How to Sew A Coffee Bean Bag Pillow

lead Coffee Bean pillow

It’s hot outside today. Probably one of our last warm summer days. I feel like just relaxing in a comfy chair with a good book, perhaps even drinking some nice cold coffee.

I happened to find a comfy chair just recently……

in the trash.



rocker chair before


This little beauty was just waiting on the curb for me to pick it  up. It’s actually a rocking chair, made of solid oak. It weighs a ton, which could be why the former owner left it on the roadside.

I hauled it home, and decided it was nearly perfect just as it was.

Except for a couple of comfy cushions that is.

pillow closeup


I spent my afternoon sewing these cushions out of a coffee bean burlap bag. I found it at a thrift store a while back, and loved it’s unique color and character.

I love the green graphic with the blue chair.

coffee bean bag


The bag had markings on both sides, so I cut it into two pieces. One for the back cushion and one for the seat cushion. The bag was just big enough to make two cushions.

foam pillow seat


I used a piece of 4″ foam from Fairfield (I found it at Hancock Fabrics) for the seat, then sewed the burlap cover to fit. I used a simple straight stitch, with a small stitch length of 2-4 stitches.

There are a few tricks to sewing with burlap. I recommend double stitching the seams so they don’t pull apart. Also, use a fairly small stitch per inch to really keep the fabric secure. You can finish the edges with a zig zag stitch to keep them from fraying.  On these pillows you won’t see the seam allowance, but I didn’t want them falling apart so I finished the edges too.

Finished coffee bean pillows


The back pillow is stuffed with poly-fiberfill stuffing. My secret to a thrifty pillow: reuse stuffing that you already have.

Time to kick back and relax!

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