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Little by little the small Mid-century Cape Cod house is being brought up to standard. I am impatient.

The bath room was the first project.

The dining room was the second project.

The Hallway decor was next.

These Mid-century halls are very narrow, about 32″, a far cry from the 60″ that is today’s standard.

That means that you bump into people when there are two of you in the hall.

It also means that these dark colors feel claustrophobic. At least to me they do.

This hallway decor was pea green and blood red.

Not my favorite combination.

Even less so, because there is no natural light in this upstairs hall.

A great candidate for this dark hallway was “Silent White” by Clark and Kennsington Paint.


The downstairs hallway, wasn’t any better.

More blood red.


I can’t imagine why they chose this color again for another windowless hall.

I used the new low odor Kilz Primer before the “Silent White” on these walls.

It worked like a charm. One coat of primer and one coat of paint completely covered these walls.

That’s good paint. I was expecting to have to use at least 3 coats, but it wasn’t necessary. No, this is not a sponsored post.

Less work for me is a good thing.

It really was a low odor paint, there was absolutely no smell.

I love how far paint has come in the last few years.


I really like how it turned out. The white is the perfect color.

Clean, fresh and a million times brighter.

Makes me want to paint some more rooms.

Perhaps it’s the paint fumes. Or not.

Did I tell you I once painted our 11 room home, 33 times in 5 years?

I tend to go over board on things.

Only a little.

My next problem, is how to decorate these super narrow hallways.

I am leaning towards stick on wall decorations. They don’t take up any valuable space, and come off easily.

I think pictures are definitely a bad idea. The would get knocked off the wall.

We will see, I have the whole weekend to play around with it.

Nothing like some spare time to get you into trouble.

What are you up to this weekend?

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