DIY Cleaning Products: All Purpose Cleaners

Today’s topic is All Purpose Cleaning. I like to keep things simple using just one or two spray bottles for quick touch ups. Honestly, I don’t seem to need to deep clean that often (believe me, my boys are not clean!). These simple recipes are all we need to keep things tidy.  Don’t ask me where these recipes came from, I have no idea.

Mold Killer and Disinfectant:
2 cups water
1 tsp. essential oils such as grapefruit, tea tree, sweet orange, lavender or clove

I spray this in my shower and it really does kill any mold or mildew. Also dissolves hard water deposits on faucets, and eats through stubborn soap scum. Works well for touching up finger prints on walls too.

All Purpose Cleaner with Ammonia
1 quart rubbing alcohol
1 cup ammonia
1 tsp. dish washing liquid
3 cups water or 409

Mix it up in a bucket and put it in a spray bottle. One version of this recipe uses 409 instead of the water. I think it works well with out it (I refuse to buy any pre-made cleaners anymore!). I generally don’t use the rubbing alcohol either, but it does help the water to evaporate. You be the judge on this one.

All Purpose Cleaner
1/2 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. Borax
1/2 tsp liquid dish soap
2 cups hot water

Combine all ingredients in a bucket for general cleaning. I have only used this once because I never seem to have Borax around when I need it. It does work well though.

Use baking soda mixed with liquid dish soap, or try perfume free HE laundry soap. You can also just use Oxy-clean on a damp cloth.

For hardwood floors, I recommend just white vinegar and water. Murphy’s Oil Soap is another alternative, but I have heard that it dulls the finish on your floors.

I also read that you can use olive oil and lemon juice to polish your furniture. I can’t imagine wasting good, expensive olive oil on wood, but it is an option. I prefer mineral oil or even linseed oil, but it is a bit smelly.

By the way, if you haven’t tried these Micro-fiber cleaning cloths, you simply must get some. They are wonderful! Each color is designed to be used for a specific purpose. The blue cloth is used damp for cleaning glass and mirrors (no chemicals required!). It’s great! No streaks at all! The pink is for general cleaning, the orange for stainless steel, and the yellow for dusting. You can find them at Walmart or Target. I love that I can throw them in the washer when I am done cleaning.

I keep everything for cleaning in this little tote that I haul from room to room. Occasionally, I use a feather duster, a microfiber duster for shelves, gloves, a squeegee, vacuum bags and a handy little plumbing snake. My mop is one of those little flat numbers with a terry cloth cover that can be removed and washed. That’s it! Less is more, right?

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  1. Cleaning can be a lot easier if you have all everything you need by your side. You wouldn’t want to look for something once you get started. It really kills momentum. And this stuff should also be quality stuff for faster and better cleaning.

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