Easter Egg 101



Have you chosen your egg decor for this year? Are you going with neon, foil wrapped, beaded, yarned or naked eggs?

I personally, can’t seem to make up my mind. I love the brown eggs that our beautiful Delaware chickens lay. They are so lovely just as they are. Sometimes they even have brown spots. Bonus!


Last year, before we had fresh eggs, I dyed our eggs with coffee, among other things. Click here for the link and tutorial.


Today, I am in the mood for bling. I bought a bag of plastic eggs from the craft store and a big bucket of fake jewels. A glue gun and some elbow grease made these eggs worthy of display.

I love them with this white table setting.

I have yet to decide what to put inside the eggs, however. It most likely will involve chocolate. I am sure this does not surprise you.


My last option are eggs covered with Washi tape. It’s fast and easy. The only downside is you may end up with a few wrinkles in the design due to the shape of the eggs. This may annoy some people, I am not that picky so it doesn’t bother me.

The upside, is that the Washi tape comes in tons of great Easter colors. This would also be a good project for kids.


I favor natural materials for egg display such as spaghnum moss and spanish moss from the Dollar Store. I also love the little rustic nests I got on sale after Easter last year, they are perfect egg holders. The butterfly adds an extra touch of color.


Of course, you can keep your eggs plain, after all there is nothing wrong with that. I also love using the wire napkin holders I made last year as egg holders. You can never do too much in the way of re-purposing!

What are your favorite egg decorating traditions?

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