LIFE Gallery Wall

Have you seen the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?”  

Walter’s life is part of the famed LIFE magazine. He lives through the photos of others.

His gallery wall was a magazine.

We loved that movie. It was so inspiring! Mostly because, we feel like Walter Mitty much of the time.

We get to go lots of places in our gallery wall imagination, but when it comes right down to it, we have never really been anywhere. I am sure there are probably many people who feel that way.

We have lived LIFE to it’s fullest, though. 

I was captivated by the movie, and decided to make “LIFE” a part of our basement gallery wall to share with others.

I started with some plain canvases from Walmart that I painted with red craft paint. The letters are chip board, painted with white craft paint, then glued on to the canvases.

I am looking forward to hanging all of our pictures on this wall.

Our “LIFE”: photos of friends, family, football, soccer games, the crew team, you name it.

Basically, this gallery will be LIFE as we see it.

I may even add a photo of our recently deceased chicken. Something ate her in the night and we awoke to a pile of feathers in her place this morning.

It’s part of our chicken’s life too, being eaten. Sigh.

The no-sew pillow is one I made recently with fabric from the Online Fabric Store, I will have a separate post with a tutorial coming soon!

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