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It’s that time again! This post is sponsored by General Finishes, any opinions given are completely my own.

My husband and I have different ideas for using things around the house. He likes the very practical things, I tend to lean towards the extravagant. Despite our differences we both favor reusing what we have got. I couldn’t wait to make this into a Geometric Design project!

lead Wine Bar

For this month’s Fab Flipping Furniture Contest, I decided to repurpose this Mid-Century dresser that was lurking in our basement, left behind by its former owner. It had all the makings of a quality piece including dovetailed drawers and was solid maple under the worn veneer. It was previously a work bench and tool chest in our basement. My husband will be disappointed to find that he has to relocate his tools. He will get over it. He knows I have always wanted a basement Wine Bar.

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The theme for this month was Geometric Design. The drawers on this dresser had some great graphic details, including decorative grooves in the top two drawers and diagonal veneer on the bottom drawers. General Finishes was our sponsor this month, and I chose their milk paint in Lamp Black and Antique White for this project.

As you may have guessed, it took multiple coats and an entire roll of Frog Tape to complete this project. After a quick sanding, I gave the dresser a coat of primer, then two coats of the Antique White Milk Paint. I have not used milk paint before, but I LOVED IT!

I painted right over the hardware, as I liked its vintage appeal. After the first few coats were dry, I began to do the taping. I taped off the areas I wanted to keep white. This took the most time, I spent several days getting it just right, measuring, taping, moving tape and remeasuring.

The Lamp Black milk paint came next. I used a 3″ foam roller to paint the black stripes. It is helpful to paint in the direction of the stripes, I found that the paint seeped a bit under the tape in places where I moved it around too often and had to be touched up afterwards with a small brush.

The peg board above the dresser is attached. I realize it is not original, the dresser probably had an attached mirror at one time. I liked its graphic nature with all the rows of circles and decided to keep it as part of the wine bar. The stripes were part of the plan from the beginning, I like how it makes the two pieces look more like they are one.

The shelves are sitting on top of pegboard hardware, they can easily be removed or reconfigured as needed.

I plan to store linens and extra bottles of wine in the drawers. Time to go wine shopping!

Are you seeing double yet?

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A big thank you to General Finishes for sponsoring this project!


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3 thoughts on “Geometric Wine Bar

    1. Thanks Jenny! You should have heard the shriek of horror when he walked down into the basement and saw his tool chest was gone. He came upstairs and complained about the “pretty shinny things” that were where his tools used to be. LOL!

  1. Great wine bar revamp – heck I would love that as a work bench as well, I would be fighting for it for my tools.. nothing wrong with some glam in the workroom I always say! Great project turned out so pretty!

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