Introducing our Ragdoll Cat: Pixel

Our Christmas kitty has finally come out of hiding. It's taken weeks for her to adjust to us. #pets #kiiityproblems

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Our new Ragdoll kitty has finally come out of hiding. We got her just several weeks ago, but she apparently was a stray and had never been around people. It has taken a lot of coaxing for her to get used to us.

We named our kitty Pixel. She is a dilute Bi-color Ragdoll Calico. Apparently the Rag Doll breed is known for it’s loyal, outgoing personality and is generally friendly and cuddly. We will patiently wait while she overcomes her shyness to fulfill her Ragdoll destiny. Did you know that all calicos are female? My son informed me of this tidbit. Where he picks these things up, I will never know.

At first, she would just come out in the evenings, and would sit on our lap while we watched TV, but would disappear completely during the daytime. Recently, she has decided that we are okay. She’s been slowly coming into the kitchen or living room, even during the day, but will run and hide the minute she hears any sort of noise. Yesterday, we got snow and she spent the afternoon with me on the couch, staring out the window at the snowflakes. I did have to coax her to stay put with a few little kitty treats, but she spent the majority of the day out of her usual hiding spot. We are making progress, but it is slow.

Bribery is my specialty. What feline animal can resist tasty fishy treats?

Ragdolls were given their name because they tend to go “limp as a rag doll” when you pick them up. They will hang limp over your arm when carried. Interesting, huh? She does seem to behave like a wet noodle when being held.

Ragdolls are easily trained, and will not get their mature coloring until they are between 3-4 years old. Pixel is just over a year old, so it will be fun to see how her coloring changes with time.¬†She has green eyes, which I find rather interesting considering that the Ragdoll breed is known for it’s blue eyes. She also sheds very little, which is great for those of us who don’t like to clean.

I am still experiencing some troubles with my website, I hope to have everything ironed out soon. Today’s issue is that it won’t let me upload pictures for some reason. You can see what I am up to on Instagram @designermom4.

I hope Pixel will become a regular fixture in my photos, so I wanted to introduce her to you.

Have a great day!




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