Garden Table Rehab

I have finally finished my little potting table that I found in the trash. This is what it looked like when I brought it home. It is an odd squarish shape, it must have been a home made project that someone discarded. Sad for them. Good for me! It’s the perfect compact size for the deck.
I had some leftover Sunburst yellow paint from my Bird Bath Project and I couldn’t resist using it again on this piece. It’s an oil based, high gloss paint from Rustoleum, great for outdoor projects. It took two coats of paint, I didn’t even bother to sand the piece before hand. Rustoleum sticks to anything. That’s why I like it.
We have a couple little succulent gardens on top, but they are easily moved aside for larger planting projects.  I am still collecting enough plants to plant in the red makeup case I found at the thrift store. I couldn’t resist the red color. 
I found these antiqued red knobs at Hobby Lobby and decided they were just the thing for this piece.  I love that place.
I keep my planting supplies such as seeds, soil, twine, and miscellaneous items inside the cabinet. Underneath it,  I keep a spare planting tray with my gardening tools. Recycling is always a good thing, and I am always looking for ways to reuse as much as possible. I have found lots of uses for the red tomato can, and also for the red lantern that I rescued from the trash a last summer.
Enjoy the day!
Hope you also are enjoying my new blog design. Jessa from Caked Designs did my design work for me. Check out her blog, she is VERY talented!
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