor, the details are over on her blog. If you’re not a fan of the bare pegboard, check out this great alternative over on Southern Hospitality. She also shares a great organization tip for all that ribbon you have laying around. I wish I could tell you how hard it was to pick just one photo to share from In My Own Style. This is one of the most beautiful and organized craft rooms I’ve seen yet. I love the idea of this chest of drawers for organizing all those small pieces that don’t seem to have a home. Bonus: the labels on these drawers can easily be changed! You don’t want to miss this one! This is a fun way to display small bottles of paint. Today’s Creative Life used an everyday item from the home improvement store to create this cute (and functional)…
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10 Linen Closet Organization Ideas

The linen closet is the bane of every neat freak’s existence. Somehow, this one small closet attracts clutter much faster than other areas of the home. As we enter a new (hopefully less cluttered) year, we found a few ideas to inspire our own linen closet organization. This linen closet is every perfectionists dream! Julie Blanner painted the inside of her linen closet (a place that usually is neglected) a light color to create a brighter space, making it easier to find things. If this was my linen closet, I think I’d leave the door open all the time! No linen closet, no problem! Ella Claire added these practical yet beautiful shelves to her bathroom to create the storage space her home was lacking. Seeking Lavender Lane shares a great step-by-step guide for those that aren’t quite sure where to begin in their organizational efforts.  Make sure you head over to her blog to see the before photo of this closet, it’s very relatable and will give you hope for your own closet. While many people choose smaller baskets for their closet, Little Glass Jar uses larger metal bins. This creates such a clean feel to her closet while keeping all those smaller items in their place. For some reason, most homes have wire shelving in their linen closets. If this aspect of your closet bothers you, head over to Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry to see her solution! The large baskets Clean Mama uses create such a uniform feel. The best part about this closet organization though is the guest basket. No more digging around for clean (and relatively unwrinkled)…
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New Year’s Eve Party Inspiration

New Year’s Eve is about celebrating the year that has passed, and looking forward to the year to come. Here are a few great ways to make your New Year’s Eve party one to remember. Just because you want to keep things simple, doesn’t mean you should get rid of all the fun little details. Pretty My Party shares some fun details (plus a free printable)! You won’t want to miss these “Kiss Me Kits” Shaken Together Life put together! They are such a cute idea as party favors, of just for you and your honey. No party is complete without food. AKA Design shares some great appetizers to make your party good a hit. This New Year’s Eve mocktail will please both the young and the old. Check out Kleinworth & Co. for this recipe and many others! New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to write down those resolutions. Create a space for your party guests to list theirs. Lia Griffith shares how she created these cute cards over on her blog. Nothing says New Year’s like champagne! These pretty cake balls from Sugar & Soul are sure to be a hit. Head over to Domestically Blissful to see this match sign in action! This is something I never would’ve thought of. Celebrating New Year’s with kids can be so much fun. Here’s a great way to get them involved in the countdown! The Suburban Mom shares her tips on how to make this successful over on her blog. The Blue Eyed Dove shares all her fun tips on how to create a festive atmosphere. Head over to her blog for all…
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15 Christmas DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I love wrapping gifts. Maybe it’s my creative side. I enjoy making the packages look pretty under the tree. Here are a few DIY gift wrap ideas to make your wrapping this year a breeze.  This might be the easiest idea in this article! Grab a paper sack, a few stamps, and fresh eucalyptus and you’ll be all set. (Most grocery stores carry fresh eucalyptus in their floral departments.) The Beauty Dojo shares how to make these simple gift bags, perfect for oddly shaped presents. A few years ago, I was attempting to be as thrifty as possible over Christmas. I created these cute reusable bags as a way to wrap gifts! You won’t want to miss this super easy  over on Designers Sweet Spot. Bonus: you can use these bags again next year! If you have kids that want to get involved in the wrapping, this could be a fun project! My Sweet Things decided on a Christmas tree design, but the possibilities for this are really endless. Boxwood Avenue shares an excellent tutorial on how to make this cute Christmas light strand to dress up your packages. This is another great use for Washi tape. I love this idea from Almost Makes Perfect because it doesn’t require you to purchase anything specifically for your Christmas wrapping, but still looks festive! Check out this DIY over on 2 Bees in a Pod to see how thrifted shirts are used to create gift wrap.   Here’s another thrift store DIY. Sadie Seasongoods used what others might consider trash (and some consider treasure) to wrap…
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Beautiful Christmas Tablescapes

Decorating for Christmas is so much fun! However, it’s tempting to resort to your traditional routine. One way to mix up your holiday decor this season is with a beautiful Christmas tablescape. Here are a few of our favorites from around the web.  Enjoy!  There’s something special about a beautiful table that sets the mood for the season! I am always amazed at the creativity behind so many holiday tablescapes. We hope this roundup has given you the inspiration to create something new and exciting with your Christmas decor. Finally, remember that there’s no “right way” to decorate. You’re free to create something that truly makes YOU smile. Christmas Inspiration If you’re still looking for more noteworthy Christmas inspiration, check out these other articles: 12 Easy DIY Christmas Stockings Festive Cocktails for Holiday Parties DIY Decorative Holiday Pillows Spiced Hot Apple Cider   Remember to pin this post for later!  SaveSave SaveSave

12 Easy DIY Christmas Stockings

Christmas is here! It’s hard to believe it’s less than one month away. Whether you use your Christmas stockings as decoration or you fill them with goodies, they are a staple in most holiday decor. Here are a few easy DIY Christmas stockings to hang on your mantle this year.  These fun stockings require minimal sewing, in fact you could probably even accomplish them without a sewing machine! Room for Tuesday used a pre-made stocking as the form for these stockings, making it so easy to achieve the perfect shape. Who says all stockings have to have traditional Christmas designs? Add an unexpected surprise to your mantle this year with these adorable ice cream stockings by My Poppet Makes. You could already have everything you need to create this stocking! Seeking Lavender Lane repurposed a dish towel to create a stocking perfect for her home decor. You know you have a sweater lying around somewhere that you just never wear.  Maybe it doesn’t fit, maybe it’s too itchy. An Extraordinary Day shares an excellent way to bring you neglected sweater back to life. Houseful of Handmade uses a drop cloth to create these personalized stockings. This would be a great way to create a uniform look while keeping each stocking unique. Although these stockings look more complicated than some, they are great for even the beginner crafter. Homemade Ginger uses a free (and super easy) pattern to create these colorful stockings. Here is another way to use that old sweater lying around your home. Sustain My Craft Habit chose to combine it with festive flannel for her holiday stockings. Every child…
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Big Family Bathroom Renovation on a Tiny Budget

This bathroom renovation project has been on the back burner for a while, but it’s time to get started on it. It’s been a long time since we tackled a big project like this, anything can happen! Big Renovation, Tiny Budget We have a leaky bath. This bathroom is on our second floor and is shared between the 4 upstairs bedrooms. When we bought this old house two years ago, we knew this would eventually be on our renovation plan. We had a vision to expand it, make a walk in shower and add a double vanity someday. That day has come! Shortly after we moved in, we discovered the previous owners had cleverly concealed cracks in the shower surround by filling them with caulk. Over time, the caulk has peeled away leaving leaky cracks in it’s place. ARRRGHHH! It is unfortunate that the inspector never found the cracks, we would have made sure it was fixed before we bought the house. However, it is too late for that now. We are sure the shower is leaking into the wall behind it, just not sure how bad the damage will be when we open it up. To make matters worse, we have had a lot of problems with clogged drains lately. The plumbing is old, is not vented and needs to be replaced. How do you do all this on a tiny budget?? Bathroom Renovation Master Plan We are not strangers to renovations. We have renovated houses for years and have a lot of experience with how things can go…
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Festive Cocktails for Holiday Parties

The holidays are finally here! What feels more festive than a tasty cocktail at your holiday party?  So much of a successful party revolves around the food and beverages served. We’ve found a few festive cocktails perfect for any event you are planning during this holiday season. After looking at these recipes for the past few hours while writing this article, I’m ready to go sample a few of them. Cheers! Still looking for some holiday inspiration? Check out even more festive ideas: Holiday Gift Guide for Women Over 50 DIY Decorative Holiday Pillows Spiced Hot Apple Cider for Chilly Nights   Remember to pin this post for later!           SaveSave