How to Plant a Marigold Border

How do you plant a marigold border?  Here’s how I did it! 

How to Plant a Marigold Border|Designers Sweet Spot|


I am deep into gardening mode! I spent the weekend working in the beds, weeding and adding compost and leftover ashes from the fireplace (they are wonderful for your soil).Marigold Border

I even had time to plant the cold weather seeds, radishes, lettuce, swiss chard, mache, spinach and peas.

I took a risk and planted my marigold border as well, I am so impatient! Hopefully we won’t get anymore snow!

Marigold Seeds

How do you plant a marigold border? First, I purchase several large boxes of bulk seed.  I found these at the local home improvement store on sale. I love the mix of colors and textures of these flowers.

We have raised garden beds, but you could just as easily plant a border in a flat area. I plant the outside with the flowers, and put the rows of veggies inside the border.

The seed boxes are designed for easy planting. Simply, open the side to expose the hole where the seeds come out. There is a bit of loose material in with the seeds to keep them from sticking to each other, it also makes it easy to just sprinkle the seeds over your planting area.

Can you see the white powder material? That’s the seed mixture. In our 10′ by 10′ garden beds, I sprinkle an area approximately 12″ wide around the edge of each bed.  The seeds can then be tapped into the soil with a rake or gently cover them with 1/8″ of soil. Our garden was very dry, it was easy to sprinkle some dust on top of the seeds. Shortly after I finished planting, the rains came.  Beautiful flowers are not far away!


That’s it! Seriously, it’s that simple. Just sprinkle them on the dirt and your done!

This is our garden last August. You can see what a beautiful pop of color the marigolds are! They are very economical to plant in bulk, I spent a total of $10.00 on seed that covered the edges of more than 5 large beds. To purchase flats of marigolds to cover this same area, it would have cost well over $100.00, and not been as thickly planted.  The time savings is huge as well. I spent 15 minutes spreading seed, it would take hours to plant each one of these flowers by hand!

I love marigolds for lots of reasons.

Rabbits don’t like them, and we have seldom had rabbit issues. I like to plant other “stinky” plants inside the border such as onions, shallots and garlic. Then I use the middle section for the plants that the rabbits love to eat, such as strawberries, beans, and lettuces. It’s not fool proof, but it does seem to discourage the bunnies from getting to all that good stuff in the middle.

The marigold blossoms are edible if you grow them organically (I don’t use any chemical fertilizers on our garden), but do not eat them if you purchase commercially produced flowers (they have too many chemicals on them to be edible).

Best of all, marigolds are hardy even in our zone 4-5 garden. One planting in spring will yield beautiful flowers by mid to late June and until frost. A little care is needed, I occasionally pluck the dead blossoms off or snip the tops of the plants off with a scissors for continual bloom.

Happy Gardening!

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How to Plant a Marigold Border|Designers Sweet Spot|

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